Anonymous eSIM for sending / receiving SMS, incoming calls and 4G / 5G internet

  • world-wide roaming. No data is required at sign-up. Affordable pricing, with payments and top-ups accepted in BTC. Requires an eSim-compatible device. Website


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  • Location Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, NA
  • ISP LunaNode Hosting Inc.
  • ASN AS174

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  • StopGunScams
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  • Physical SIM card in the cloud, for sending + receiving SMS messages. Messages are encrypted using your chosen private key. Includes a web interface, as well as an API for interacting with it from any device. Pricing is around €7.00/month, and payment is accepted in BTC, XMR or credit card.

  • Phone number for incoming + outgoing calls and messages, provided by Soprani. Works with Jabber, Matrix, Snikket, XMPP or any SIP client. Pricing starts at $2.99 / month. Only available in the US and Canada, as (as of 2022) the service is still in Beta. See alternate instances at

  • Anonymous SMS service able to activate accounts. Accessible over web, CLI, or email. Pricing starts at $3.60 / month. The service is in beta as of 2022.

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