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Powerful desktop software for live streaming and screen recording. Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Features real-time video/audio capturing, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting. It supports a wide range of formats, and is easily extendable via community plugins

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OBS Studio - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording







01 Oct 13

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18 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Ryan Foster (17 May 24)

    rtmp-services: Bump package version e92accf136b9ffd1ea812c72c9aca2ffac5d7047 updated services.json, but didn't bump the package version.

  • Ruwen Hahn (18 Apr 24)

    UI: Keep weak stream output ref in status bar The status bar doesn't currently own its references to outputs, which can be a problem if streaming outputs are released soon after stream stop. The Multitrack Video output does exactly that, so the status bar will sometimes try to access an invalid pointer for updating its stats. Keeping a weak reference around and upgrading it to collect stats, similar to how the stats window behaves.

  • cg2121 (12 May 24)

    rnnoise: Fix compilation not working on latest gcc The latest gcc spits out an error about calloc parameters that are in the wrong order.

  • tytan652 (29 Mar 24)

    mac-capture: Replace pragmas with availability markers Also changes clang-format SeparateDefinitionBlocks to Leave on ObjC files, which avoid having an empty new line after API_AVAIABLE and the declaration.

  • Ryan Foster (15 May 24)

    CI: Add additional log group to setup_ubuntu script Add clear separation between the CEF setup and the apt/apt-get calls. This makes it easier to see how much time is being spent on each task.

  • Ryan Foster (15 May 24)

    CI: Add Ubuntu 24.04 Add a job matrix for the Ubuntu Build so that we can test builds on both Ubuntu 22.04 and 24.04.

  • Warchamp7 (10 May 24)

    UI: Adjust font size on macOS

  • moocowsheep (26 Apr 24)

    plugins/win-dshow: Add CUDA decoder

  • moocowsheep (26 Apr 24)

    deps/media-playback: Prioritize CUDA decoder

  • gxalpha (05 May 24)

    UI: Center preview spacing lines Currently, the spacing lines begin in the middle of the box and then are their width wide towards one direction. This means that the larger they are, the more off-center their middle is. This commit changes them to start at half their width left/top of the center and end half the width to the right/bottom of the center, putting the middle in the center.

  • gxalpha (04 May 24)

    UI: Give private spacing helper sources names

  • gxalpha (10 May 24)

    UI: Fix visibility and lock checkbox styling on system theme In 7931f2acb8688326375775dcef9c289f64951ac4 the classes have been removed in favor of properties, but this styling change appears to have been reverted by accident, likely by the theming overhaul.

  • cg2121 (13 Feb 24)

    UI: Use OBSSourceLabel for VolControl The OBSSourceLabel handles renaming of a source, so we don't have to use the rename signals for volume controls.

  • cg2121 (13 Feb 24)

    UI: Use vector for volume control signals This cleans up the volume control code by using a vector for signals.

  • cg2121 (13 Feb 24)

    UI: Move projector rename signal This moves the renaming of projectors from OBSBasic to OBSProjector.

  • cg2121 (14 Feb 24)

    UI: Use OBSSourceLabel for item widget labels This changes the labels for the source tree/visibility item widgets to use OBSSourceLabel, as it handles the renaming of sources.

  • tt2468 (05 May 24)

    obs-webrtc: Only advertise relevant codecs for a or v-only outputs A video-only output should not advertise any audio codecs.

  • tt2468 (21 Apr 24)

    obs-webrtc: Correctly guard HEVC in output using ifdefs If an output does not support HEVC, it should not advertise it. For services, however, a service primarily defines the codecs which are supported for the protocol spec itself/destination platform, so HEVC can be advertised still.

  • tt2468 (21 Apr 24)

    obs-webrtc: Fix comment capitalization

  • Warchamp7 (10 May 24)

    UI: Add OS specific theme variables via prefix

  • derrod (09 May 24)

    libobs: Fix obs_parse_avc_header missing high profile parameters

  • gxalpha (06 May 24)

    UI: Use weak_source_expired instead of getting the source

  • tytan652 (04 May 24)

    build-aux: Update Flatpak ntv2 module to libajantv2

  • tytan652 (03 May 24)

    build-aux: Update Flatpak VPL modules * Update libvpl to 2.11.0 * Adds a build option to no longer require ONEVPL_SEARCH_PATH to be set * Update onevpl-intel-gpu to vpl-gpu-rt 24.2.2

  • tytan652 (03 May 24)

    build-aux: Update Flatpak modules * Update SVT-AV1 to 2.0.0 * Update aom to 3.9.0 * Freedesktop SDK already provides it, so the module is disabled * Update FFmpeg 7.0 * Update LuaJIT 5790d25397 * Update libdatachannel to 0.21.0 * Update Asio to 1.30.2

  • tytan652 (09 May 24)

    UI: Improve and update app CMake 3 metainfo file CMake 2 path have a newer version of this file. See the following commits for metainfo change details: - 853ae5ea6ec3a3b29bf48cf4e26c7e889b28f3cf - 904fe87f83e60ddff2c46e3cde2ab63f54b53dcd - 0cc6068ed4e673fbade63e954233b00f7862be05

  • Ryan Foster (08 May 24)

    CI: Update deps to 2024-05-08 release Notable changes: * deps.ffmpeg: Update libpng to 1.6.43 * deps.ffmpeg: Update opus to 1.5.2 * deps.ffmpeg: Update libvpx to v1.14.0 * deps.ffmpeg: Update SVT-AV1 to 2.0.0 * deps.ffmpeg: Update aom to 3.9.0 * deps.ffmpeg: Update libdatachannel to v0.21.0 * deps.ffmpeg: Update AMF to 1.4.33 * deps.ffmpeg: Update FFmpeg to 7.0 * deps.macos: Update LuaJIT to 2.1 5790d25397 * deps.macos: Update libpng to 1.6.43 * deps.macos: Update Asio to 1.30.2 * deps.macos: Replace ntv2 with libajantv2 * deps.macos: Update Sparkle to 2.6.2 * deps.windows: Update curl to 8.7.1 * deps.windows: Update LuaJIT to 2.1 5790d25397 * deps.windows: Update Asio to 1.30.2 * deps.windows: Update Zstandard to 1.5.6 * deps.windows: Update VPL to v2.10.2 * deps.windows: Replace ntv2 with libajantv2 * deps.windows: Add WIL headers * deps.qt: Update Qt6 to 6.6.3 for Windows * deps.qt: Update Qt6 to 6.6.3 for macOS

  • tytan652 (18 Apr 24)

    linux-pipewire: Unify ScreenCast sources as Screen Capture Allow to select both main type of ScreenCast (monitor, window) with only one source type rather than adding a source type per ScreenCast type. This change is made as a new Screen Capture source type which obsoletes the use of the previous Screen Capture (monitor-only) and Window Capture.

  • pkv (06 May 24)

    libobs/media-io: Fix media-remux channel layout for 5 channels FFmpeg has 5.0 as default layout for 5 channels. But obs-studio uses 4.1. This is a fix when remuxing. Signed-off-by: pkv <[email protected]>

  • pkv (05 May 24)

    obs-ffmpeg: Fix 7.1 ALAC encoding Commit [1] added ALAC & PCM support. But 7.1 ALAC encoding fails. This fixes the issue by assigning the correct 7.1 layout supported by FFmpeg ALAC encoder (7.1(wide)). [1] https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/commit/3ae98511d09f1ebaf5c9cc005a285efd1a26aeff Signed-off-by: pkv <[email protected]>

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Open Broadcaster Software | OBS

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding.


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