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Open source, feature rich, powerful type 2 hypervisor for Mac, can emulate x86-64 OSes on Apple Silicon Macs. There's also an iOS version (so you can run Windows on your iPhone!)

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12 Apr 19

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18 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    project: update SwiftCopyfile to remove private API usage

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    project: bumped version

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    display(qemu): if capture on focus is enabled, capture when vm is started or resumed

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #6254 from mavethee/polish-localization-fixes Correct missed untranslated strings in polish localization

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #6290 from MMP0/patch-2 Update Japanese localization

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge branch 'main' into polish-localization-fixes

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #5974 from js-john/auto-capture-mouse Automatically capture cursor and keyboard on window focus

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge branch 'main' into auto-capture-mouse

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #5969 from js-john/icon-selector Issue #5937 - improved VM icon selector UX

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #6268 from haroldm/patch-1 Re-grab input when automatic capture is enabled

  • MMP0 (30 Apr 24)

    Update for 6025783..e28e52d

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #6292 from changanmoon/main

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #6304 from hamtiko/feature/removeableDrives-drop Adding drag and drop feature for VMRemovableDrivesView

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    config(qemu): show progress indicator for reclaim operations

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    home: show progress for clone/move operations

  • osy (30 Apr 24)

    config(macOS): show progress indicator for long tasks Resolves #4006

  • osy (29 Apr 24)

    data: improve performance of APFS spase copy Apple's library has a couple of performance bugs which we fix in our own library. Fixes #6262

  • osy (28 Apr 24)

    donation: added new view to handle IAP donations for iOS

  • Tigran Hambardzumyan (24 Apr 24)

    Adding drag and drop feature for VMRemovableDrivesView

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    wizard: fixed issue where guest tools is downloaded when not windows

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    display(iOS): support limited backgrounding when location is disabled

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    location: disable for TCI builds

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    localization: moved incorrect Info-RemotePlist

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    project: disable unsupported entitlements for visionOS

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    build: workaround for libtool does not use LDFLAGS correctly

  • Tiffany Fung (20 Apr 24)

    Update Localizable.strings

  • Tiffany Fung (20 Apr 24)

    Update Localizable.strings

  • Tiffany Fung (20 Apr 24)

    Merge branch 'utmapp:main' into main

  • osy (20 Apr 24)

    config(qemu): fix compile error on macOS

  • MMP0 (20 Apr 24)

    Small fixes

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