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Hardened and privacy-respecting fork of Chromium for Android. Comes with built-in adblock and additional settings for hardening.

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Bromite is a Chromium fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!






11 Oct 17

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18 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Carmelo Messina (18 Dec 22)

    Use helper macros to define base::Features see

  • Carmelo Messina (29 Dec 22)

    Restoring ua reduction

  • Carmelo Messina (18 Dec 22)

    fix some lost changes

  • Carmelo Messina (29 Dec 22)

    Fixes the order of the tabs in the tablist

  • Mikhail Krassavin (11 Jan 23)

    Increase maximum adblock filter file size to 20MB I've made my own generated filter file, which doesn't fit into 10MB. The author of [filtrite]( also mentions this limitation. Hopefully, 20 MB is more than enough for everyone.

  • csagan5 (19 Dec 22)

    Release 108.0.5359.156

  • csagan5 (09 Dec 22)

    Release 108.0.5359.109

  • csagan5 (03 Dec 22)

    Release 108.0.5359.106

  • csagan5 (02 Dec 22)

    Add missing CHANGELOG entry

  • csagan5 (02 Dec 22)

    Release 108.0.5359.75

  • csagan5 (27 Nov 22)

    Further build and linking fixes

  • csagan5 (26 Nov 22)

    Build fixes

  • csagan5 (26 Nov 22)

    Ported all patches to v108

  • csagan5 (23 Nov 22)

    More v108 patch updates

  • csagan5 (22 Nov 22)

    Patches for v108

  • Seb F (20 Nov 22)

    Added Android 13 to bug template

  • csagan5 (19 Nov 22)

    Minor changes for latest v107 patches

  • csagan5 (19 Nov 22)

    Release 107.0.5304.114

  • csagan5 (19 Nov 22)

    Add missing entry from CHANGELOG

  • csagan5 (19 Nov 22)

    Add new banner for StandWithUkraine

  • Carmelo Messina (18 Nov 22)

    remove another method

  • Carmelo Messina (18 Nov 22)

    Aligns requestAnimationFrame's callback to the w3c specification

  • Carmelo Messina (17 Nov 22)

    fix some build errors

  • uazo (18 Nov 22)

    set the color of the navbar, fix selection with drag touch (#2449) Co-authored-by: Carmelo Messina <[email protected]>

  • csagan5 (16 Nov 22)

    Release 107.0.5304.96

  • Carl (16 Nov 22)

    Patches for v107 (#2435)

  • csagan5 (06 Nov 22)

    Update funding options

  • csagan5 (06 Nov 22)

    Explicitly mention that builds are not officially supported

  • csagan5 (03 Nov 22)

    Add Patreon donation option

  • csagan5 (31 Oct 22)

    Release 106.0.5249.163

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Bromite | Bromite - take back your browser

Bromite is a Chromium fork with ad blocking and enhanced privacy; take back your browser


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