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VeraCrypt is open source cross-platform disk encryption software. You can use it to either encrypt a specific file or directory, or an entire disk or partition. VeraCrypt is incredibly feature-rich, with comprehensive encryption options, yet the GUI makes it easy to use. It has a CLI version, and a portable edition. VeraCrypt is the successor of (the now deprecated) TrueCrypt.

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Disk encryption with strong security based on TrueCrypt






08 Nov 14

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18 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Jertzukka (18 May 24)

    Prepare for changes in wxWidgets 3.3 (#1343) * Move from deprecated wxScopedPtr to std::unique_ptr wxScopedPtr was included previously through some header hierarchy which as of 3.3 is no longer the case causing it to break. But instead of including a header for a deprecated function explicitly, just move to std::unique_ptr as recommended by upstream. * Convert to explicit conversions from wxString As of wxWidgets defaults to STL classes, which has a side-effect that some implicit conversions break. This patch converts those conversions to explicit in anticipation of wxWidgets 3.3 release.

  • Jertzukka (08 May 24)

    Fix incorrect max hidden volume size for file containers on CLI (#1338) Currently the maximum hidden volume size for file containers is limited by available free space on the device the file container resides on, which we do not care about. This commit changes so that only Normal volumes get their `maxVolumeSize` limited by `AvailableDiskSpace`. Also the --size=max parameter is restricted from hidden volume creation as there is no way to determine a good size as we do not mount the outer volume through the CLI process flow to determine available free space on the outer volume.

  • Mounir IDRASSI (08 May 24)

    Windows: Enhance memory protection mechanism by preventing process owner from granting permissions to itself.

  • Mounir IDRASSI (19 Apr 24)

    Update Korean translations (By Kangjun Heo, 0x00000FF@github)

  • Daniel Dias Rodrigues (11 Apr 24)

    Updated translation: pt-br. (#1306) * Updated translation: pt-br. * Translation pt-br fixes: MIP to PIM, period etc. * Translation pt-br: IDT_FILE_SYS, plural form.

  • Mounir IDRASSI (10 Apr 24)

    Spanish translation file: fix minor punctuation error (double period)

  • RoboSchmied (10 Apr 24)

    Fix: 7 typos (#1324) Signed-off-by: RoboSchmied <[email protected]>

  • pji2918 (10 Apr 24)

    Update Korean Translation (#1291) * Update Korean Translation Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix minor typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> * fix typo Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]> --------- Signed-off-by: pji2918 <[email protected]>

  • 风之暇想 (10 Apr 24)

    Update Language.zh-cn.xml (#1315) * Update Language.zh-cn.xml 修正错误 * Update Language.zh-cn.xml

  • DLL125 (10 Apr 24)

    update zlib + copyright (#1302)

  • MayanTigger (10 Apr 24)

    07Feb23-Update (#1301)

  • Jertzukka (10 Apr 24)

    Correct exceptions to match the correct language strings (#1299) Fixes the order of the language strings to match the correct exceptions.

  • Jertzukka (10 Apr 24)

    Unix CLI: Don't initially re-ask PIM if it was already specified (#1288) We don't need to reset PIM in PasswordException as it is immediately fell back to if PIM is specified in text mode, but password is not. This causes an exception that resets the PIM when it shouldn't.

  • Jonatan (10 Apr 24)

    Update Swedish translation (#1287) * Update Swedish translation Fix typos * Fix typo Fix typo * Update Swedish translation * Revert last change

  • Mounir IDRASSI (15 Dec 23)

    Translations: Update Spanish translation

  • Mounir IDRASSI (14 Dec 23)

    Spanish Translation: fix typos and enhancements

  • MayanTigger (14 Dec 23)

    Update (#1261) Hello: I think of there were a regression of the fields already translated. Now translated 1441, 1443 up to 1451 Have a great day!

  • Jonatan (14 Dec 23)

    Update Swedish translation (#1278)

  • nkh0472 (11 Dec 23)

    Update Language.zh-cn.xml (#1259)

  • Jonatan (11 Dec 23)

    Update Swedish translation (#1270) * Update * Fix typo * Fix typo * Fix typo

  • Patriccollu (11 Dec 23)

    Update Corsican translation on 2023-11 (#1258)

  • Mr-Update (11 Dec 23)

    Update (#1262)

  • Jertzukka (11 Dec 23)

    Linux: Allows GUI to launch in a Wayland-only environment (#1264) Currently we check whether the system has DISPLAY environment variable set, which is the case in a system that uses X11 natively or XWayland. This variable is not set in a system with only Wayland, so we need to also check whether WAYLAND_DISPLAY is set. Fixes: #184

  • Jertzukka (11 Dec 23)

    macOS: Use correct Disk Utility location when "check filesystem" is ran (#1273)

  • Jertzukka (11 Dec 23)

    macOS: Fix near zero width PIM input box and simplify wxTextValidator logic (#1274) * macOS: Fix issue where PIM box has no width in Wizard VolumePimTextCtrl has a problem with width on macOS which we can fix by adjusting the proportions of the elements inside the PimSizer, which seems like a better solution than using a forced minimum size in pixels. Adjacent, simplifies the validator logic for digits in PIM field. Fixes #1219

  • Mounir IDRASSI (19 Nov 23)

    Linux/MacOSX: put entries at line start and use tabs instead of spaces

  • Mounir IDRASSI (19 Nov 23)

    MacOSX: update version field in pkg project files

  • Mounir IDRASSI (19 Nov 23)

    Continue update Bitcoin donation address and its QR code

  • Mounir IDRASSI (19 Nov 23)

    New Bitcoin donation address since current one is affected by Randstorm vulnerability

  • Matthaiks (19 Nov 23)

    Update Polish translation (#1255)

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  • Open source client-side encryption for cloud files - Cryptomator is geared towards using alongside cloud-backup solutions, and hence preserves individual file structure, so that they can be uploaded. It too is easy to use, but has fewer technical customizations for how the data is encrypted, compared with VeraCrypt. Cryptomator works on Windows, Linux and Mac - but also has excellent mobile apps.

  • age is a simple, modern and secure CLI file encryption tool and Go library. It features small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability

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