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An easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for desktops, great free alternative to Adobe Audition. Features recording from real and virtual devices, import/export to a wide range of formats, high-quality processing advanced multi-track editing, noise reduction, pitch correction, audio restoration and much more. It's easily extendable via community plugins, and also supports cusotm macros and many scripting options

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Audacity Source Code




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26 Mar 15

Last Updated

18 May 24

Latest version


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Language Usage

Language Usage

Star History

Star History

Recent Commits

  • Vitaly Sverchinsky (17 May 24)

    Reflect changes in source tree

  • Vitaly Sverchinsky (16 May 24)

    Fix waveform coloring

  • Vitaly Sverchinsky (16 May 24)

    Fix null pointer dereference

  • Matthieu Hodgkinson (17 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6446 from saintmatthieu/6382-MuseHub-CTAs 6382 muse hub CTAs

  • Matthieu Hodgkinson (17 May 24)

    "Get more effects..." button in plugin manager

  • Matthieu Hodgkinson (17 May 24)

    "Get more effects..." in realtime effect panel redirects to MuseHub

  • Matthieu Hodgkinson (17 May 24)

    "Get more effects..." in the destructive effect menu

  • Matthieu Hodgkinson (17 May 24)

    Only formatting, nothing else

  • Lalit Shankar Chowdhury (17 May 24)

    Fix HiDPI text rendering on Windows

  • Vitaly Sverchinsky (15 May 24)

    Don't create cloud-related images when running in host mode Attempt to do so raises an assertion failure

  • Igor Korsukov (15 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6441 from igorkorsukov/clipsview/wave_optima [AU4] made wave draw optimization

  • Igor Korsukov (15 May 24)

    [AU4] made wave draw optimization

  • Elnur Ismailzada (15 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6440 from Eism/macos_build_fix [AU4] Fixed build on macos

  • Elnur Ismailzada (15 May 24)

    Fixed build on macos

  • Igor Korsukov (15 May 24)

    [AU4] made params refactor of wave draw

  • Elnur Ismailzada (15 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6412 from Eism/playback_toolbar_part2 [AU4] Playback toolbar. Base for playback level component

  • Igor Korsukov (14 May 24)

    [AU4] limiting wave drawing to the visible area

  • Elnur Ismailzada (14 May 24)

    Renamed Audacity3 classes to Au3

  • Elnur Ismailzada (09 May 24)

    Added setting playback level

  • Elnur Ismailzada (08 May 24)

    Added the ability to show items with different size - changed GridSection to Flow

  • Elnur Ismailzada (08 May 24)

    Added the base for PlaybackLevel

  • Elnur Ismailzada (30 Apr 24)

    Added all playback toolbar items

  • Igor Korsukov (14 May 24)

    [AU4] added frame start time and end time to timeline context

  • Igor Korsukov (13 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6435 from igorkorsukov/clipsview/wave_style [AU4] moved wave style to projectscene configuration

  • Igor Korsukov (13 May 24)

    [AU4] moved wave style to projectscene configuration

  • Igor Korsukov (13 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6432 from igorkorsukov/clipsview/fix_wave_paint [AU4] fixed waveform paint

  • Igor Korsukov (13 May 24)

    [AU4] fixed wave form paint

  • Brad Smith (04 May 24)

    Silence -Wexpansion-to-defined warning in BasicUI.cpp /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-basic-ui/BasicUI.cpp:17:5: warning: macro expansion producing 'defined' has undefined behavior [-Wexpansion-to-defined] ^ /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-basic-ui/BasicUI.cpp:15:30: note: expanded from macro 'HAS_XDG_OPEN_HELPER' ^

  • Brad Smith (04 May 24)

    Silence -Wparentheses warnings /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-wx-wrappers/AudacityDontAskAgainMessageDialog.cpp:57:14: warning: | has lower precedence than !=; != will be evaluated first [-Wparentheses] if (style | wxCENTRE != 0) ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-wx-wrappers/AudacityDontAskAgainMessageDialog.cpp:57:14: note: place parentheses around the '!=' expression to silence this warning if (style | wxCENTRE != 0) ^ ( ) /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-wx-wrappercd s/AudacityDontAskAgainMessageDialog.cpp:57:14: note: place parentheses around the | expression to evaluate it first if (style | wxCENTRE != 0) ^ ( ) 1 warning generated. /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-music-information-retrieval/MusicInformationRetrieval.cpp:64:17: warning: using the result of an assignment as a condition without parentheses [-Wparentheses] else if (bpm = GetBpmFromFilename(in.filename)) ~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-music-information-retrieval/MusicInformationRetrieval.cpp:64:17: note: place parentheses around the assignment to silence this warning else if (bpm = GetBpmFromFilename(in.filename)) ^ ( ) /home/ports/pobj/audacity-3.5.1/audacity-Audacity-3.5.1/libraries/lib-music-information-retrieval/MusicInformationRetrieval.cpp:64:17: note: use '==' to turn this assignment into an equality comparison else if (bpm = GetBpmFromFilename(in.filename)) ^ == 1 warning generated.

  • Vitaly Sverchinsky (07 May 24)

    Fix waveform incorrect offset at small zoom levels

Audacity Website


Audacity ® | Free Audio editor, recorder, music making and more!

Audacity is the world's most popular audio editing and recording app. Edit, mix, and enhance your audio tracks with the power of Audacity. Download now!


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  • ISP CloudFlare Inc.
  • ASN AS13335

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Audacity Docker

Container Info


[Audacity]( is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder. Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.


DockerHub Metrics

  • Pull Count 21,771
  • Stars 14
  • Date Created 17 Apr 21
  • Last Updated 2 months ago

View on DockerHub


Run Command

docker run -d \ 
  -p 3000:3000/tcp \
  -e PUID=${PUID} \
  -e PGID=${PGID} \
  -e TZ=${TZ} \
  -v /volume1/docker/audacity/config:/config \
  --restart=unless-stopped \

Compose File

version: 3.8
    image: linuxserver/audacity:latest
      - 3000:3000:tcp
      PUID: 1024
      PGID: 100
      TZ: Europe/Amsterdam
      - /volume1/docker/audacity/config:/config
    restart: unless-stopped

Environment Variables

  • Var Name Default
  • PUID 1024
  • PGID 100
  • TZ Europe/Amsterdam

Port List

  • 3000:3000/tcp

Volume Mounting

  • /volume1/docker/audacity/config /config


  • read ✅ Yes
  • write ✅ Yes
  • admin ✅ Yes

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