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Powerful desktop software for live streaming and screen recording. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Features real-time video/audio capturing, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting. It supports a wide range of formats, and is easily extendable via community plugins

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OBS Studio - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording







01 Oct 13

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22 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • Alex Luccisano (19 Jun 24)

    UI: Fix multitrack-video audio track index Fix a minor oversight from a recent commit. Audio track indexing in the UI is 1-based while underlying code uses 0-based indexing.

  • tt2468 (20 Jun 24)

    obs-ffmpeg: Close VAAPI device on vaInitialize fail On some systems (eg. mine), VAAPI fails on vaInitialize. Valgrind was able to spot that the device was not being closed, and it appears to have been correct. This fixes a memory leak.

  • Fabien Lavocat (18 Jun 24)

    rtmp-services: Add Dolby Millicast

  • gxalpha (18 Jun 24)

    cmake: Add obs-config.h to libobs headers Adds the header to make it findable in IDEs

  • Ed Maste (19 Jun 24)

    CI: Fix FreeBSD package installation FreeBSD's package tool is pkg(8), and install is the command verb passed to it. Fixes: fb4d65875e27 ("CI: Update Linux build scripts to use CMake p...")

  • Ruwen Hahn (19 Jun 24)

    UI: Disable multitrack video settings on non-win32 platforms

  • Ruwen Hahn (18 Jun 24)

    UI: Add supported codecs to GetClientConfiguration request

  • Ruwen Hahn (07 Jun 24)

    UI: Only cache multitrack config URL startup argument

  • derrod (19 Jun 24)

    CI: Add tag subject to Windows patch notes

  • derrod (19 Jun 24)

    CI: Update Windows patch creation bouf version

  • Ryan Foster (19 Jun 24)

    CI: Fix Windows Patches action release notes generation By not specifying a checkout ref, actions/checkout does a second checkout when this action is invoked by the Publish workflow (release event). When this happens, it checks out the commit object from the tag, and git can no longer locate the annotated tag that contains the release notes. This then causes the release notes to be just the commit message and not the annotated tag message. The sparkle-appcast action in general and this actioo when invoked via the Dispatch workflow do not have this issue, and they both specify the tag as the ref.

  • Ruwen Hahn (18 Jun 24)

    UI: Use advanced mode audio track in multitrack video output

  • Ryan Foster (18 Jun 24)

    UI: Fix parsing of Multitrack Video stream key query parameters The code was checking stream_key, but stream_key could be the user-supplied value (in_stream_key) or the server-supplied value (endpoint.authentication). The server-supplied value may lack the query parameters set in the user-supplied value. To ensure that user-specified query parameters (such as bandwidthtest) are passed along, parse the user-supplied key instead of the server-supplied key.

  • derrod (16 Jun 24)

    UI: Set default container for beta builds to hybrid MP4

  • tt2468 (08 May 24)

    libobs, UI: Normalize encoder group API Modifies the encoder group API added previously to better follow the existing libobs API naming paradigms. This also produces much more readable code, and allows a few small benefits like only needing to hold a reference to the encoder group, instead of every encoder.

  • tt2468 (08 May 24)

    libobs: Update video encoder group struct member names Updates the struct member names of the video encoder group to be more like what is commonly seen in OBS elsewhere.

  • Ryan Foster (16 Jun 24)

    UI: Add step value to Multitrack Video maximum bitrate control All other bitrate setting fields in the UI have a single-step value of 50. Without setting this, the single-step value is 1, which makes using the scroll wheel a bit tedious. While this could arguably be higher, let's make this consistent first and then consider changing the values across the application later.

  • tt2468 (16 Jun 24)

    deps/media-playback: Fix init of swscale with hw decode Checking the format of the AVCodecContext will result in using the format of the hardware-side frames, not the software-side frames. This uses the software frame parameters itself to initialize the swscale context.

  • Ryan Foster (14 Jun 24)

    UI: Set Multitrack Video maximum bitrate limit default to 0/Auto There were some reports that the default value of 8000 was confusing because it implies that the automaticaly selected and used value is 8000 Kbps. Set it to 0 which should hopefully make it more obvious that OBS is not sending 0 Kbps.

  • tt2468 (14 Jun 24)

    obs-outputs: Add multitrack flag to null output

  • Ryan Foster (11 Jun 24)

    UI: Fix icon-size values in theme files The Qt docs on icon-size say its Type is Length, which is further defined as, "A number followed by a measurement unit." https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/stylesheet-reference.html#icon-size https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/stylesheet-reference.html#length This fixes the following logged Qt warning: QCssParser::sizeValue: Too many values provided

  • cg2121 (11 Jun 24)

    UI: Remove redundant addAction call This removes a redundant addAction call in the studio mode program context menu.

  • gxalpha (09 Jun 24)

    UI: Initialize YoutubeChatDock chat input members in constructor Currently, the chat input elements (lineEdit, sendButton, and chatLayout) are initialized when the QCefWidget gets set. This is problematic behavior that only happened to work because we're a bit lucky: The chat is only enabled after a widget is set, and it's only set once. Without those conditions, the chat dock would crash when enabling the chat before a widget is set, and the elements would get recreated if the widget is set a second time, resulting in the original elements not getting freed and leaking. Moving the element creation to the constructor fixes both of these problems, as now they're created immediately and only once. Detected by PVS-Studio.

  • gxalpha (09 Jun 24)

    UI: Initialize max length of LineEditAutoResize in constructor LineEditAutoResize didn't have its maxLength initialized in the constructor, leaving it to be a random value until set via setMaxLength. The one place where LineEditAutoResize was used immediately set this after calling the constructor, but if we use this anywhere else in the future it makes sense to have this initialized. As it is meant to mostly behave like a QLineEdit, lets use the same default value of 32767. Detected by PVS-Studio.

  • Ruwen Hahn (14 Jun 24)

    UI: Add `composition_gpu_index` to multitrack video postdata

  • Alex Luccisano (13 Jun 24)

    UI: Change multitrack video configId Schema has changed this field from "obsConfigId" to "clientConfigId". Updated the name to match.

  • derrod (12 Jun 24)

    updater: Use static blake2 and fix building with Debug runtimes

  • derrod (12 Jun 24)

    deps/blake2: Add static blake2 library for Windows updater

  • Ruwen Hahn (14 Jun 24)

    UI: Hide multitrack video options for custom output Custom output doesn't currently allow specifying a config URL, so disable relevant settings for now

  • tytan652 (13 Jun 24)

    obs-scripting: Refactor Lua C paths

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Open Broadcaster Software | OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding.


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