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From the creators of ProtonMail, ProtonVPN has a solid reputation. They have a full suite of user-friendly native mobile and desktop apps. ProtonVPN is one of the few "trustworthy" providers that also offer a free plan.

Security Audited Open Source

ProtonVPN Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

  • Third parties may be involved in operating the service
  • Only necessary user logs are kept by the service to ensure quality
  • The court of law governing the terms is in location X
  • The court of law governing the terms is in a jurisdiction that is friendlier to user privacy protection.
  • This service is only available to users over a certain age
  • The service provides information about how they intend to use your personal data
  • The service may change its terms at any time, but the user will receive notification of the changes.
  • The terms for this service are translated into different languages
  • Users are entitled to a refund if certain thresholds or standards are not met by the service
  • You can opt out of promotional communications
  • The service reviews its privacy policy on a regular basis
  • This service has a no VPN logs policy
  • Instead of asking directly, this Service will assume your consent merely from your usage.
  • The service provides a free help desk
  • The service provides a complaint mechanism for the handling of personal data
  • Users are responsible for any risks, damages, or losses they may incur by downloading materials
  • The service does not guarantee accuracy or reliability of the information provided
  • Any liability on behalf of the service is only limited to the fees you paid as a user
  • Users agree not to use the service for illegal purposes
  • The service can suspend your account for several reasons
  • The service promises to inform and/or notify users regarding government inquiries that may involve users' personal data
  • IP addresses of website visitors are not tracked
  • The service is provided 'as is' and to be used at the users' sole risk
  • The user is informed about security practices
  • This service prohibits users sending chain letters, junk mail, spam or any unsolicited messages.
  • The service does not share user information with third parties
  • This service does not track you
  • The service provides details about what kinds of personal information they collect
  • You can request access and deletion of personal data
  • This service does not collect, use, or share location data
  • This service offers an anonymous payment method
  • The service allows you to use pseudonyms
  • The service's data retention period is kept to the minimum necessary for fulfilling its purposes
  • They may stop providing the service at any time
  • This service prohibits users sending chain letters, junk mail, spam or any unsolicited messages
  • There is a date of the last update of the agreements
  • This service prohibits users from attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems
  • The service is not responsible for linked or (clearly) quoted content from third-party content providers
  • The service will not allow third parties to access your personal information without a legal basis
  • Users agree not to use the service to submit libelous, harassing or threatening content
  • Terms may be changed any time at their discretion, without notice to the user
  • This service tracks which web page referred you to it
  • The cookies used by this service do not contain information that would personally identify you




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08 Jun 24

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Proton VPN: Secure, fast VPN service in 70+ countries

The best VPN service for private browsing, fast streaming, and more. Download our free VPN now — or check out Proton VPN Plus for even more premium features.


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Security Checks

All 66 security checks passed

Server Details

  • IP Address
  • Location Plan-les-Ouates, Geneve, Switzerland, EU
  • ISP Proton AG
  • ASN AS209103


Some proxies may block this service, as it falls into the following categories

  • VPN Provider

Associated Countries

  • US
  • CH
  • FR

Saftey Score

Website marked as safe


Blacklist Check was found on 0 blacklists

  • ThreatLog
  • OpenPhish
  • PhishTank
  • Phishing.Database
  • PhishStats
  • URLhaus
  • RPiList Not Serious
  • AntiSocial Blacklist
  • PhishFeed
  • NABP Not Recommended Sites
  • Spam404
  • CRDF
  • Artists Against 419
  • CERT Polska
  • PetScams
  • Suspicious Hosting IP
  • Phishunt
  • CoinBlockerLists
  • MetaMask EthPhishing
  • EtherScamDB
  • EtherAddressLookup
  • ViriBack C2 Tracker
  • Bambenek Consulting
  • Badbitcoin
  • SecureReload Phishing List
  • Fake Website Buster
  • TweetFeed
  • CryptoScamDB
  • StopGunScams
  • ThreatFox
  • PhishFort

Website Preview

ProtonVPN Android App

Update Info

  • App ProtonVPN
  • Creation Date 11 Jun 21
  • Last Updated 08 Dec 23
  • Current Version


  • Sentry


  • Access Network State
  • Change Wifi State
  • Foreground Service
  • Internet
  • Query All Packages
  • Receive Boot Completed
  • Wake Lock

ProtonVPN iOS App

App Info

Proton VPN: Fast & Secure

Proton VPN is the world's only free VPN app that is safe to use and respects your privacy. Proton VPN is created by the CERN scientists behind Proton Mail - the world's largest encrypted email service. Our fast VPN offers secure, private and encrypted internet access with advanced security features. Proton VPN also unblocks access to popular websites and streaming platforms. Used by millions worldwide, Proton’s secure no-logs VPN offers 24/7 safe and private internet access, and does not record your browsing history, display ads, sell your data to third parties, or limit downloads. Free VPN features available to all users: • Unlimited data with no bandwidth or speed restrictions • Strict no logs policy • Bypass geo restrictions: smart protocol selection automatically overcomes VPN bans and unblocks censored sites and content • Full disk encrypted servers protect your data • Perfect forward secrecy: encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later • DNS leak protection: we encrypt DNS queries to ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed through DNS leaks • Always-on VPN/ kill switch offers protection against leaks caused by accidental disconnections Premium VPN features: • Access 2900+ high speed servers across 65+ countries worldwide • Fast VPN: high speed servers with connections up to 10 Gbps • VPN Accelerator: unique technology increases Proton VPN's speeds by up to 400% to give a faster browsing experience • Unblock access to blocked or censored content • Connect up to 10 devices to the VPN at the same time • Ad blocker (NetShield): a DNS filtering feature that protects you from malware, blocks ads, and prevents website trackers from following you across the web • Stream films, sports events, and videos on any streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iplayer etc) • File-sharing and P2P support • Secure Core servers protect against network-based attacks with multi-hop VPN • Tor over VPN provides automatic integration with the Tor anonymity network • Split tunneling support allows you to select which apps go through the VPN tunnel Why Proton VPN? • No personal data required to sign up • Easy-to-use VPN app for iOS, iPad • Highest strength encryption for your connection makes it better than an internet proxy • One tap “Quick Connect” to secure your internet connection, especially on public Wifi hotspots • Unique VPN Accelerator technology increases your VPN speed by up to 400% for a faster internet connection • Proton VPN's Secure Core architecture allows our secure VPN service to defend against network-based attacks • We only use VPN protocols that are proven to be secure: WireGuard • Independently audited by third-party security experts and we publish all results on our website • Trusted open-source code that can be reviewed for security by anyone • Data protection using AES-256 and 4096 RSA encryption Join the privacy revolution Your support is important as it allows us to continue our mission to bring online freedom to people around the globe. Get our private VPN free today and enjoy fast VPN connections and a secure internet, from anywhere. Experts’ opinion: PCMag: “[Proton VPN’s] is a slick VPN with an excellent collection of advanced features, and it has the best free subscription plan we've seen. Few competitors can match its mix of affordability, features, and design. For all that, it gets a rare five-star rating and earns our Editors' Choice award” Mozilla: “There are many VPN vendors out there, but not all of them are created equal. Proton VPN offers a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN service and is operated by the makers of ProtonMail, a respected, privacy-oriented email service... As a company they have a track record of fighting for online privacy and they share our dedication to internet safety and security.”


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by 28,222 users

Version Info

  • Current Version 5.1.9
  • Last Updated 18 Mar 24
  • First Released 12 Nov 18
  • Minimum iOS Version 15.0
  • Device Models Supported 93

App Details

  • IPA Size 316.25 Mb
  • Price Free (USD)
  • Age Advisory 4+
  • Supported Languages 19
  • Developer Proton AG
  • Bundle ID ch.protonmail.vpn


ProtonVPN Reviews

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