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Free, open source macOS firewall. It aims to block unknown outgoing connections, unless explicitly approved by the user.

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LuLu is the free macOS firewall





10 Sept 17

Last Updated

21 Jun 24

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Star History

Recent Commits

  • Patrick Wardle (10 Jun 24)


  • Patrick Wardle (06 Mar 24)

    version bump to v2.6.3

  • Patrick Wardle (06 Mar 24)

    improved rule exports strings now escaped #588

  • Patrick Wardle (07 Feb 24)

    cmdline install/uninstall/upgrade for Homebrew support Homebrew support #581 Improved logic in rules cleanup

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    Update RulesWindowController.m Improved support for ad hoc signed binaries in UI

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    version bump: v2.6.2

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    improved handing of Apple Apps that moved to Mac App Store #584

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    uninstaller cleanup

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)


  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    version bump in install script

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    improved code signing comparisons

  • Patrick Wardle (02 Feb 24)

    improved handling of code signing changes #580

  • Patrick Wardle (31 Jan 24)

    improved rule import/export UX

  • Patrick Wardle (31 Jan 24)

    Update RulesMenuController.m

  • Patrick Wardle (31 Jan 24)

    new rules (sub)menu, improved rule imports

  • Patrick Wardle (30 Jan 24)

    improved installation, rule saving, and rule imports...

  • Patrick Wardle (30 Jan 24)

    improved rule matching and UI

  • Patrick Wardle (29 Jan 24)

    .dmg signing, rules cleanup, ui improvements, friends++ added rule cleanup added startup splash window added code signing to disk image script

  • Patrick Wardle (26 Jan 24)

    rules import/exports, xpc client validation via new APIs setConnectionCodeSigningRequirement used for XPC connections (macOS 13+) logic for rule export/import (work in progress)

  • Patrick Wardle (18 Jan 24)

    improved (manual) rule adding added better support for creating rules for bundles

  • Patrick Wardle (26 Sept 23)

    rule export/import (work in progress) #265, #334, #364, #439, #500

  • Patrick Wardle (22 Sept 23)

    Removed Error Reporting Error reporting made the build process more involved, introduced external dependencies, and was causing crashes on older versions of macOS introduced GDPR concerns. (#488, #531, #543, #546, #555).

  • Patrick Wardle (08 Aug 23)

    moved from recursive to iterative approach to handling related flows

  • Patrick Wardle (07 Aug 23)

    Improved handling of "related" flows

  • Patrick Wardle (23 May 23)

    uninstaller/error reporting++ updated icon for uninstaller improved disabling of error reporting

  • Patrick Wardle (19 May 23)

    UI updates (#524)

  • Patrick Wardle (19 May 23)

    v2.5.0 New icon (mahalo Zabriskije) #520 Improved manual rule creation Added preference to allow all DNS traffic Improved block list filtering (via macOS 11+ remoteHostname)

  • Patrick Wardle (05 Apr 23)

    added option to turn off crash/error reporting #531 #488

  • Patrick Wardle (04 Apr 23)


  • Patrick Wardle (04 Apr 23)

    Merge branch 'master' of

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