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A powerful raw photo processing system and editor, for non-destructive editing of raw digital photos

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A powerful cross-platform raw photo processing program







11 Aug 15

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08 Jun 24

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  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7018 from sgotti/panasonic_dcs5m2_dcs5m2x Add Panasonic v8 decoder and support for DC-S5M2 and DC-S5M2X

  • Simone Gotti (30 Mar 24)

    dcraw: add Panasonic DC-S5M2 and DC-S5M2X to adobe_coeffs

  • Simone Gotti (30 Mar 24)

    dcraw: add panasonic v8 decoder. Port panasonic v8 decoder from libraw. * Extract data required for the decoder from the panasonic custom exif tags * Add panasonic v8 decoder

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7081 from Benitoite/patch-38 Bump codeql actions to v3

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7078 from Lawrence37/chinese-translation Update Chinese (Simplified) translation

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7020 from sgotti/panasonic_dcgh6 dcraw: add Panasonic DC-GH6

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7019 from sgotti/panasonic_dcg9m2 dcraw: add Panasonic DC-G9M2

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7005 from sgotti/fuji_lossy_compression dcraw: handle Fujifilm lossy compression

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7073 from sgotti/panasonic_dcgh5m2 Add support for Panasonic DC-GH5M2

  • Lawrence37 (01 Jun 24)

    Merge pull request #7022 from Lawrence37/lensfun-space-around-dash Improve Lensfun automatic lens matching with extra spaces in the name

  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (28 May 24)

    Change sizeband to 6 in ToneEqualizerParamsEdited issue 7085

  • Lawrence37 (28 May 24)

    Merge pull request #7076 from sgotti/sony_ILCE-6700 dcraw/camconst: add Sony ILCE-6700

  • Lawrence37 (27 May 24)

    Merge pull request #7046 from blitzgneisserin/patch-5 Add correct DateTime (editing date) to Exif data

  • Lawrence37 (27 May 24)

    Fix crash when trying to load DCP (#7039) Stream a C-string of the file name instead of the Glib::ustring. The ustring can throw an exception with certain locale settings and file name character combinations, such as with LANG=es_ES and the character "ä". Only print the message if verbose is true.

  • Simone Gotti (16 May 24)

    dcraw/camconst: add Sony ILCE-6700 * Add dcraw adobe_coeffs entry for Sony ILCE-6700 * Add camconst raw crop for Sony ILCE-6700

  • Flössie (24 May 24)

    jdatasrc.cc: remove now unused functions

  • Simone Gotti (13 May 24)

    dcraw: add Panasonic DC-GH5M2 to adobe_coeffs

  • Simone Gotti (13 May 24)

    dcraw: add 12 bit raw handling to panasonic v6 decoder. Port panasonic v6 decoder handling of 12 bit raw from libraw.

  • Simone Gotti (30 Mar 24)

    dcraw: add Panasonic DC-GH6 to adobe_coeffs

  • Simone Gotti (30 Mar 24)

    dcraw: add Panasonic DC-G9M2 to adobe_coeffs

  • Lawrence37 (21 May 24)

    Merge pull request #7080 from Benitoite/patch-37 Fix linking with jpeg-turbo

  • Richard E Barber (19 May 24)

    removes redundant jpeg error message Co-authored-by: Lawrence37 <[email protected]>

  • Richard E Barber (19 May 24)

    Bump codeql actions to v3 v2 is deprecated in github actions. Fixes warnings in codeql analysis.

  • Richard E Barber (19 May 24)

    Fix linking with jpeg-turbo patch via Termux PR https://github.com/termux-user-repository/tur/pull/1027

  • Lawrence Lee (18 May 24)

    Update Chinese (Simplified) translation Translation provided by 十一元人民币 (syyrmb) in https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/7077.

  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (17 May 24)

    Abstract Profile - Change label Highlight attenuation

  • Desmis (16 May 24)

    Local adjustments tools used globally - Laspotmain (#6928) * First step LA globally * fixed several GUI bad behavior * better behavior shows additional settings * Improve transition in main * First step hide-show invers and scope * Hide show invers and scope step2 * hide show others inverse and scope * Try to improve * Change windows.yml and appimage.yml * In Preference set choice for default Spot Method * Optimization call idle_register * forgotten delete mainfp * Re-enable sliders scope in colorlight - shadows - vibrance - move setting checkbox others settings * Fixed bad behavior hide - show * Optimize behavior * Bad behavior scope when changing method * Clean and comment code * disable preview mask and modif for cbdl and retinex * Fixed preview deltaE mask and modif log encode - exposure - new button preview color and light * Button preview deltaE - exposure * Button preview SH * Button preview Vibrance * Improce code using mask * Fixed several bad behavior - preview TM and Contrast * Preview log button * Preview Ciecam button * Preview common mask button * Disable Preview button in settings when not used in tools * Change call to controspotpanel in improcoordinator * Change Local adjustments title to Selective Editing * Change default value spotmethod in option * Missing cddl in preview settings * Change parameter setting spot type * put selective editing tab just after exposure tab * Disable preview ΔE button when another is enabled Only one button should be active at any given time. * Deactivate preview ΔE buttons when switching spots * Change tooltip Spot method * Change selective editing position * Remove duplicate line in language default * Remove appimage.yml windows.yml --------- Co-authored-by: Lawrence Lee <[email protected]>

  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (12 May 24)

    Restore appimage.yml and windows.yml

  • Desmis (12 May 24)

    Wavelet selection levels issue 7069 (#7070) * Fixed wavelet selective luminance * Enable PR appimage.yml windows.yml * disabled appimage.yml and windows.yml

  • Desmis (12 May 24)

    Local adjustments - Colorappearance Cam16 - Source Data Adjustments - levels R G B and Black & White (#7071) * Change management viewing temperature and tint * Enable autotemp wbcamchanged and hide history message * Change wbcamchnaged as proposed by kaesa * First step levels * Levels with luminosity mode * History messages * Clean and comment code * Gamutmap xyz levels values * Change range slope R G B * Change range slope R G B * Harmonize case Slope and Levels * Harmonize case Slope and Levels 2 * Check Scale Yb viewing * Small change * Checbox black and white in source data adjustments * Change tooltip avoid color shift issue 7066 * modify appimage.yml and windows.yml * Fixed bad primaries space in free * Fixed bwcie only in advanced mode

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