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Find the best free, open source, E2E encrypted and private alternative to now.

Compare Windows Spy Blocker vs HardenTools vs ShutUp10 vs WPD vs GhostPress vs KeyScrambler vs SafeKeys V3.0 vs RKill vs IIS Crypto vs NetLimiter vs Sticky-Keys-Slayer vs SigCheck vs BleachBit vs Windows Secure Baseline vs USBFix vs GMER vs ScreenWings vs CamWings vs SpyDish vs SharpApp vs Debotnet vs PrivaZer vs

Discover the best Windows Defences tools for Android, iPhone, Linux, PC and Chrome to download now. And choose secure, self-hosted, peer-to-peer and independant alternatives in 2024

Stop the invasion of privacy from big tech, improve data security stay safe.

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Word of Warning

(The above software was last tested on 01/05/20). Many of the above tools are not necessary or suitable for beginners, and can cause your system to break - only use software that you need, according to your threat model. Take care to only download from an official/ legitimate source, verify the executable before proceeding, and check reviews/ forums. Create a system restore point, before making any significant changes to your OS (such as disabling core features).

From a security and privacy perspective, Linux may be a better option.

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