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Blocks invisible trackers, in order to stop advertisers and other third-parties from secretly tracking where you go and what pages you look at. Download: Chrome - Firefox

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Privacy Policy Summary

  • Conditions may change, but your continued acceptance is not inferred from an earlier acceptance flow
  • The service provides a free help desk
  • You can request access and deletion of personal data
  • There is a date of the last update of the terms
  • This service does not collect, use, or share location data
  • Your personal data is used for limited purposes
  • This service only shares user information with third parties when given specific consent
  • Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to the user
  • Your data is processed and stored in a country that is less friendly to user privacy protection (USA)
  • The service provides a complaint mechanism for the handling of personal data
  • The service claims to be GDPR compliant for European users
  • Archives of their agreements are provided so that changes can be viewed over time
  • A complaint mechanism is provided for the handling of personal data
  • Information is provided about security practices


Domains Covered by Policy


About the Data

This data is kindly provided by Read full report at: #682

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Privacy Badger is a browser extension that automatically learns to block invisible trackers.






10 Jul 13

Last Updated

17 May 24

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Star History

Star History

Recent Commits

  • Alexei (17 May 24)

    Update changelog; bump version to 2024.5.17

  • Alexei (17 May 24)

    Remove pixel cookie sharing detection This reverts commit a2c935a8e075b661b7a0383b92a34249db713547.

  • Alexei (17 May 24)

    Add twitter to yellowlist for now Until 98fb4f31 gets released

  • Alexei (17 May 24)

    Update MDFP list for X (Twitter)

  • Alexei (15 May 24)

    Refactor DNT policy cookie/redirect removal

  • Alexei (09 May 24)

    Remove the no-op migrations module

  • Alexei (08 May 24)

    Tweak logging

  • Alexei (08 May 24)

    Add target for testing Chrome extension updates

  • Alexei (08 May 24)

    Remove pointless target

  • Alexei (07 May 24)

    Add another content filtering test

  • Alexei (07 May 24)

    Promisify and clean up seed loading

  • Alexei (25 Apr 24)

    Tweak seed data loading error output

  • Alexei (18 Apr 24)

    Get new message translations from Transifex

  • Alexei (12 Apr 24)

    Add two Bilibili video API domains to yellowlist Fixes

  • Alexei (09 Apr 24)

    Sync locales with updates from source locale

  • Alexei (09 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #2959 Fix Facebook and Twitter share links, add Mastodon share link

  • Alexei (09 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #2957 Fix Google navigation error service help link

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (08 Apr 24)

    Update nav error help link in options.html

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (08 Apr 24)

    Update social media share links in firstRun.html to use new message and URL

  • Alexei (08 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #2961 Fix donation link visual nit

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (07 Apr 24)

    Update nav error service help link in options.html

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (07 Apr 24)

    Add Mastodon share button to firstRun.html and update related CSS and HTML

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (07 Apr 24)

    Update popup.html to correctly underline the "Donate to EFF" link

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (07 Apr 24)

    Update Twitter share link in firstRun.html

  • wwwwww6wwwww6 (07 Apr 24)

    Update Google Chrome help link in options.html

  • Alexei (05 Apr 24)

    Add MDFP list for Atresmedia

  • Alexei (03 Apr 24)

    Add two more content filtering tests

  • Alexei (02 Apr 24)

    Remove unnecessary waiting in GA surrogation test

  • Alexei (01 Apr 24)

    Fix tracking_map doc nits

  • Alexei (01 Apr 24)

    Document tracking_map and fp_scripts

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Security Checks

All 66 security checks passed

Server Details

  • IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Location Berkeley, California, United States of America, NA
  • ISP Unwired
  • ASN AS32354

Associated Countries

  • US

Saftey Score

Website marked as safe


Blacklist Check was found on 0 blacklists

  • ThreatLog
  • OpenPhish
  • PhishTank
  • Phishing.Database
  • PhishStats
  • URLhaus
  • RPiList Not Serious
  • AntiSocial Blacklist
  • PhishFeed
  • NABP Not Recommended Sites
  • Spam404
  • CRDF
  • Artists Against 419
  • CERT Polska
  • PetScams
  • Suspicious Hosting IP
  • Phishunt
  • CoinBlockerLists
  • MetaMask EthPhishing
  • EtherScamDB
  • EtherAddressLookup
  • ViriBack C2 Tracker
  • Bambenek Consulting
  • Badbitcoin
  • SecureReload Phishing List
  • Fake Website Buster
  • TweetFeed
  • CryptoScamDB
  • StopGunScams
  • ThreatFox
  • PhishFort

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