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Verifies DKIM signatures and shows the result in the e-mail header, in order to help spot spoofed emails (which do not come from the domain that they claim to).

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DKIM Verifier Extension for Mozilla Thunderbird






13 May 13

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10 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • dodmi (28 Apr 24)

    Favicon and sign rules for (#440) Tracker Software's default mail domain is now, added rules for favicon and signing

  • lieser (18 Jan 24)

    Avoid logged result to change after logging (#422)

  • lieser (11 Jan 24)

    Make enums const

  • lieser (09 Jan 24)

    Extend test for unsigned Reply-To header

  • lieser (09 Jan 24)

    Extend exception type descriptions

  • lieser (08 Jan 24)

    Improve table views by switching to the Tabulator library

  • lieser (15 Nov 23)

    Release version 5.4.0

  • lieser (15 Nov 23)


  • lieser (15 Nov 23)

    Update default rules and favicons

  • lieser (15 Nov 23)

    Options navigation is now flat

  • kenichisak (15 Nov 23)

    Minor adjustments to the Japanese translation for 5.4.0 (#410)

  • lieser (13 Nov 23)

    Update de locales

  • lieser (13 Nov 23)

    Update Node.js and devDependencies

  • lieser (13 Nov 23)

    Update settings

  • lieser (12 Nov 23)

    Update default rules and favicons

  • lieser (12 Nov 23)

    Show DKIM label if "Hide labels column" is enabled

  • dodmi (01 Nov 23)

    Favicon for and rules for Actalis (part of Aruba Corp) (#399)

  • lieser (30 Oct 23)

    Update default rules and favicons (#387)

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    Add support for BIMI (#242)

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    ARH: don't restrict result keyword for unknown methods

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    ARH: allow : in non quoted-string properties if relaxed parsing is enabled

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    Libunbound: Fix using a relative path in TB 115 and later (#385)

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    Fix missing quote in it translation

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    Add missing colons to translations (#396)

  • Mr-Update (29 Oct 23)

    German translation improved (#397) - Improve/fix german translation - Add missing colons (#396)

  • Mr-Update (29 Oct 23)

    Add missing colons to en local (#396)

  • lieser (29 Oct 23)

    Fix verification if a signed header contains a non ASCII character

  • lieser (22 Oct 23)

    Fix support for Conversations add-on in Thunderbird 115 and later (#395)

  • Damian (18 Sept 23)

    Add favicons for important websites operating in Poland. (#393)

  • lieser (18 Sept 23)

    Show proper error message if parsing of a message failed

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DKIM Verifier :: Add-ons for Thunderbird

Verifies the DKIM-Signature of an e-mail.


Does not redirect

Security Checks

All 66 security checks passed

Server Details

  • IP Address
  • Location San Francisco, California, United States of America, NA
  • ISP CloudFlare Inc.
  • ASN AS13335

Associated Countries

  • US

Saftey Score

Website marked as safe


Blacklist Check was found on 0 blacklists

  • ThreatLog
  • OpenPhish
  • PhishTank
  • Phishing.Database
  • PhishStats
  • URLhaus
  • RPiList Not Serious
  • AntiSocial Blacklist
  • PhishFeed
  • NABP Not Recommended Sites
  • Spam404
  • CRDF
  • Artists Against 419
  • CERT Polska
  • PetScams
  • Suspicious Hosting IP
  • Phishunt
  • CoinBlockerLists
  • MetaMask EthPhishing
  • EtherScamDB
  • EtherAddressLookup
  • ViriBack C2 Tracker
  • Bambenek Consulting
  • Badbitcoin
  • SecureReload Phishing List
  • Fake Website Buster
  • TweetFeed
  • CryptoScamDB
  • StopGunScams
  • ThreatFox
  • PhishFort

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