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Simple, modern, fast web-based mail client. This is an IMAP-only fork of RainLoop that mitigates a severe RainLoop vulnerability and adds several new features.

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09 Mar 20

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06 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • Maarten (05 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #1623 from tinola/master Update admin.json

  • tinola (05 Jun 24)

    Update admin.json

  • Maarten (04 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #1622 from hguilbert/patch-23 Update admin.json

  • hguilbert (04 Jun 24)

    Update admin.json

  • the-djmaze (04 Jun 24)

    Added some info about the viewModelTemplateID in the example extension

  • the-djmaze (04 Jun 24)

    Resolve #1607

  • the-djmaze (04 Jun 24)

    Add `dateTimestampSource` for #1554

  • the-djmaze (04 Jun 24)

    Resolve #1608

  • the-djmaze (03 Jun 24)

    Resolve #1609

  • the-djmaze (03 Jun 24)

    Fixed: Undefined $sEmail in DoAdminDomainMatch

  • the-djmaze (03 Jun 24)

    Prepare for #1606

  • Maarten (03 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #1620 from Murena-SAS/access-token-updated access token updated listener for OIDC LOGIN

  • Avinash Gusain (31 May 24)

    access token updated listener

  • Maarten (28 May 24)

    Merge pull request #1612 from cm-schl/master Make plugin ldap-mail-accounts compatible with newer versions of SnappyMail

  • the-djmaze (28 May 24)

    Improved signing messages by allowing to choose between the options

  • the-djmaze (28 May 24)

    Resolve #1611

  • the-djmaze (28 May 24)

    Small change to report bug template

  • cm-schl (28 May 24)

    update readme and version number to 2.2.0

  • cm-schl (28 May 24)

    Merge branch 'the-djmaze:master' into master

  • the-djmaze (28 May 24)

    Merge branch 'master' of

  • the-djmaze (28 May 24)

    Bugfix: default language error

  • Maarten (27 May 24)

    Merge pull request #1605 from ner00/master Update Portuguese

  • the-djmaze (27 May 24)

    Changes #1603

  • ner00 (27 May 24)

    Update Portuguese

  • the-djmaze (27 May 24)

    Hopefully solved Nextcloud login issues #1602

  • the-djmaze (27 May 24)


  • the-djmaze (27 May 24)

    UserAuth prevent plugin errors (like the Nextcloud plugin did)

  • the-djmaze (27 May 24)

    Bugfix: Nextcloud login failed due to undefined email address

  • the-djmaze (27 May 24)

    Bugfix: Nextcloud getPrimaryEMailAddress() on null

  • the-djmaze (26 May 24)

    Bump version for #1597

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  • Free and open source email application developed and backed by Mozilla -it's secure, private easy and customizable. As of V 78.2.1 encryption is built in, and the TorBirdy extension routes all traffic through the Tor network. Forks, such as Betterbird may add additional features.

  • Productivity-based email client, for Windows and MacOS. eM Client has a clean user interface, snappy performance and good compatibility. There is a paid version, with some handy features, including snoozing incoming emails, watching for replies for a specific thread, message translation, send later, and built-in Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes. Note, eM Client is proprietary, and not open source.

  • Browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.

  • Open source, fully-featured and easy mail client for Android. Supports unlimited accounts and email addresses with the option for a unified inbox. Clean user interface, with a dark mode option, it is also very lightweight and consumes minimal data usage.

  • K-9 (or Thunderbird for Android) is open source, very well supported and trusted - k9 has been around for nearly as long as Android itself! It supports multiple accounts, search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, BCC-self, PGP/MIME & more. Install OpenKeychain along side it, in order to encrypt/ decrypt emails using OpenPGP.

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