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18 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Harley Acheson (17 May 24)

    Refactor: Add BLF Function to determine input selection boxes Add a separate function that calculates text selection box positioning given a string's selection start and end offsets. Moves this to a better place and allows to have more complex boxes in future when we might have multi-line and/or multi-directional text input. Pull Request:

  • Sean Kim (17 May 24)

    Cleanup: Shorten & cleanup names in * Removes unncessary prefixes * Adds doxygen sections * Converts a single class to enum class and renames values Pull Request:

  • Lalit Shankar Chowdhury (17 May 24)

    Windows: Use COM smart pointers in WASAPI plugin Use COM smart pointer (`ComPtr`) to simplify memory management in WASAPI driver. This reduces chances of calling `Release()` when a COM object has not been allocated. Pull Request:

  • Bastien Montagne (17 May 24)

    Fix #121410: Break liboverride hierarchies on Scene IDs. This commit prevents considering Scenes (and a few other ID types, like WindowManager or Library) as being part of liboverride hierarchies. Having collections, objects, obdata etc. depend on a Scene ID is typically not considered as a valid setup for linked data. And in any case, Scenes are not officially supported for liboverrides currently. In the case of #121410, where a driver of the armature object was using the Scene ID, it will simply keep that scene reference pointing to the linked scene, instead of overriding the whole scene.

  • Bastien Montagne (17 May 24)

    LibOverride: Refactor: de-duplicate 'is part of the hierarchy' checks. Code checking whether an ID should be considered as part of the currently processed liboverride hierarchy or not was very similar all over the liboverride code. It is now deduplicated into two util functions, which helps ensuring coherence in these checks, and future potential changes in this filtering process. NOTE: While no pratical changes are expected form user PoV with this refactor, technically it does modifies the behavior in some cases (added checks).

  • Bastien Montagne (16 May 24)

    Fix #121410: Prevent diffing of Scene's tool settings. This is a bit of a hack hammer to solve a specific issue, but it is not really clear to my currently why some of these tool settings get invalid data. On the other end, not sure that it would make any sense to consider these 'runtime' data for liboverrides anyway.

  • Nathan Vegdahl (17 May 24)

    Refactor: make yet more fcurve evaluation functions take const fcurves This follows on after #121788. Pull Request:

  • Clément Foucault (17 May 24)

    EEVEE-Next: Shadow: Remove uneeded -1 bias The -1 bias was counteracted by the ceil. Remove both

  • Michael Kowalski (17 May 24)

    USD: UsdGeomPoints import support The commit addresses issue #106398. Provide an implementation of a `USDPointsReader` class to import `UsdGeomPoints` primitives as Blender Point Clouds. Co-authored-by: DevinBayly <[email protected]> Co-authored-by: Jesse Yurkovich <[email protected]> Pull Request:

  • Pratik Borhade (17 May 24)

    Cleanup: Pass nullptr instead of 0 for gpv3 layer pointer _No response_ Pull Request:

  • Jason Fielder (17 May 24)

    Metal: Remove redundant synchronization operations Remove both compute barriers and useResource calls as explicit resources bound via setTexture and setComputeBuffer are implicitly tracked by the Metal API anyway, so these calls increase complexity, without altering correctness Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White Pull Request:

  • Omar Emara (17 May 24)

    Compositor: Optimize Fog Glow Glare node This patches optimizes the Fog Glow Glare node to be about 25x faster for 4K images. This is mainly achieved by utilizing the FFTW library and multi-threading support code. Further improvements are still possible by caching kernels, but the CPU compositor does not support caching yet. The old Hartley transform was removed, so the node no longer works when FFTW is disabled as a build time option, much like the OIDN node. A new BLI library was introduced for FFTW, it includes some helper routines relevant for FFTW as well as an initialization routine that sets up multithreading using TBB as well as thread safety. Build system support for threaded FFTW was also added, which defines the relevant variables to detect threading support as well as add the relevant libraries. We do not currently have the threaded FFTW libs in our precompiled libs, so the threading code is disabled until the libs lands in the coming weeks. So currently, the code is only about 9x faster. The only functional change is that the kernel is now odd sized, which should produce more accurate results, but the final result is almost identical and mostly undetectable. The plan is to port this to the GPU as well similar to how we implement OIDN until we have a GPU FFT implementation. GPU compositor can also do caching, so it should be faster, being able to compute a 4K image in under half a second. Pull Request:

  • Jeroen Bakker (17 May 24)

    Fix #115460: EEVEE-Next: Missing bind when drawing curves When drawing hair/curves the material shader has a "a" texture slot, but this slot was never bound to a texture. This PR fixes this by adding a default texture to it and when available tries to bind CD_AUTO_FROM_NAME resources. This part seems to be not implemented when the new curve rendering was added. `CD_AUTO_FROM_NAME` was never considered and therefore the layer could not be found and the sampler could not be found. Fixes #115460 Pull Request:

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Cleanup: format

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Extensions: improve colors for the "list" subcommand The dark-grey tagline on black was difficult to read.

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Fix #121876: index.json error in console, accumulation of @ files Fix missing check for the existence of index.json before removal. Also write errors to the stderr instead of the stdout.

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Cleanup: resolve missing-declarations warning

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Fix #121892: string formatting errors in the clip editor & sequencer Regression in 0e3b594edb910ccb811bd5ac1998868d9ec72ea1.

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Cleanup: resolve mypy type warnings

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Cleanup: de-duplicate error handling when downloading extension data

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Extensions: always show errors when checking for updates fails

  • Campbell Barton (17 May 24)

    Extensions: clarify defaults in extension command line help text Also don't use `.` for the output-filepath because it's not a directory.

  • Clément Foucault (16 May 24)

    Fix: EEVEE-Next: Raytrace: Wrong ray BSDF bias The bias was cutting the wrong end of the distribution, making the result noisier than it should and missing rays in the center. This also increases the bias a bit more to reduce noise.

  • YimingWu (16 May 24)

    Fix #121848: Hide area status text cancelling loopcut The status text in the viewport for loopcut tool will persist if cancelled without doing any cuts, this prevented normal UI from showing. Now fixed. Pull Request:

  • Nathan Vegdahl (16 May 24)

    Refactor: make `evaluate_fcurve()` take its FCurve as const instead of mutable This required making a whole bunch of other functions in the call chain take const parameters as well. It also required changing some function pointers in some types to take const parameters, which in turn required changing all the functions that are pointed to by those function pointers to take const parameters as well. Additionally, there was one mutable usage of the `FModifier *` parameter in `fcm_cycles_time()` that had to be removed to make the call chain const. However, this turned out to be a code path that shouldn't be reachable, and would represent a bug elsewhere. So it was changed to an assert. All in all, the non-constness was deep and tangled. There's still a lot more that we can make const, but I wanted to keep this change as narrow and focused as possible.

  • Bastien Montagne (16 May 24)

    Link/Append: Remove a deprecated hack to handle liboverrides. Code used to tag liboverrides references as 'pre-existing' to force code further down the way to always keep these IDs linked. However, this was a (bad) hack, since it could have uncontrollable side-effects, abusing a tag for somethig else than its original meaning. And this should not have been needed for quite some time already, as liboverrides handling was already properly done by append post-processing code. No behavior change expected here.

  • Bastien Montagne (16 May 24)

    Fix #121457: Append & Reuse corrupting Main data-base in some cases. In a nutshell, the handling of dependencies in the 'append' part of the code was not fully correct, and could break badly in some complex cases (like appending complex hierarchies of data partially re-using some dependencies from other previously appended data). This could lead to e.g. some linked data referencing some local IDs... straight way to crash in undo case (among many other problems). Previous code was fairly compact and tried to be smart and efficient, making some not-always-correct assumptions, and being quite hard to fully understand. So the first step of this fix was some refactoring: * Splitting the post-process part of the 'link' case into its own function (it is fairly trivial, and while it does duplicate some logic to some extent, it makes the overall link/append process clearer). * Heavily refactoring the part of the 'append' code that decides how to handle each linked ID. The append-related post-processing is now significantly more complex, but hopefully better divided in reasonably logical steps. And it is now expected to deal with complex re-usability cases properly. Pull Request:

  • Campbell Barton (16 May 24)

    Fix "missing scripts" being unavailable in the extensions UI Add-ons which were enabled but not found warn on startup and were shown under "Missing scripts", where they can be ignored (the user can choose to restore the paths) or disabled them to suppress the warnings in future. This is now available again, with a minor refactor.

  • Brecht Van Lommel (16 May 24)

    Refactor: Replace ID_IS_LINKED by !ID_IS_EDITABLE Add new ID_IS_EDITABLE macro that checks if the ID can be edited in the user interface. Replace usage of ID_IS_LINKED where it is used with this meaning. Also add a corresponding ID.is_editable property for Python. This prepares for the ability to edit some linked datablocks for brush assets. Pull Request:

  • Vitaljok (16 May 24)

    Fixing object index value for EEVEE-Next EEVEE Next uses different bit representation of object index values pushed to GPU in contrast to EEVEE (Legacy). The fix accounts both approaches. Fix #121690. Pull Request:

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[Blender]( is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software toolset used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, motion graphics, interactive 3D applications, virtual reality, and computer games. **This image does not support GPU rendering out of the box only accelerated workspace experience**

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docker run -d \ 
  -p 3000:3000/tcp \
  -p 3001:3001/tcp \
  -e PUID=${PUID} \
  -e PGID=${PGID} \
  -e TZ=${TZ} \
  -v /volume1/docker/blender/config:/config \
  --restart=unless-stopped \

Compose File

version: 3.8
    image: linuxserver/blender:latest
      - 3000:3000:tcp
      - 3001:3001:tcp
      PUID: 1024
      PGID: 100
      TZ: Europe/Amsterdam
      SUBFOLDER: /
      - /volume1/docker/blender/config:/config
    restart: unless-stopped

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  • PUID 1024
  • PGID 100
  • TZ Europe/Amsterdam

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  • 3000:3000/tcp
  • 3001:3001/tcp

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  • /volume1/docker/blender/config /config


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