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All data on Awesome Privacy is community maintained via Git, this keeps everything transparent, and means anyone can submit edits. You can learn more about how our data is managed on our about page.

You can make ammendments/additions/removals simply by editing the awesome-privacy.yml file.
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Awesome Privacy is a community-maintained resource, it's thanks to contributors like you, that it's able to grow and stay up to date 💜

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Third-Party Referencing

In order to create a comprehensive listing, we combine the data inputted above with other sources, to give additional context and help users make informed decisions. Metrics from these services are fetched automatically at build-time from our API.
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Privacy Checklist

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If this is a hosted and paid for service, does it accept anonymous payment methods, including crypto (e.g., Monero)?

Finally, please provide any supporting material, including:

  • A justification of why this app/service should be included in the list
  • Links to any published security audit, if they exist
  • Links to the services privacy policy, terms of service and other relevant documents where applicable
  • Your affiliation with the service. For transparency, you must disclose if you are associated with them or any similar items in any way
  • Links to relevant discussions, past issues/PRs related to this service
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- name: ''
  url: ''
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  description: ''

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You can submit a removal request by browsing to a given service's page, and clicking the "Request Removal" button. This will open a form where you can justify your reasoning, to get it deleted from the awesome-privacy.yml file.

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Edits are welcome! All data is located in awesome-privacy.yml.
To modify an entry, navigate to it's page, scroll to the bottom, and click "Edit". This will take you to directly to the relevant lines in the file, where you can make your changes.


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