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11 Aug 15

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17 May 24

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  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (17 May 24)

    Abstract Profile - Change label Highlight attenuation

  • Desmis (16 May 24)

    Local adjustments tools used globally - Laspotmain (#6928) * First step LA globally * fixed several GUI bad behavior * better behavior shows additional settings * Improve transition in main * First step hide-show invers and scope * Hide show invers and scope step2 * hide show others inverse and scope * Try to improve * Change windows.yml and appimage.yml * In Preference set choice for default Spot Method * Optimization call idle_register * forgotten delete mainfp * Re-enable sliders scope in colorlight - shadows - vibrance - move setting checkbox others settings * Fixed bad behavior hide - show * Optimize behavior * Bad behavior scope when changing method * Clean and comment code * disable preview mask and modif for cbdl and retinex * Fixed preview deltaE mask and modif log encode - exposure - new button preview color and light * Button preview deltaE - exposure * Button preview SH * Button preview Vibrance * Improce code using mask * Fixed several bad behavior - preview TM and Contrast * Preview log button * Preview Ciecam button * Preview common mask button * Disable Preview button in settings when not used in tools * Change call to controspotpanel in improcoordinator * Change Local adjustments title to Selective Editing * Change default value spotmethod in option * Missing cddl in preview settings * Change parameter setting spot type * put selective editing tab just after exposure tab * Disable preview ΔE button when another is enabled Only one button should be active at any given time. * Deactivate preview ΔE buttons when switching spots * Change tooltip Spot method * Change selective editing position * Remove duplicate line in language default * Remove appimage.yml windows.yml --------- Co-authored-by: Lawrence Lee <[email protected]>

  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (12 May 24)

    Restore appimage.yml and windows.yml

  • Desmis (12 May 24)

    Wavelet selection levels issue 7069 (#7070) * Fixed wavelet selective luminance * Enable PR appimage.yml windows.yml * disabled appimage.yml and windows.yml

  • Desmis (12 May 24)

    Local adjustments - Colorappearance Cam16 - Source Data Adjustments - levels R G B and Black & White (#7071) * Change management viewing temperature and tint * Enable autotemp wbcamchanged and hide history message * Change wbcamchnaged as proposed by kaesa * First step levels * Levels with luminosity mode * History messages * Clean and comment code * Gamutmap xyz levels values * Change range slope R G B * Change range slope R G B * Harmonize case Slope and Levels * Harmonize case Slope and Levels 2 * Check Scale Yb viewing * Small change * Checbox black and white in source data adjustments * Change tooltip avoid color shift issue 7066 * modify appimage.yml and windows.yml * Fixed bad primaries space in free * Fixed bwcie only in advanced mode

  • Lawrence37 (12 May 24)

    Merge pull request #7047 from Lawrence37/popup-button-divider Divider between buttons in the pop-up button

  • Lawrence Lee (15 Apr 24)

    Fix Panasonic DMC-FX150 16:9 raw crop The dcraw default leaves a couple of unwanted pixels on the right and bottom edges. Other aspect ratios are fine.

  • Lawrence37 (12 May 24)

    Merge pull request #6988 from sgotti/add_optional_thumbnail_rank_color_load_save_from_to_xmp_sidecar Add optional image rank/color load/save from/to xmp sidecar

  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (01 May 24)

    Fixed bad variable assignement in iplocallab.cc

  • Desmis (01 May 24)

    Ciecam - Change management viewing temperature and tint #7055 (#7058) * Change management viewing temperature and tint * Enable autotemp wbcamchanged and hide history message * Change wbcamchnaged as proposed by kaesa

  • Floessie (24 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #7056 from sgotti/dcp_use_std_unique_ptr_to_automatically_close_file_descriptor dcp: use std::unique_ptr to automatically close file descriptor

  • Simone Gotti (24 Apr 24)

    dcp: use std::unique_ptr to automatically close file descriptor Use std::unique_ptr to automatically close file descriptor instead of manually closing it at every return point.

  • Floessie (23 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #7053 from sgotti/dcp_avoid_file_descriptor_leak_on_error dcp: avoid file descriptor leak on error.

  • Simone Gotti (22 Apr 24)

    dcp: avoid file descriptor leak on error. If the provided file doesn't contain valid dcp metadata the DCPProfile constructor will return without closing the file descriptor.

  • Desmis (20 Apr 24)

    Limits incompatibility between Ciecam and CBDL and others to Cam02 #7017 (#7023) * CBDL and others only with ciecam Cam16 * Change windows and appimage yml * Remove appimage.yml and windows.yml

  • Desmis (20 Apr 24)

    UV photos - Wish from LarsHP Increased green (tint) value from 10 to 100 (#7043) * Change limits green to 40 instead of 10 * Publish uvgreen in pre-dev appimage.yml windows.yml * Change range setLogScale * Revert change to observer 2 - format * Set maxgreen 60 * Set maxgreen 100 and minequal 0.5 maxequal 1.8 * Set maxgreen 1000 minequal 0.4 maxequal 2.5 * Set maxgreen 100 minequal 0.5 maxequal 2

  • Lawrence Lee (19 Apr 24)

    Add divider in pop-up button for RawTherapee theme Provide a visual cue that there are two buttons.

  • Lawrence37 (18 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #7038 from Lawrence37/windows-installer-icons Fix for missing icons from the Windows installer

  • U-PCSPECIALIST01\jdesm (15 Apr 24)

    Reset windows.yml appimage.yml

  • Desmis (15 Apr 24)

    Local Adjustments - Cam16 - lacam16n2 (new) (#7010) * Restore settings and options * Clean code and windows.yml * Gui improvment * Fixed wrong value maxicam * Change GUI TRC and Log encoding and sigmoid * Clean code locallabtools2 * Fomat locallabtools2 * New calcualtion gray when using Q * Improve sigmoid Q with meanQ * Change labels and tooltip * Change DR with log * Change location GUI TRC * Change GUI sigmoid hide - show * Fixed bug with trc * Added whites to TRC & whites * Small modification whites - comment code * Change GUI and selection for sigmoid and log encoding Q * Change yml worksflow * Added cat to workingtrc rtthumbnail * Delete entries in defualt languages * Blacks and whites distribution * Change tooltips * Fixed some issues * Change GUI hide to set_sensitive * first step white and black log encoding * GUI Labels - tooltips * Compress brightness log encoding * Change compression threshold * Clean procparams * Improve GUI and threshold compression * Improvment GUI and tooltips * First step primaries cam16 * Primaries loc step 2 * Primaries loc step 3 * jdcmax primaries - format iplab2rgb * Improve GUI * Beta RGB primaries and message * Change tooltips * Change order prim * CIExy diagram step 1 * CIExy step 2 * CIExy step 2 * CIExy diagram step 4 * CIExy diagram step 5 * Change improccordinator and locallabtool2s listener * Forgoten delete in improccordinator * Disable setListener * Improve GUI and behavior TRC and Primaries * TRC primaries - illuminant step 1 * TRC primaries - illuminant step 2 * TRC primaries - illuminant step 3 * TRC primaries - illuminant step 4 * Gamut control - remove old listener and added listener locallabcieLC * publish pre dev labels windows appimage * publish pre dev labels windows appimage [] * Move log encoding cie - step 1 * Step 2 * Move Log encoding CIE and improve GUI step 3 * Pre Ciecam midtones step 1 * Mid tones step 2 and tooltips * Forgoten label and tooltips * Improve tooltips - and change yml files * Include repository in appimage and windows.yml - change labels * Forgotten surroundcie in procparams.cc * Improve GUI with expander - clean code * Change tooltip * Clean locallabtools2 - improve Jpro * Bypass Ciecam step 1 * step 2 * Step 3 * Change settings - improve GUI * Clean code * Improve sigmoid cam16 * Improve sigmoid cam16 * Added illuminant E to illmethod * Change iccmatrices * Working profile JDCmax stdA and Abstract Profile * Pre-ciecam JDCmax stdA * Abstract profile - cat method step 1 * Step 3 * Step 4 and various changes * Enable default gamutcontrol - improve GUI * Refine color pre-ciecam * Step 2 * step 3 * Step - 4 * Refine colors Abstract profiles * Expander true Abstract Profile * Clean and comment code * Tooltip pre-ciecam * Change tooltips * Improve GUI free primaries * Labgrid dominant color * Shift dominant color step 1 * Shift xy dominant color * History msg shift * Fixed various bad behavior - change scalrefi * Improve behavior DR vs deltaE - log encoding and pre-ciecam * Limited reduce deltaE to 1 - comment code * Improve behavior TIF/JPG * Forgotten code * Various small changes to refinement color pre-ciecam * Foramt iplab2rgb and simpleprocees - small change meanx meany * Bad behavior with simpleprocess abstract profile and pre-ciecam * Re-enable code for simpleprocess * Iprove iplab2rgb * Improve GUI if selection Jz * provis with precision * Chnage GUI log encoding basic - improve shiftxl shiftyl pre-ciecam * Improve GUI with expanders * Change location pre-ciecam expander * Change label tooltip pre-ciecam * Improve white distribution and equalizer * Bad behavior Source data adjustments * Comment code * Improve Dynamic Range Compression - for some images with very high DR * Clean code * Improve TM fattal with saturation control in LA * saturation control fattal LA * RE-order paramsedit * Change local contrast in LA - log encoding and Cam16 * LA settings avoidcolorshift XYZabsolute * Change GUI precision blackEv WhiteEv BlackEvjz WhiteEvjz * Check button smoothcie - smooth highlights * Change order midtones - log encoding - other method smooth * Change maximum gamma in TRC cam16 * Change maximum slope in TRC cam16 * refine smooth highlights * Small improvment - comment code * Bad behavior - black screen - in Cam16 * setLogscale for slopjcie * Change source data GUI - PQ and other DR functions * PQ mode advanced - adjustments and tooltip * Comment and clean code * Simplified GUI in Basic mode - Source Data Adjustments * Added primaries to source date adjustements - fix basic problem * GUI graduaded filter cie cam16 * Graduated filter - LA Color appearance * More illuminant cam16 - D120 - Tungsten 2000K - Tungsten 1500K * Abstract profile ICM - shift x - shift y * Frame color dominant Abstract profile * Frame color dominant Abstract profile * Illuminant E - abstract profile * Abstact profile - midtones * Abstrcat profile - smooth highlights checkbutton * Abstract Profile - Smooth highligts rtengine * Bad behavior LA gamut - re-enabled Munsell in settings * adapts Abstract profile and auto-match tone curve * Change chromaticity curve c(h) - ppversion 351 and procparams * icmpanel fixed bad wmidtcie * Change in procparams assignfromkeyfile color Management * Remove message in console * Missing code procparams.cc wcat * Clean message in console * Disable ppversion 351 - surround extremely dark * Choice surround scene Disable ciecam * Improve GUI for surround Disable Ciecam * Small change gamutcontrol - message g0..g5 verbose * Remove gautcontrol on limits * Strength log encoding - Source data adjustments * Fixed genral bug in lacam16n - bad behavior color * Checkbutton saturation control - Cam16 log encoding * Change default saturation controle log encoding - false * GUI LA Log encoding - Strength - saturation control - part 1 * Checkbox saturation control LA Log encoding * Change repartition GUI brightnees - hue - chroma * Hide primaries and illuminant in standard mode * Merge with dev 2 * reduces sigmoid Q contrast * Provisory disable Sigmoid Q * Re-enable sigmoid function complexity mode * Re-enable log encoding Q - with Ciecam * GUI improvments - small code improvments * Change tooltip * Simplify GUI mode Basic - Standard - added tooltip * Change tooltip - LA settings - Avoid color shift * hope to fix the bug between Jz and Cam16 * Another change for Jz - format astyle locallabtool2.cc * Clean code GUI - remove Zcam * Change label in Recovery based on luminance mask * Reduces minimum spot size from 2 to 1.5 * Improve behavior GUI with Jzczhz * Clean code iplocallab.cc * Small improvement ciecam02.cc * Fixed bad behvior GUI and code between Cam16 and Jzczhz * Improve Jz and surround effects * Improve Jz and Local contrast Cam16 & Jz taking account surround * Disable local contrast if cam16 and not ciecam surround * Restore epsil 0.001 loccont * Improve local contrast when surround low and Jz * Clean code locallabtool2 - weakened a little Local Contrast in connection with surround * Remove Laplacian threshold in Cam16 and JzCzHz mask * Simplify Mask for JzCzHz * Enable choice complexity mask in mode advanced * Solved bad behavior GUI masks * Optimize GUI mask Jz and cam16 * Change 3 icon .png without png * Remove wrong message in console without problem * Remove warning with &amp; in some tooltips and TP_WBALANCE_AUTO_HEADER * Smoothcie Method GUI * Replace checkbutton smooth highlight bya combobox * Improve behavior GUI - CIECAM - advanced - tempout and greenout * Fixed - I hope - crash when delete spot and cam16 * Clean code with maxcam and dependencies * Added Smooth highlight rolloff or not * Improve smooth lights - gamma mode only - standard and advanced - gray balance * Improve Smoothing lights - take into account the 2 Yb * Change tooltip * Chnage wrong lable scope => slope * Clean and comment code * Reduces the effect of - Smoothing light -Ev mode - Small change range Slope * Scale Yb scene white whiteEv * Hide Scale in some GUI cases * Clean comment code Smotth and TM function * Change GUI - Smooth highlights and tone mapping - allows also Basic * Change labels * Change tooltip * Remove arrow.cur in windows.yml as suggested by Lawrence37 * Reverse last changes * Change limits slope based in SDA * Clean locallabtools2.cc * Set minimum slope based to 0.6 * Change label highlight * Change listener scene parameters to GUI * Clean code sine changes listener * Limits Blackev Whiteev values in slope base to avoid crash * Change a little limits BlackEv WhiteEv * Small changes in console - remove warnings * Change XYZ relative - avoid color shift * Improve gamutmap * re build gamutmap

  • Lawrence37 (14 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #7002 from sgotti/dcraw_fujifilm_gfx_100ii dcraw: add support for Fujifilm GFX 100 II

  • Lawrence37 (13 Apr 24)

    Merge pull request #7015 from sgotti/imageio_fix_png_with_transparency imageio: fix issues/crash on png with transparency

  • Lawrence Lee (13 Apr 24)

    Register icons folder for Windows installer

  • Desmis (12 Apr 24)

    Change tweakParams spot.cc - hand-open-hicontrast toolbar.cc (#7029)

  • Simone Gotti (12 Mar 24)

    Add optional image rank/color load/save from/to xmp sidecar Add optional ability to load/save image rank property from/to xmp sidecar "xmp.Rating" and color property from xmp "xmp.Label" ignoring the ones provided in the processing params file. This behavior is disabled by default and an option under settings -> file browser has been added to enable it. When enabled: * On load: * rank and color are not read from processing params. * rank is mapped from xmp sidecar file rating entry. * color is mapped from xmp sidecar file label entry. * On save: * rank and color are saved to the xmp sidecar * rank and color are also saved to the processing param (pp3) files to keep them in sync Rating mapping: Since rating can be also -1 but rank only goes from 0 to 5, the -1 value is ignored like already done when importing from embedded xmp data. Color mapping: XMP has no color concept, usually programs like digikam uses the label field to write a color name ("Red", "Orange"). The problem is that this isn't standardized and label can be any string. Additionally Rawtherapee has 5 specific colors while other programs can have different colors with different name so they won't be shown if they don't map to the 5 color names supported by rawtherapee. On save only the 5 color supported by rawtherapee wil be saved. Trash is kept only in the profile files for multiple reasons: * There's no trash concept in xmp, there's the rejected concept assigned to a rating == -1. * We could map rejected to trash but in rawtherapee rank and trash are two different values and an image can have both rank >= 0 and trashed set to true. Using an unique value like rating for rank and trash (when -1) will require changing the current rawtherapee logic. * Also digikam only handles ratings from 0 to 5 (no -1) and handles trash in its own internal way without reflecting it in the xmp sidecar.

  • Simone Gotti (12 Mar 24)

    thumbnail: decouple proc params rank/color/trash Add a Properties type that contains values for rank, color and trashed Each value will also contain an edited flag. The properties variable is used to store rank, color and trashed. They are fetched from the proc params and will update the proc params when needed. This is the base for future implementations where some properties (like rank) will be also retrieved from other sources like xmp sidecar files.

  • Simone Gotti (12 Mar 24)

    thumbnail: rename get/setStage to get/setTrashed Also return a bool in getTrashed since it's already used as a bool in setTrash and in all the checks.

  • Simone Gotti (29 Mar 24)

    imageio: fix issues/crash on png with transparency If a png has a transparency chunk (tRNS), after converting the transparency to alpha we should also strip alpha (color_type is not updated with PNG_COLOR_MASK_ALPHA flag set) or the row parsing will return also the alpha channel causing a memory overflow.

  • Simone Gotti (20 Mar 24)

    dcraw: add support for Fujifilm GFX 100 II

  • Lawrence37 (29 Mar 24)

    Merge pull request #7009 from sgotti/fix_options_BrowseRecursiveFollowLinks_reading options: fix BrowseRecursiveFollowLinks reading

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