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A platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization. It is an implementation of NextCloud, with strong encryption configured - it is widely used by journalists, activists and whistle-blowers. It is free to use, but there have been reported reliability issues of the cloud services.

Disroot Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

  • Information is provided about how your personal data is used
  • You are prohibited from sending chain letters, junk mail, spam or any unsolicited messages
  • This service is only available to users over 16 years of age
  • You agree not to submit libelous, harassing or threatening content
  • User suspension from the service will be fair and proportionate.
  • The service is provided 'as is' and to be used at your sole risk
  • You should revisit the terms periodically, although in case of material changes, the service will notify
  • Archives of their agreements are provided so that changes can be viewed over time
  • The service claims to be GDPR compliant for European users
  • Details are provided about what kind of information they collect
  • Your IP address is collected, which can be used to view your approximate location
  • Logs are deleted after a finite period of time
  • Your personal data will not be used for an automated decision-making
  • Features of the website are made available under a free software license
  • There is a date of the last update of the agreements
  • Information is provided about security practices
  • The service is open-source
  • You can request access, correction and/or deletion of your data
  • A complaint mechanism is provided for the handling of personal data
  • Your personal data is used for limited purposes
  • Emails content may be accessed by people working for the service
  • Your personal data is not sold
  • The court of law governing the terms is in Netherlands
  • Your information is only shared with third parties when given specific consent




About the Data

This data is kindly provided by tosdr.org. Read full report at: #1826

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Disroot | Disroot

Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.


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You can access Disroot's data programmatically via our API. Simply make a GET request to:


The REST API is free, no-auth and CORS-enabled. To learn more, view the Swagger Docs or read the API Usage Guide.

About the Data

Beyond the user-submitted YAML you see above, we also augment each listing with additional data dynamically fetched from several sources. To learn more about where the rest of data included in this page comes from, and how it is computed, see the About the Data section of our About page.

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