Encrypted Messaging

Objective of this page

Find the best free, open source, E2E encrypted and private alternative to whatsapp, facebook messenger, wechat, telegram, snapchat, viber, line, discord, now.

Compare Signal vs Session vs XMPP vs Matrix vs

Discover the best Encrypted Messaging tools for Android, iPhone, Linux, PC and Chrome to download now. And choose secure, self-hosted, peer-to-peer and independant alternatives in 2024

Stop the invasion of privacy from big tech, improve data security stay safe.

Notable Mentions

Word of Warning

Many messaging apps claim to be secure, but if they are not open source, then this cannot be verified - and they should not be trusted. This applies to Telegram, Threema, Cypher, Wickr, Silent Phone and Viber, to name a few - these apps should not be used to communicate any sensitive data. Wire has also been removed, due to a recent acquisition

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