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Digital painting application. Free and open source (backed by KDE), with cross-platform support, Krita is popular among both professional and amateur artists due to it's comprehensive feature set, and intuitive UI

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Krita is a free and open source cross-platform application that offers an end-to-end solution for creating digital art files from scratch built on the KDE and Qt frameworks.





09 Oct 15

Last Updated

08 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • l10n daemon script (08 Jun 24)

    GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn

  • Dmitry Kazakov (07 Jun 24)

    Update AppImageUpdate links to Now our updates go through the stable KDE's server, which will not change any URLs in the foreseeable future. The update links are the following: Krita Plus: Krita Next: To change the links make a merge request for this repo:

  • Dmitry Kazakov (07 Jun 24)

    Enable building Krita with XSimd13 BUG:488116

  • l10n daemon script (06 Jun 24)

    GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn

  • Freya Lupen (05 Jun 24)

    Ask to use PSD data in TIFF only if any was found Before, it would always ask, claiming valid PSD data was found even when it was not. BUG:488024

  • Dmitry Kazakov (05 Jun 24)

    Fix update of "read-only" state of the document when loading and saving We shouldn't set the status of the actions explicitly from the document, since it created thread-safety issues on MacOS (and just doesn't work, since the enabled state is managed by KisActionManager) BUG:487544

  • l10n daemon script (05 Jun 24)

    GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn

  • Dmitry Kazakov (04 Jun 24)

    Remove ci-deps script from the Krita repository The build system has changed and this method is not supported anymore

  • Dmitry Kazakov (04 Jun 24)

    Make sure that release pacakges are built without git-sha1 in the name That is how we used to have it before so we should revert to the old behavior.

  • l10n daemon script (04 Jun 24)

    GIT_SILENT Sync po/docbooks with svn

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Fix crash when adding a column with a locked layer selected 1) Select a frame on a locked layer on the timeline 2) Press "Insert column" The crash happened because calculateSelectionMetrics() would return an infinitly wide inverted range. Now the patch added an argument to ignore locked layers when it is necessary and added a validity check in KisAnimTimelineFramesView::insertKeyframes() BUG:486893

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Avoid an assert in ToolTransformArgs::fromXML() 'boundsRotation' is a new key and is not present in existing files

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Merge free transform bounding box rotation feature

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Use isEmpty instead of '> 0' check

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Move the assert from ToolTransformArgs::toXML to KisTransformMaskAdapter

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Remove debugging lines

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Fix clipping of the rotation center in "rotated handles" mode

  • Dmitry Kazakov (03 Jun 24)

    Add "rotate handles" cursor to the transform tool

  • Dmitry Kazakov (09 May 24)

    Fix artifacts in rotate transform handles feature We need to update the canvas after changing the convex hull of the transformed area

  • Dmitry Kazakov (09 May 24)

    Remove superflous header

  • Dmitry Kazakov (09 May 24)

    Avoid race condition when requesting convex hull generation The check and the request should happen in the same place, and only when the stroke has already been started.

  • Dmitry Kazakov (09 May 24)

    Fix transform's convex hull to be calculated correctly for selections GrayA devices created from selections may be fully transparent or fully black, it means the same thing: deselected. The patch fixes rotate handles feature for: 1) Selections 2) Masks 3) Filter and Generator Layers

  • stuffins lastname (25 Apr 24)

    more efficient use of movePixel in retrieveAllBoundaryPointsImpl

  • stuffins lastname (25 Apr 24)

    assert boundsRotation is 0 on serialization

  • stuffins lastname (24 Apr 24)

    move kis_convex_hull to libs/image

  • stuffins lastname (24 Apr 24)

    If initial bounds rotation != 0, provide the convexHull in the emitted transaction

  • stuffins lastname (24 Apr 24)

    use ctrl+alt as the hotkey

  • stuffins lastname (24 Apr 24)

    forgot const reference

  • stuffins lastname (24 Apr 24)

    added kis_convex_hull and use boost::geometry::convex_hull

  • stuffins lastname (24 Apr 24)

    isIdentity considers boundsRotation

Krita Website


Krita | Digital Painting. Creative Freedom.

Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.


Redirects to

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  • IP Address
  • Hostname
  • Location Gunzenhausen, Bayern, Germany, EU
  • ISP Hetzner Online AG
  • ASN AS24940

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Krita Docker

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[Krita]( is a professional FREE and open source painting program. It is made by artists that want to see affordable art tools for everyone.

DockerHub Metrics

  • Pull Count 1,499
  • Stars None
  • Date Created 08 Dec 23
  • Last Updated 3 months ago

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Run Command

docker run -d \ 
  -p 3000:3000/tcp \
  -p 3001:3001/tcp \
  -e PUID=${PUID} \
  -e PGID=${PGID} \
  -e TZ=${TZ} \
  -v /volume1/docker/krita/config:/config \
  --restart=unless-stopped \

Compose File

version: 3.8
    image: linuxserver/krita:latest
      - 3000:3000:tcp
      - 3001:3001:tcp
      PUID: 1024
      PGID: 100
      TZ: Europe/Amsterdam
      - /volume1/docker/krita/config:/config
    restart: unless-stopped

Environment Variables

  • Var Name Default
  • PUID 1024
  • PGID 100
  • TZ Europe/Amsterdam

Port List

  • 3000:3000/tcp
  • 3001:3001/tcp

Volume Mounting

  • /volume1/docker/krita/config /config


  • read ✅ Yes
  • write ✅ Yes
  • admin ✅ Yes

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