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A modular, always-on, voice-controlled personal assistant geared towards home automation. Optimized for Raspberry Pi, Debian, or Ubuntu. Skills are easily programmable in YAML, though the library of pre-built add-ons is not as extensive.

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Kalliope is a framework that will help you to create your own personal assistant.







11 Oct 16

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14 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Nicolas Marcq (06 Mar 22)

    switch CI to Github action

  • Nicolas Marcq (06 Mar 22)

    Fix python 3.9 install on 32 bit RPI

  • Nicolas Marcq (05 Mar 22)

    [Fix] Fix lifo testing. Assert exception called

  • Nicolas Marcq (19 Sept 21)

    [Fix] fix installation

  • Jürgen Pabel (07 Jun 21)

    Added cache to Utils.get_dynamic_class_instantiation() (#659) * initial cache implementation for dynamic class loading * Test case for ensuring class caching in Utils.get_dynamic_class_instantiation() still returns unique class instances

  • Jürgen Pabel (07 Jun 21)

    PlayerModule.convert_to_wav (#657) * new core neuron 'play': play sound file * added documentation for new core neuron 'play' * initial cache implementation for dynamic class loading * added flask<2.0 requirements and skip file conversion if .wav * adapted play neuron doc to point out playing .wav files only * PlayerModule.convert_to_wav() but keeping convert_mp3_to_wav() for plugin compatibility

  • Juergen Pabel (31 May 21)

    check if wav by sndhdr and not by file extension

  • Juergen Pabel (31 May 21)

    adapted play neuron doc to point out playing .wav files only

  • Juergen Pabel (31 May 21)

    added flask<2.0 requirements and skip file conversion if .wav

  • Juergen Pabel (27 May 21)

    added documentation for new core neuron 'play'

  • Juergen Pabel (27 May 21)

    new core neuron 'play': play sound file

  • Nicolas Marcq (30 Apr 21)

    removed unused import

  • Nicolas Marcq (30 Apr 21)

    [Fix] Fix error when trying to save in memory a returned dict

  • Nicolas Marcq (30 Apr 21)

    [Doc] Add a note to doc: not-contain words needs to be lowercase

  • Nicolas Marcq (30 Apr 21)

    [Doc] Fix doc installation on Raspbian #644

  • nico (06 Dec 20)

    [Release] Release 0.7.1

  • dvelascoa (17 Nov 20)

    Update watson.md Fixed Input parameters table formatting

  • Daniel Velasco (16 Nov 20)

    Updated docs for Watson TTS

  • Daniel Velasco (16 Nov 20)

    Added support for pitch and rate for Watson TTS

  • corus87 (12 Oct 20)

    Fix gevent segmentation fault

  • Patrick (11 Aug 20)

    Hotfix 0.7.0 (#634) * Start on_triggered after trigger has been paused * Remove unused mic_level file * Fix typo

  • Nicolas Marcq (27 Jul 20)

    [Release] Release 0.7.0

  • corus87 (26 Jul 20)

    Update Snowboy doc

  • Patrick (26 Jul 20)

    Update Snowboy to support latest features (#631) * Update Snowboy to support latest features * Update snowboy.md * Update snowboy * Rename notification for parameter change * Update doc and snowboy.py to new parameter * Remove second check

  • Patrick (23 Jul 20)

    Add check for mic_level path

  • Patrick (20 Jul 20)

    Prevent crashing kalliope if neuron fails

  • Patrick (18 Jul 20)

    Change recognizer integers to floats

  • Patrick (18 Jul 20)

    Change Int to float

  • Patrick (17 Jul 20)

    remove stt_timeout

  • Patrick (17 Jul 20)

    Add new attributes

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