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Simple video editor, for applying transitions, effects and text as well as splicing video clips

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Linux video editor Cinelerra-GG. Updates can be found on our website. Issues: .This is a merge (mostly) of 3 developments. The original was HV (heroinevirtual), then CV (community version), and the GG (goodguy) branches.




25 May 19

Last Updated

01 Sept 23

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Recent Commits

  • Good Guy (18 May 19)

    update neophyte, fix mask bezier rotate/scale

  • Good Guy (17 May 19)

    correct kfrm span maskauto update_params, avoid zero w/h draw_refresh segv

  • Good Guy (16 May 19)

    add focus centroid to masking, mod mask reset/mode btns, add sticky to mask fade, rework mask gui layout

  • Good Guy (14 May 19)

    modify clr btn 16 plugins, add regdmp for sigtraps, rework mask_engine, mask rotate,scale,names,modes

  • Good Guy (12 May 19)

    update ffmpeg.git patch set

  • Good Guy (09 May 19)

    add configure --with vaapi/vdpau

  • Good Guy (09 May 19)

    tags tweak, rework canvas lock/refresh, vgui/cgui segv if closed while playing

  • Good Guy (07 May 19)

    add color3way clrbtns, repair sw fallback on hw accel not avail

  • Good Guy (06 May 19)

    add ffmpeg vaapi hw encode, colorpicker fix alpha, titler layout timecode, booby titler outline

  • Good Guy (04 May 19)

    add hw_dev preference, opts file var, tweak hw GPU xfer err msg

  • Good Guy (03 May 19)

    build tweaks for fc30, glFinish fix

  • Good Guy (01 May 19)

    version update, rpm spec libva/vdpau fix, colorpicker tweaks, revert opencv v4->v3

  • Good Guy (29 Apr 19)

    PKGBUILD fix libva/vdpau deps tweak want shuttle in no view popup play clips CIN_FINISH glfinish workaround mixer reload segvs unset in/out pts on replace project cleanup stop playback renderengine race conditions proxy orig h tweaks when using scaler disable F_interlace (fails), use F_tinterlace instead dialog thread join fix symetric draw_triangle_down_flat appearance tracer plugin info 15 plugins, clears for slider bars user contrib c99 for lv2 builds sketcher/motion51 popupmenw text w tweaks sketcher uses ctrl+alt instead of alt, wm collision

  • Good Guy (27 Apr 19)

    upgrades/fixes for tracer plugin, add vdpau,vaapi build depends

  • Good Guy (25 Apr 19)

    fix draw_refresh opengl deadlock, cleanup last chkin

  • Good Guy (25 Apr 19)

    tweak ffmpeg mpeg hw probe, update bld prepare, insert tracer source

  • Good Guy (25 Apr 19)

    opencv upgrade to 4.1, new plugin tracer, hw decode vdpau/vaapi, tweak ffmpeg ff_err reports

  • Good Guy (20 Apr 19)

    mem leaks, fix canvas_h bug, diamond for bezier entpts, aging_plugin segv, grab boundry test fix

  • Good Guy (13 Apr 19)

    rework camera/projector drag outline

  • Good Guy (13 Apr 19)

    drag edit contraints relaxed for ripples, cwdw gui/tool deadlock fix, vpatchgui fader realtime updates, fps/codec added to asset comments in awdw, histogram plot toggle tweak, titler booby, titler backslash, plugin_dialog apply clears selection

  • Good Guy (12 Apr 19)

    add edit drag-handle constraits, add plugin/attach dialog apply btn

  • Good Guy (11 Apr 19)

    dont clear_output for single step for shuttle, shuttle fix for HI_JOG event

  • Good Guy (10 Apr 19)

    no /. in ffmpeg init_decode segv, build index fix audio wave, stop playback state bug, camera/projector jitter fixes, ffmpeg pal100bars segv

  • Good Guy (05 Apr 19)

    set overwrite on LV2_PATH pref env update

  • Good Guy (05 Apr 19)

    update shortcuts, rework update_lv2 for jitter bug, override LV2_PATH

  • Good Guy (02 Apr 19)

    upgrade libvpx+lv2, fix dbl tap play bug, add multi nest/unnest clips, add del top track

  • Good Guy (31 Mar 19)

    version update, msg txt, tweak mixeralign locks/leaks, disable libwebp,libaom in centos,ubuntu builds

  • Good Guy (31 Mar 19)

    ins mixers, match all and move for mixer align, cr in xml string kludge, save_as booby, transition popup width tweak, set_format reset audio on preset

  • Good Guy (25 Mar 19)

    histogram fix, use_thumbnails fix, zoom popup width tweak, cut/paste for mixer apply, mixer segv fix if closed while farm rendering

  • Good Guy (24 Mar 19)

    fix bug in mixer audio track/pan association

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Cinelerra GG Infinity free video editing software for linux

Cinelerra GG Infinity is a free video editing software or program for Linux. Edit your videos like a pro for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


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