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A web application which acts as a todo app for bookmarks. You can either self-host it, or use their managed service which has a free and paid-for tier.

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An open source to do app for bookmarks.







30 Dec 13

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07 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • Colin Devroe (23 Nov 20)

    Updated production grunt. Versioned to 2020.4

  • Colin Devroe (23 Nov 20)

    Updated account links for non-hosted version. Updated grunt production task to include custom scripts.

  • Colin Devroe (06 Oct 20)

    Merge pull request #268 from cdevroe/proposals/v2020.3 Merged PR Version 2020.3

  • Colin Devroe (06 Oct 20)

    Updated readme where master was found.

  • Colin Devroe (06 Oct 20)

    Updated database sample config file to include credentials for database that ships with Docker. Fixes #267

  • Colin Devroe (06 Oct 20)

    Updated Grunt production task to copy production JS file into appropriate place for local custom development. Only applicable for those running a custom folder.

  • Colin Devroe (05 Oct 20)

    Removed unused grunt task

  • Colin Devroe (05 Oct 20)

    Fixed a typo.

  • Colin Devroe (25 Jun 20)

    Merge branch 'features/266-db' into proposals/v2020.3

  • Colin Devroe (25 Jun 20)

    Added method to Plain controller to redirect to Unmark setup process if no tables exist yet. Fixes #266

  • Colin Devroe (24 Jun 20)

    Merge branch 'features/263-export-html' into proposals/v2020.3

  • Colin Devroe (24 Jun 20)

    Bug fixes for HTML export

  • Colin Devroe (24 Jun 20)

    Added new HTML export format. Supports the Netscape HTML export spec, the same spec that Unmark already imports. Export include titles, tags, and notes. Addresses #263

  • Colin Devroe (16 Jun 20)

    Updated version number. Fixes #265

  • Colin Devroe (15 Jun 20)

    Updated version number in NPM package.json. Fixed #262

  • Colin Devroe (15 Jun 20)

    Updated release Grunt task to include .htaccess files in compressed release binary. Fixed #261

  • Colin Devroe (21 May 20)

    Merge pull request #256 from cdevroe/proposals/version-2.0 Proposals/version 2.0

  • Colin Devroe (21 May 20)

    Updated version, updated readme.

  • Colin Devroe (30 Apr 20)

    Fixed an issue with most-used tags not showing up in bookmarklet.

  • Colin Devroe (30 Apr 20)

    Fixed a bug with loading the tag list.

  • Colin Devroe (30 Apr 20)

    Updated package file to the latest grunt dependencies. Also updated port in Docker

  • Kyle Ruane (03 Jan 20)

    Merge branch 'version-2.0-mobile' into proposals/version-2.0

  • Kyle Ruane (03 Jan 20)

    update form styles

  • Kyle Ruane (03 Jan 20)

    fix spinner appearance, update font includes

  • Kyle Ruane (02 Jan 20)

    add an mobile overlay to close navigaton and sidebar with a tap on the stream

  • Kyle Ruane (02 Jan 20)

    establish mobile viewport below 768px, fix some mobile scrolling issues

  • Kyle Ruane (31 Dec 19)

    update mobile branding

  • Kyle Ruane (31 Dec 19)

    Merge branch 'proposals/version-2.0' into version-2.0-mobile

  • Kyle Ruane (31 Dec 19)

    attache mobile header to main stream

  • Kyle Ruane (31 Dec 19)

    Few small style tweaks to bookmarklet window

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Unmark - The to do app for bookmarks.


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