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A free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform - Lineage is light-weight, well maintained, supports a wide range of devices, and comes bundled with Privacy Guard.

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05 Dec 16

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17 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Michael Bestas (07 May 24)

    manifest: May 2024 Security update Change-Id: If063dbe40ef32021fdd0a6063f266f6cbed96337

  • Michael Bestas (03 Apr 24)

    manifest: April 2024 Security update Change-Id: Ief584ae891b88f758d0df0c0edf5b1362f6a5560

  • Nolen Johnson (28 Mar 24)

    Track device/google_car * Google supports AAOS targets for all tensors! Change-Id: Ib328c2bfe21b7379598431593c45b7637ccb7b83

  • Michael Bestas (08 Mar 24)

    manifest: March 2024 Quarterly Platform Release and Security update Change-Id: I88bdd21ceefc25ca0842b4863763e1437746b80b

  • Michael Bestas (02 Mar 24)

    manifest: Switch to our own samsung/st NFC Change-Id: I9db20c8133165a52917a15c83c8ce98bd5080964

  • Aaron Kling (07 Mar 24)

    lineage: Enable SimpleSettingsConfig Change-Id: I108fbde02a185e571fe25ee71bed45315051f1d2

  • Michael Bestas (08 Feb 24)

    pixel: Remove gs201 kernel modules Change-Id: If930460865fadb0aaff8dc4804f9fc991d237e26

  • Michael Bestas (07 Feb 24)

    pixel: Add remotes for gs101/gs201 Pixels Change-Id: If6fc6e9a12ea260630a762e6c92b3a3be50bee06

  • Sebastiano Barezzi (31 Jan 24)

    manifest: Track Glimpse Change-Id: I228a21bf2caf29ec9148cee3425456813a1a5ccd

  • Sebastiano Barezzi (31 Jan 24)

    manifest: Revert "Track our fork of Gallery2" This reverts commit cbd50f5cc9b49fcfc375423032e565e1adf55f6d. Change-Id: I149d9bd6ab14e7bd3757992f57c2be182049c950

  • Michael Bestas (07 Feb 24)

    pixel: Add aosp-shusky remote To be used for prebuilt kernel Change-Id: Idf145fbb52fd2c0188077f7047be438b3cc828ce

  • Michael Bestas (10 Feb 24)

    lineage: Enable vendor/crowdin Change-Id: Ic8b78d44277c8da57028c66613abc910717b818b

  • Michael Bestas (06 Feb 24)

    manifest: February 2024 Security update Platform: android-14.0.0_r20 -> android-14.0.0_r25 gs201: android-14.0.0_r0.37 -> android-14.0.0_r0.44 Change-Id: I02923e3fc73cbd61c87a0524b682f471d656e76d

  • Bruno Martins (22 Jan 24)

    Revert "Revert "manifest: Switch to our fork of packages/services/Car"" This reverts commit 3496bd62019ca3cf2d61a3272f2b747887c33a1a. Reason for revert: replication sucessful. Change-Id: I557c0be727e6a678f42fbd46b333631461df2a02

  • Sebastiano Barezzi (20 Jan 24)

    Revert "manifest: Switch to our fork of packages/services/Car" Not replicated to GitHub yet This reverts commit 4439ba201857a14e1a0916b2eaabb1e87f8cef62. Change-Id: Ifa76f1e8c1e3aa698d5d3da087ea6f2c266119a4

  • Bruno Martins (20 Jan 24)

    manifest: Switch to our fork of packages/services/Car Change-Id: I60e0aee398b9fee801e7dc1c469bc306d4af9a60

  • Bruno Martins (20 Jan 24)

    lineage: Enable generic car device tree Change-Id: I355fa0c1f10712687b47b386c3b296d9a02c7902

  • Bruno Martins (09 Jan 24)

    lineage: Update ant-wireless groups The ant-wireless vendor repos are no longer updated (latest tag corresponds to Android 12) and we want to keep updating sdm660 separately. Change-Id: Ife9e028ec2dbc0680469c394fdf87c2d665aa882

  • Michael Bestas (06 Jan 24)

    manifest: January 2024 Security update Platform: android-14.0.0_r17 -> android-14.0.0_r20 gs201: android-14.0.0_r0.25 -> android-14.0.0_r0.37 Change-Id: I83d00fcc6e928a0d98ec2a752ee37211cb2adf76

  • Nolen Johnson (25 Nov 23)

    lineage: Track FlipFlap Change-Id: I64a648d8e7ad68e1d53a060bbf097e002d7243ee

  • Michael W (04 Jan 24)

    Track our own external/arm-trusted-firmware Change-Id: I50ec995a8cf9abbf696f9f47b5bf567e1617e874

  • Michael Bestas (22 Dec 23)

    manifest: Sync external/mockito-kotlin Change-Id: I2fe20ac64c13b2f2da8c0fdfb424445b528ff8bd

  • Nolen Johnson (11 Dec 23)

    manifest: Track our cronet * Stuff is merged on it. Change-Id: Idf6a139ac77b1f90a7510ff064774c65e8b5c31d

  • Michael Bestas (10 Dec 23)

    manifest: December 2023 Quarterly Platform Release and Security update Platform: android-14.0.0_r14 -> android-14.0.0_r17 gs201: android-14.0.0_r0.17 -> android-14.0.0_r0.25 Change-Id: I11c3252e2af8d0eeac43f9f2c8824015d4776fff

  • Michael Bestas (07 Nov 23)

    manifest: November 2023 Security update Platform: android-14.0.0_r1 -> android-14.0.0_r14 gs201: android-14.0.0_r0.7 -> android-14.0.0_r0.17 Change-Id: Id377e2094ac02ab3d76f1b97c58baaaabaefcd9f

  • Nolen Johnson (02 Nov 23)

    lineage: Track CAF BT Change-Id: Ie2e5df765d9d14137ae95945df3b77d04fbcd3d6

  • Yumi Yukimura (02 Nov 23)

    lineage: Enable msm8953 repos Change-Id: Ic74ff6b287f0ebb799a9f61be307c0ad22b3e1d6

  • Michael Bestas (02 Nov 23)

    lineage: Sort and sync at the right path Change-Id: Ia9f6c472bd242332d20c6c284299eea255755e62

  • Georg Veichtlbauer (31 Oct 23)

    lineage: Enable msm8996/msm8998 repos Change-Id: I61c18d11d1f243e3b5f1fd7c5a43fedf328d1135

  • Michael Bestas (29 Oct 23)

    lineage: Enable sdm660 repos Change-Id: I6031385171fa07b75070520986427b93d604831c

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LineageOS Android Distribution


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  • DivestOS is a vastly diverged unofficial more secure and private soft fork of LineageOS. DivestOS primary goal is prolonging the life-span of discontinued devices, enhancing user privacy, and providing a modest increase of security where/when possible. Project is developed and maintained solely by Tad (SkewedZeppelin) since 2014.

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