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picosnitch helps protect your security and privacy by "snitching" on anything that connects to the internet, letting you know when, how much data was transferred, and to where. It uses BPF to monitor network traffic per application, and per parent to cover those that just call others. It also hashes every executable, and will complain if some mischievous program is giving it trouble.

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15 Jul 20

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21 Jun 24

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  • eric (02 Jan 24)

    version 1.0.3

  • eric (24 Dec 23)

    add doas support https://github.com/elesiuta/picosnitch/issues/37

  • eric (14 Dec 23)

    fix sock_sendmsg kprobe not attaching for kernel 6.6 https://github.com/elesiuta/picosnitch/issues/35 use inet_ and inet6_ instead of sock_ for sendmsg and recvmsg

  • eric (13 Dec 23)

    fallback if it fails to find a home user, will probably fix builds on launchpad for 23.10 and later

  • eric (13 Dec 23)

    version 1.0.2

  • eric (13 Dec 23)

    organize imports

  • eric (19 Nov 23)

    update readme

  • eric (31 Oct 23)

    update callgraph

  • eric (31 Oct 23)

    log name of dead processes on restart

  • eric (31 Oct 23)

    don't need to toast fallback success messages

  • eric (31 Oct 23)

    fix cmdline cache using old values for new pids https://github.com/elesiuta/picosnitch/issues/32

  • eric (23 Oct 23)

    version 1.0.1

  • eric (23 Oct 23)

    better help for debugging, closes https://github.com/elesiuta/picosnitch/issues/30

  • eric (21 Sept 23)

    fix option to override st_dev_mask

  • eric (21 Sept 23)

    version 1.0.0

  • eric (21 Sept 23)

    add option to override st_dev_mask

  • eric (20 Sept 23)

    add option to not log ports

  • eric (20 Sept 23)

    don't refresh time offset on tab/filter changes in tui

  • eric (20 Sept 23)

    add filter exclude to tui

  • eric (18 Aug 23)

    version 0.14.1

  • eric (18 Aug 23)

    go back to using classic confinement for snap Required plugs for this to work do not currently exist in snapd. I'll leave this here for now in case they are added in the future or if anyone wants to build their own snap with classic confinement. Only a few of the plugs this commit removes were actually required. I don't think there are any other currently existing plugs that are required for this to work.

  • eric (17 Aug 23)

    fix ui if query results are ready early regression from adding local port/addr and removing connection count

  • eric (17 Aug 23)

    don't remember previous cursor location on removing filter more responsive ui (with threading) breaks this since the cursor resets to the first row as the entries load

  • eric (17 Aug 23)

    use stack to apply multiple filters in ui

  • eric (17 Aug 23)

    refactor primary and secondary tab names and indices in ui this was an artifact from a much earlier version where not all columns were filterable

  • eric (11 Aug 23)

    update readme

  • eric (10 Aug 23)

    update readme

  • eric (10 Aug 23)

    update readme

  • eric (09 Aug 23)

    fix dependencies for openSUSE (version 0.14.0-2)

  • eric (09 Aug 23)

    version 0.14.0

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picosnitch | Monitor Network Traffic Per Executable, Beautifully Visualized

Monitor Network Traffic Per Executable, Beautifully Visualized


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