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A native, lightweight and secure one-time-password (OTP) client built for iOS; Raivo OTP! - built by @tijme

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A native, lightweight and secure one-time-password (OTP) client built for iOS; Raivo OTP!







15 Apr 19

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17 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Tijme Gommers (02 Aug 23)

    Changed licensing, copyright & ownership to Mobime.

  • Tijme Gommers (28 Jun 23)

    Fixed bug in downgrade detection (it used to check build number instead of major version number).

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Remove 'unsynced' status from password list and edit password view if storage provider doesn't require syncing.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Greatly improved indication of which OTP's are currently syncing, or have not been synced correctly.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Use CDN for App Store download button.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Use a 0.5 second delay when idling in UI tests.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Use GitHub build status in badge.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Fixes #255. Biometrics does not initially work after transferring to a new phone.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Additional delay in biometric check. Fixed several spelling mistakes.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Longer idle time in UI tests. Do not check for `back` screen in UI test.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Fixed numeric keyboard check in UI test for iPadOS.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Fixed XCode Cloud UI test for invalid passcode in AuthEntry view.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Removed custom GitHub workflow. Applied testing in XCode Cloud. Added invalid passcode UI test.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    UI tests for testing the `Back` user story when the app moves to the background.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Removed `.semver` file. Migrated to `shields.io` for GitHub shields (instead of custom code). Fixed some broken unit tests.

  • Tijme Gommers (27 Jun 23)

    Fixed invalid argumet passing in UI tests.

  • Tijme Gommers (26 Jun 23)

    Automated UI tests for authentication flows.

  • Tijme Gommers (26 Jun 23)

    Merge branch 'testflight' into develop

  • Tijme Gommers (26 Jun 23)

    Updated dependencies.

  • Tijme Gommers (26 Jun 23)

    Fixed missing storyboard refresh on passcode or full app reset. Fixed invalid null reference in main password list. Better database error handling. Added syncing icon in main password list, when items are syncing but they have not completed syncing yet.

  • Tijme Gommers (26 Jun 23)

    Fixed null pointer exception in biometric unlock.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Revert back to iOS 14.5 for unit testing.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Use iOS 15.4.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Updated version number.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Option to perform an instant lock without 0.5 second transition.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Test on iOS 15.5 and 16.5 on iPhone 14 Pro.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Fixed double unlock bug in race condition.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Updated version. Fixed all UI tests.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Fixed missing padding in issuer icon selection.

  • Tijme Gommers (23 Jun 23)

    Revert "Reset storyboard & controller cache on sign out. Fixed bug in setup password confirmation (enter could not be used to continue)." This reverts commit e14b5ef24ce8d91d70001c0a2be72912a9b1a8b5.

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Raivo OTP. Simply the best authenticator.

A native, lightweight, non-commercial and secure multi-factor authenticator that synchronises your one-time passwords across all of your Apple devices.


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Raivo OTP iOS App

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Raivo Authenticator

Open Raivo Authenticator in one tap, sign in with FaceID and copy your one-time password to your Mac in one tap with the Raivo MacOS companion app. Using a multi-factor authenticator has never been easier! • Backup/synchronise one-time passwords to iCloud (end-to-end encrypted). • Export your one-time passwords to encrypted ZIP archives. • Import one-time passwords from previous exports. • Send your passwords to your Mac in one tap, cross iCloud account (end-to-end encrypted). • Add (custom) icons to your one-time passwords and apply effects. • Fast user experience with most often used functionality easily accessible. • Scan a QR code or add a one-time password manually. • Show both the current and previous one-time password. • Unlock Raivo OTP with FaceID, TouchID or a passcode. • Raivo OTP is native and open-source (built in Swift 5)! • Raivo OTP is open-source and community-driven!


Rated 4.45 out of 5 stars by 214 users

Version Info

  • Current Version 1.4.21
  • Last Updated 02 Jul 23
  • First Released 12 Aug 19
  • Minimum iOS Version 14.1
  • Device Models Supported 93

App Details

  • IPA Size 13.24 Mb
  • Price Free (USD)
  • Age Advisory 4+
  • Supported Languages 1
  • Developer MOBIME
  • Bundle ID com.finnwea.Raivo


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