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Secure group communications, with the option to be used over Tor or I2P. Fast intuitive group and 1-to-1 chats with text and rich media using decentralized chat rooms, with a mail feature for delivering messages to offline contacts. A channels feature makes it possible for members of different teams to stay up-to-date with each other, and to share files. Also includes built-in forums, link aggregations, file sharing and voice and video calling. RetroShare is a bit more complex to use than some alternatives, and the UI is quite retro, so may not be appropriate for a non-technical team.

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RetroShare is a Free and Open Source cross-platform, Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform.





31 Jul 15

Last Updated

20 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • csoler (19 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #2860 from defnax/fixstatuscolors Fixed status colors

  • defnax (17 Jun 24)

    Fixed status colors

  • csoler (13 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #2858 from csoler/v0.6-Collection fixed bug showing peers offline when status service is remotely disabled

  • csoler (13 Jun 24)

    using statusRole instead of onlineRole to decide on node string

  • csoler (09 Jun 24)

    fixed usage of statusRole in FriendListModel

  • csoler (07 Jun 24)

    fixed bug showing peers offline when status service is remotely disabled

  • thunder2 (16 Apr 24)

    FeedReader: Don't add items as new item when pubDate less than storage time

  • thunder2 (03 Apr 24)

    Revert changes in libbitdht of "Merge pull request #2852 from thunder2/fix_rscollection"

  • csoler (03 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #2852 from thunder2/fix_rscollection Renamed RsCollectionErrorCode::NO_ERROR to COLLECTION_NO_ERROR b…

  • thunder2 (02 Apr 24)

    Renamed RsCollectionErrorCode::NO_ERROR to COLLECTION_NO_ERROR because of double define of NO_ERROR in winerror.h

  • csoler (02 Apr 24)

    updated master to all submodules

  • csoler (01 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #2846 from csoler/v0.6-Collection Attempt at making RsCollection faster to use (Needs #144)

  • csoler (01 Apr 24)

    minor fixes to rscollection PR

  • csoler (30 Mar 24)

    fixed bug asking for overwriting a non existant file

  • csoler (28 Mar 24)

    fixed compilation after removal of RsCollection::downloadFiles

  • csoler (28 Mar 24)

    removed dead code, and added check for incorrect file names when saving

  • csoler (26 Mar 24)

    fixed conflicts with upstream/master

  • csoler (20 Mar 24)

    fixed updating save filename, removal of files/dirs, and cleaning before save

  • csoler (19 Mar 24)

    added proper remove for files/dirs

  • csoler (18 Mar 24)

    updated master of Retroshare/ to master of libretroshare

  • csoler (16 Mar 24)

    Merge pull request #2849 from defnax/exportfriendslistv2 Added export Friendslist to Profile Page

  • defnax (16 Mar 24)

    renaming button text

  • defnax (15 Mar 24)

    Added export Friendslist to Profile Page

  • csoler (14 Mar 24)

    added new folder capability in collection

  • csoler (14 Mar 24)

    fixed download from RsCollection dialog

  • csoler (13 Mar 24)

    disable save button when files are being hashed

  • csoler (13 Mar 24)

    added green color for files being hashed

  • csoler (12 Mar 24)

    added auto-update of files being hashed

  • csoler (11 Mar 24)

    fixed a few bugs in counting and model parenting

  • csoler (10 Mar 24)

    added some debug info in RsCollectionModel

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