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Fully open source (view on GitHub) alias service with many additional features. Can be self-hosted, or the managed version has a free plan, as well as hosted premium option ($2.99/ month) for using custom domains.

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Privacy Policy Summary

  • Your account can be suspended for several reasons
  • Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to you
  • Right to Know
  • You can request access, correction and/or deletion of your data
  • Your personal data is not shared with third parties
  • The service is transparent regarding government requests or inquiries that may involve your data.
  • Logs are deleted after a finite period of time
  • Your personal data will not be used for an automated decision-making
  • Your personal data is not sold
  • A complaint mechanism is provided for the handling of personal data
  • The service claims to be GDPR compliant for European users
  • Two factor authentication is provided for your account
  • The service claims to be CCPA compliant for California users
  • Updated Privacy Policy for SimpleLogin
  • Your personal data is used for limited purposes
  • This service is a subsidiary of Proton AG


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SimpleLogin | Open source anonymous email service

With email aliases , you can be anonymous online and protect your inbox against spams and phishing.


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  • IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Location Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany, EU
  • ISP Proton AG
  • ASN AS62371

Associated Countries

  • US
  • DE

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Blacklist Check was found on 0 blacklists

  • ThreatLog
  • OpenPhish
  • PhishTank
  • Phishing.Database
  • PhishStats
  • URLhaus
  • RPiList Not Serious
  • AntiSocial Blacklist
  • PhishFeed
  • NABP Not Recommended Sites
  • Spam404
  • CRDF
  • Artists Against 419
  • CERT Polska
  • PetScams
  • Suspicious Hosting IP
  • Phishunt
  • CoinBlockerLists
  • MetaMask EthPhishing
  • EtherScamDB
  • EtherAddressLookup
  • ViriBack C2 Tracker
  • Bambenek Consulting
  • Badbitcoin
  • SecureReload Phishing List
  • Fake Website Buster
  • TweetFeed
  • CryptoScamDB
  • StopGunScams
  • ThreatFox
  • PhishFort

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SimpleLogin Android App

Update Info

  • App SimpleLogin
  • Creation Date 26 Aug 21
  • Last Updated 08 Dec 23
  • Current Version 1.11


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  • Use Biometric
  • Read Contacts
  • Internet
  • Use Fingerprint
  • Read External Storage

SimpleLogin iOS App

App Info

SimpleLogin - Email alias

Tired of spam and being tracked online through your personal email address? Email aliases are the solution. SimpleLogin provides you with a different anonymous email address (aka email alias) whenever you sign up for a new online service, allowing you to hide your personal email address from spammers. Emails sent to an alias are forwarded to your personal inbox. Want to reply to a forwarded email? Just hit reply and the response will be sent from your alias, keeping your personal address hidden. Not only can an alias receive emails, it can also send emails. An alias is a full-fledged email address. You can create a new alias when subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a new account, or giving your email to someone you don't trust. If you receive spam to that address, simply disable the alias. When you give away your personal email online, there is a good chance it will end up in the hands of a spammer or hacker. SimpleLogin acts as a firewall to protect your personal inbox. Over 2 million SimpleLogin aliases have been created, making SimpleLogin one of the world’s best-known email alias services. --- Why SimpleLogin? - Generous free plan: unlike other alias services, you can create up to 10 aliases using the free plan, and there's no cap on bandwidth or the number of replies and sends. We also offer a 7day free trial of our premium service, that includes all advanced features, when you sign up. - SimpleLogin is the world’s most advanced email alias service, supporting multiple mailboxes, PGP encryption, and in-app alias management. - 100% open source and independently audited for security. SimpleLogin is verified to be secure and reliable. - Private by default. SimpleLogin forwards your emails, but does not save them. We use secure infrastructure in Switzerland, operated by Proton Mail, the world's largest encrypted email service. With a premium plan, you can: - Add your own domain and create aliases such as [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also enable catch-all email addresses for your domain. - If you don't have a domain, use a subdomain provided by SimpleLogin instead. - Send emails from aliases: not only can you can reply to a forwarded email, you can also initiate a new conversation from your alias. - If you have several mailboxes, you can add them into SimpleLogin and choose which one to use when creating an alias. - If your mailbox supports PGP, enable PGP on SimpleLogin, and emails will be encrypted by SimpleLogin before being forwarded to your mailbox. What others say about SimpleLogin: “SimpleLogin is a comprehensive disposable email address solution that covers just about every conceivable feature, and it’s easy to use”. PCMag Twitter: Reddit: Open Source: Privacy policy: Terms and conditions: Security audit:


Rated 4.88 out of 5 stars by 625 users

Version Info

  • Current Version 2.4.3
  • Last Updated 07 Feb 24
  • First Released 21 Apr 20
  • Minimum iOS Version 15.0
  • Device Models Supported 93

App Details

  • IPA Size 10.69 Mb
  • Price Free (USD)
  • Age Advisory 4+
  • Supported Languages 1
  • Developer Proton AG
  • Bundle ID io.simplelogin.ios-app


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