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A utility that disables a number of risky Windows features. These "features" are exposed by the OS and primary consumer applications, and very commonly abused by attackers, to execute malicious code on a victim's computer. So this tool just reduces the attack surface by disabling the low-hanging fruit.

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Hardentools simply reduces the attack surface on Microsoft Windows computers by disabling low-hanging fruit risky features.






11 Jan 17

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08 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • obsti8383 (01 Apr 24)

    Update README.md add Windows ASR rules error in case of third-party Antivirus solution is in use.

  • obsti8383 (28 Oct 23)

    Merge pull request #129 from obsti8383/updateAndGuiImprovements update fyne.io and improve UI

  • Florian Probst (28 Oct 23)

    update fyne.io and improve UI

  • obsti8383 (30 Sept 23)

    Merge pull request #128 from thechampagne/master fix memory leak

  • XXIV (30 Sept 23)

    import unsafe in utils.go

  • XXIV (25 Sept 23)

    fix memory leak

  • obsti8383 (30 Jul 23)

    Merge pull request #127 from obsti8383/removeCycloneDX Remove CycloneDX SBOM due to missing security fixes in dependencies (circl)

  • obsti8383 (30 Jul 23)

    Remove CycloneDX SBOM due to missing security fixes in dependencies since May 11 (https://github.com/CycloneDX/cyclonedx-gomod/pull/295)

  • obsti8383 (25 Jun 23)

    Merge pull request #125 from obsti8383/feature/libreoffice LibreOffice Hardening using Registry

  • obsti8383 (25 Jun 23)

    optimized version of LibreOffice hardenings #30

  • obsti8383 (25 Jun 23)

    first version of LibreOffice hardenings #30

  • obsti8383 (11 Mar 23)

    Merge pull request #122 from obsti8383/updateFyneIOandChangeHelpDialog Disable OneNote attachments, extend help dialog, update dependencies

  • obsti8383 (11 Mar 23)

    update dependencies

  • Florian Probst (11 Mar 23)

    OneNote: Fix Registry Path, works now

  • obsti8383 (11 Mar 23)

    onenote, next try

  • obsti8383 (11 Mar 23)

    block attachments in onenote, untested

  • obsti8383 (18 Feb 23)

    show all harden items in main help window

  • obsti8383 (29 Dec 22)

    Merge pull request #119 from obsti8383/helpButtonsAndSomeUpdates Add help buttons and some cleanups/fixes/updates;

  • obsti8383 (29 Dec 22)

    add help buttons;fix splash;update libs except fyne.io;some minor code cleanups

  • obsti8383 (09 Oct 22)

    Merge pull request #116 from obsti8383/master add edge download blocker to PUA module

  • obsti8383 (09 Oct 22)

    gofmt and switch go go1.19

  • obsti8383 (09 Oct 22)

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

  • Florian Probst (23 Jul 22)

    add edge download blocker to PUA module

  • Florian (16 Jun 22)

    Merge pull request #114 from obsti8383/master Optimize Makefile + Generate CycloneDX BOM

  • obsti8383 (16 Jun 22)

    compile with golang 1.18.3 to fix potential security issue

  • obsti8383 (16 Jun 22)

    automate go install from tools.go in Makefile

  • obsti8383 (16 Jun 22)

    include cyclonedx-gomod in tools.go

  • obsti8383 (16 Jun 22)

    go mod tidy + install bom generator in Makefile

  • obsti8383 (16 Jun 22)

    remove unnecessary env in Makefile

  • obsti8383 (16 Jun 22)

    create software bill of materials (SBOM/BOM) in Makefile

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