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Provides user control over WebRTC privacy settings in Chromium, in order to prevent WebRTC leaks. Download: Chrome. For Firefox users, you can do this through browser settings. Test for WebRTC leaks, with browserleaks.com/webrtc

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Prevent WebRTC leaks in Chromium browsers.






01 Aug 15

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09 May 24

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  • Aaron Horler (09 May 18)

    Push up version for new release

  • Aaron Horler (09 May 18)

    Completely remove the save button

  • Aaron Horler (15 Apr 18)

    New version released in Chrome Web Store

  • Aaron Horler (11 Apr 18)

    Automatic option saving, removal of all HTM4, and minor formatting changes. This commit makes no functional change, but will be released.

  • Aaron Horler (03 Jan 18)

    Update year in copyright notice

  • Aaron Horler (28 Nov 17)

    Update date of release.

  • Aaron Horler (27 Nov 17)

    Remove references to "Chrome" to comply with Opera requirements. Opera doesn't like developers mentioning Chrome.

  • Aaron Horler (27 Nov 17)

    Change browser action name to "Open options".

  • Aaron Horler (27 Nov 17)

    Increment version number

  • Aaron Horler (27 Nov 17)

    Use labels for input and select elements

  • Aaron Horler (27 Nov 17)

    Bind open options functionality to toolbar icon, other minor fixes. To address #7 , primarily.

  • Aaron Horler (03 Sept 17)

    Merge pull request #6 from hack-r/master Increased friendliness of one FAQ answer ;)

  • Jason Miller (02 Sept 17)

    Increased friendliness of one FAQ answer ;)

  • Aaron Horler (02 Apr 17)

    Fixed horizontal rules -- to ---

  • Aaron Horler (16 Mar 17)

    Markdown fix.

  • Aaron Horler (10 Feb 17)

    Added a section on testing for leaks. Linked to the original test by diafygi, and explained how to interpret the results.

  • Aaron Horler (10 Feb 17)

    Included screenshot for Incognito protection

  • Aaron Horler (08 Feb 17)

    New release

  • Aaron Horler (08 Feb 17)

    New description This will also be changed in release 1.0.11.

  • Aaron Horler (08 Feb 17)

    Open options on install. This will be the only change in 1.0.11.

  • Aaron Horler (20 Jan 17)

    Added proper hierarchy to headings.

  • Aaron Horler (10 Jan 17)

    Link update This old link worked, but redirected to the current.

  • Aaron Horler (10 Jan 17)

    Minor formatting and word alerations

  • Aaron Horler (15 Nov 16)

    Username change, new version.

  • Aaron Horler (15 Nov 16)

    Username change, minor edits

  • rentamob (10 Nov 16)

    New version

  • rentamob (10 Nov 16)

    More minor changes

  • rentamob (10 Nov 16)

    Very minor

  • rentamob (08 Nov 16)

    Added license properly.

  • rentamob (07 Nov 16)

    Legacy fixes and minor clean-up. (For 1.0.9).

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