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Probably one of the most popular, secure private messaging apps that combines strong encryption (see Signal Protocol) with a simple UI and plenty of features. It's widely used across the world, and easy-to-use, functioning similar to WhatsApp - with instant messaging, read-receipts, support for media attachments and allows for high-quality voice and video calls. It's cross-platform, open-source and totally free. Signal is recommended by Edward Snowden, and is a perfect solution for most users.

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Signal Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

  • Prohibits the publishing of personally identifiable information without the owner’s consent
  • This service informs users that its Terms of Service does not apply to third party websites
  • Your personal data is not sold
  • Third parties used by the service are bound by confidentiality obligations
  • This service does not track you
  • You have the right to leave this service at any time
  • This service does not keep records of who you have communicated with
  • The service promises to disclose the transcripts of government requests
  • The service can delete your account without prior notice and without a reason
  • Your personal data is aggregated into statistics
  • You must create an account to use this service
  • This service cannot be held responsible for disputes that you may have with other users
  • This service assumes no liability for any losses or damages resulting from any matter relating to the service
  • The service does not guarantee accuracy or reliability of the information provided
  • The service provider makes no warranty regarding uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free service
  • The service does not share user information with third parties
  • You are responsible for maintaining the security of your account and for the activities on your account
  • You can request access, correction and/or deletion of your data
  • User-generated content is encrypted, and this service cannot decrypt it
  • The user is informed about security practices
  • This service provides a way for you to export your data
  • The service is provided 'as is' and to be used at the users' sole risk
  • They may stop providing the service at any time
  • Users agree not to use the service for illegal purposes
  • The service allows you to use pseudonyms
  • Court of law is in California
  • You must be at least 13 years old to use the service
  • This service does not sell your personal data
  • You maintain ownership of your data
  • You can delete your content from this service
  • This service does not force users into binding arbitration
  • The court of law governing the terms is in a jurisdiction that is friendlier to user privacy protection.
  • The service provides details about what kinds of personal information they collect
  • Your personal data is used for limited purposes
  • This service allows you to retrieve an archive of your data
  • The service will only respond to government requests that are reasonable
  • Users who have been permanently banned from this service are not allowed to re-register under a new account
  • The service reviews its privacy policy on a regular basis
  • The service provides two factor authentication for your account
  • The service claims to be GDPR compliant for European users
  • Features of the website are made available under a free software license
  • Any liability on behalf of the service is only limited to $100
  • Only necessary user logs are kept by the service to ensure quality
  • Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to the user
  • Third parties may be involved in operating the service
  • The service will resist legal requests for user information where reasonably possible




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Signal Source Code




Server supporting the Signal Private Messenger applications on Android, Desktop, and iOS





09 Dec 13

Last Updated

17 May 24

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Say "hello" to a different messaging experience. An unexpected focus on privacy, combined with all of the features you expect.


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Server Details

  • IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, NA
  • ISP Inc.
  • ASN AS16509

Associated Countries

  • US

Saftey Score

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Blacklist Check was found on 0 blacklists

  • ThreatLog
  • OpenPhish
  • PhishTank
  • Phishing.Database
  • PhishStats
  • URLhaus
  • RPiList Not Serious
  • AntiSocial Blacklist
  • PhishFeed
  • NABP Not Recommended Sites
  • Spam404
  • CRDF
  • Artists Against 419
  • CERT Polska
  • PetScams
  • Suspicious Hosting IP
  • Phishunt
  • CoinBlockerLists
  • MetaMask EthPhishing
  • EtherScamDB
  • EtherAddressLookup
  • ViriBack C2 Tracker
  • Bambenek Consulting
  • Badbitcoin
  • SecureReload Phishing List
  • Fake Website Buster
  • TweetFeed
  • CryptoScamDB
  • StopGunScams
  • ThreatFox
  • PhishFort

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Signal Android App

Update Info

  • App Signal
  • Creation Date 27 Feb 24
  • Last Updated 27 Feb 24
  • Current Version 6.47.5


No trackers found


  • Manage Own Calls
  • Write Contacts
  • Read Profile
  • Broadcast Sticky
  • Read App Badge
  • Use Biometric
  • Badge Count Write
  • Use Credentials
  • Post Notifications
  • Read Phone State
  • Read Calendar
  • Write External Storage
  • Update Shortcut
  • Access Notification Policy
  • Authenticate Accounts
  • Broadcast Badge
  • Change Badge
  • Request Ignore Battery Optimizations
  • Disable Keyguard
  • Bluetooth
  • Read Phone Numbers
  • Access Secrets
  • Access Network State
  • Broadcast Wap Push
  • Change Wifi State
  • Vibrate
  • Install Shortcut
  • Get Accounts
  • Read Media Video
  • Update Badge
  • Read Settings
  • Read Media Images
  • Install Shortcut
  • Access Coarse Location
  • Read Settings
  • Provider Insert Badge
  • Write
  • Call Phone
  • Dynamic Receiver Not Exported Permission
  • Modify Audio Settings
  • Set Wallpaper
  • Write Calendar
  • Write Sync Settings
  • Wake Lock
  • Read Contacts
  • Update Count
  • Read External Storage
  • Read Sync Settings
  • Nearby Wifi Devices
  • Foreground Service
  • Read Settings
  • Read
  • Schedule Exact Alarm
  • Raised Thread Priority
  • Read Call State
  • Camera
  • Write Settings
  • Receive
  • Receive Boot Completed
  • Badge Count Read
  • Write Settings
  • Change Network State
  • Use Full Screen Intent
  • Internet
  • Access Wifi State
  • Use Fingerprint
  • Access Fine Location
  • Record Audio

Signal iOS App

App Info

Signal - Private Messenger

Signal is a messaging app with privacy at its core. It is free and easy to use, with strong end-to-end encryption that keeps your communication completely private. • Send texts, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files for free. Signal uses your phone’s data connection, so you avoid SMS and MMS fees. • Call your friends with crystal-clear encrypted voice and video calls. Group calls supported for up to 40 people. • Stay connected with group chats up to 1,000 people. Control who can post and manage group members with admin permission settings. • Share image, text, and video Stories that disappear after 24 hours. Privacy settings keep you in charge of exactly who can see each Story. • Signal is built for your privacy. We know nothing about you or who you’re talking to. Our open source Signal Protocol means that we can’t read your messages or listen to your calls. Neither can anyone else. No back doors, no data collection, no compromises. • Signal is independent and not for profit; a different kind of tech from a different kind of organization. As a 501c3 nonprofit we are supported by your donations, not by advertisers or investors. • For support, questions, or more information please visit To check out our source code, visit Follow us on Twitter @signalapp and Instagram @signal_app


Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars by 704,963 users

Version Info

  • Current Version 7.4
  • Last Updated 27 Mar 24
  • First Released 29 Jul 14
  • Minimum iOS Version 13.0
  • Device Models Supported 93

App Details

  • IPA Size 137.49 Mb
  • Price Free (USD)
  • Age Advisory 12+
  • Supported Languages 41
  • Developer Signal Messenger, LLC
  • Bundle ID org.whispersystems.signal


Signal Docker

Container Info


A TLS proxy relay for the Signal privacy messenger app.


Run Command

docker run -d \ 

Compose File

version: 3.8
    image: undefined
    restart: undefined

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More Encrypted Messaging

  • Session is a fork of Signal, however unlike Signal it does not require a mobile number (or any other personal data) to register, instead each user is identified by a public key. It is also decentralized, with servers being run by the community though Loki Net, messages are encrypted and routed through several of these nodes. All communications are E2E encrypted, and there is no meta data.

  • XMPP, also known as Jabber, is an open standard for decentralized messaging that has been widely used for decades. It has actually been the basis upon which WhatsApp, Facebook's Chat and Google's Talk were built, but these companies (eventually) chose to remove the interoperability with other servers. Prominent XMPP clients support OMEMO end-to-end encryption, which is based on the Double Ratchet Algorithm that is used in Signal. For more hands-on information and to register an account you can visit JoinJabber.

  • Matrix is a decentralized open network for secure communications, with E2E encryption with Olm and Megolm. Along with the Element client, it supports VOIP + video calling and IM + group chats. Since Matrix has an open specification and Simple pragmatic RESTful HTTP/JSON API it makes it easy to integrates with existing 3rd party IDs to authenticate and discover users, as well as to build apps on top of it.

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You can access Signal's data programmatically via our API. Simply make a GET request to:

The REST API is free, no-auth and CORS-enabled. To learn more, view the Swagger Docs or read the API Usage Guide.

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