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Private & encrypted rich-text documents. Cryptee has encryption and anonymity at its core, it also has a beautiful and minimalistic UI. You can use Cryptee from the browser, or download native apps. Comes with many additional features, such as support for photo albums and file storage. The disadvantage is that only the frontend is open source. Pricing is free for starter plan, $3/ month for 10GB, additional plans go up-to 2TB.

No Security Audit Not Open Source

Cryptee Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

  • You can request access, correction and/or deletion of your data
  • You can retrieve an archive of your data
  • This Service provides a list of Third Parties involved in its operation.
  • User-generated content is encrypted, and this service cannot decrypt it
  • Details are provided about what kind of information they collect
  • You agree not to use the service for illegal purposes
  • This service is only available to users over a certain age
  • This service has a no refund policy with some exceptions
  • You can access most of the pages on the service's website without revealing any personal information
  • The terms for this service are easy to read
  • The service does not index or open files that you upload
  • You are prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems
  • You are not being tracked
  • The court of law governing the terms is in location X
  • The service claims to be GDPR compliant for European users
  • Your account can be deleted without prior notice and without a reason
  • Instead of asking directly, this Service will assume your consent merely from your usage.
  • A free help desk is provided


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This data is kindly provided by Read full report at: #5047

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Cryptee's web client source code for all platforms.






12 Jun 18

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17 May 24

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  • John Ozbay (17 May 24)

    fixes CRYPTEE-B2C (Itnl Segmenter on older browsers)

  • John Ozbay (13 May 24)

    Lots of new features, changes & hundreds of fixes! # BIG FEATURES & NEWS + Paste got smarter! We now delete bg color, color, size, font, and similar annoying things on paste, but keep bold, italic, links, code etc. You can now paste freely and expect formatting to remain. Like word. Thanks to some server updates and intelligent data center routing: + Docs saves are now up to 6x faster, + Photo uploads are now up to 2x faster, # UPDATES Sentry to v7.114.0 Dexie to v4.0.4, will remove 3.0.3 in fall update, just in case DOMPurify to v3.1.3 # CHANGES Added metrics to api calls Added metrics to helpdesk Added save-doc metric Added time-to-auth metric Added a check for adblockers blocking stripe A little better plan handling for discounted / gifted / bounty rewarded accounts Increased autosave to 2 seconds Updated saving progress bar to match our new save speeds # SERVER & CLIENT CHANGES Docs under 4mb are now uploaded in single chunk using uploadFile vs streamingUploadFile. This means the average doc save now takes 500s vs 3s. Orig photos now use uploadFile if <4mb, all thumbs and lightbox images use uploadFile, and everything else is streaming. this seems to cut down upload times 2x after server improvements # FIXES fixes CRYPTEE-9AW, fixes some home news bugs should fix CRYPTEE-819 Minor error handling fixes for MFA fixes #203 — word count is correct for more languages using browser locale 100s of other small fixes

  • John Ozbay (26 Apr 24)

    Major Improvements & Bug Fixes + 2x memory efficient streamingDecrypt + 2x memory efficient streamingEncrypt + Some renaming to make it harder to confuse things related to streamingDecrypt and streamingEncrypt + better garbage collection during uploads + raw photo upload orientation fixes + critical security update to DOMPurify v3.1.1 (holy damn we're fast, <30min patch time) + removed old firebase polyfill versions

  • John Ozbay (05 Apr 24)

    Fixes to images & checkout # ADDITIONS + added stripe link payments + we now hide eu vat for non eu countries + added beebom reference # FIXES + fixed a bug where safari & firefox doesn’t handle exif orientation when loading image into imageBitmap while resizing. + Updated browser exif detection to use imagebitmap too and all should be fixed now. this was causing images to be stretched or rotated.

  • John Ozbay (08 Mar 24)

    More Bugfixes — we now prevent overshoot in docs thx @brunostasse — fixes a few issues with the google login on installed iOS PWAs. thanks to @brunostasse and @rejhgadellaa for the tips — updated fb auth to v10.8.1 — fixes video uploads for some versions of ios — should fix some canvas size limit bugs for windows + exifs from peculiar camera combos

  • John Ozbay (22 Dec 23)

    Lots of bugfixes # BUGFIXES — fixes extensionFromFilename with something safer and better to cover more edge cases — fixed an autocorrect typo in FAQ thanks to a kind user —fixes extension string match bug — added some padding to ios pwa editor toolbar to make tapping easier — should improve large batches photos uploader performance — updated UTIFjs to 01-01-2024 version — a little better upload memory management overall — added willReadFrequently for more efficient canvas reads — fixes issues where some new cameras use strings and some use ints for exif orientation — Using ImageBitmaps vs decoding non-raw imgs to avoid DOM Errors with images greater than 100mpx ie hasselblad or leica jpgs. thx @elijah-wood — about typo fix. We’re founded in 2017, not 18 — fixes a default font selection bug — making things clearer across the app with some UX copy updates — should fix light/light album name color bug — updated license year — disabled body { user-select none }, and hopefully wont’ need to reenable it (fck apple) — fixes a tips popup bug — added id tags to privacy and terms — some ios / safari additions. oh did we mention ... fck apple # UPDATES — updated no-sleep

  • John Ozbay (07 Oct 23)

    Lots of bugfixes & small updates — fixes some autofill issues for login and key — updated photos albums design + loader — added album cover color pref — small album title size adjustment — fixes a small but irrelevant bug — updated remix icons, will use new icons for video, audio, pdf and checklists etc starting in June 2024! — fixes a pinned sidebar bug for tablets — should fix the dreaded, long hated white-out bug — updated turndown to v7.1.2 — fixes #200 (html / markdown list exports bug) — we now show a little popup about print mode — added a better ipad-sized view for album gallery — fixes swipe opens sidebar bug in focus mode — fixes heading navigation for pdf/print mode — should fix opening active raw images in diff apps and their title (i.e. file.dng is now file.jpg) — RIP catpat, here’s an airship for you

  • John Ozbay (10 Sept 23)

    Lots of Bugfixes — Fixes a bunch of login css bugs — Fixes #199 — Fixes #198 — Fisabled markdown bold/italic etc on links, fixes a ton of md bugs — Updated dompurify to 3.0.6 — Fixes some focus mode / pinned sidebar bugs — Fixes some markdown issues with italic, bold and strikeout — Updated a ton of input field types to prevent autofill to fix autofill bugs

  • John Ozbay (22 Apr 23)

    MFA / 2FA, RAW Photos support for Leica & Hasselblad, TIFF, DNG, WEBP and more! # NEW FEATURES — Added Multi Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) — Added support for RAW images (TIFF, DNG, 3FR, FFF) in Cryptee Photos — Added support for WEBP images in Cryptee Docs and Photos — Added leica & hasselblad raw tags to gallery — Added EXIF tags to lightbox — Added favorites icon to photos and made them animated # CHANGES / IMPROVEMENTS — Photos now check for aborted thumb downloads, and abort faster on scroll. this means waaaay less errors, less memory use, much speed, much joy — Photos now limits simultaneous RAW updates to 1 for mobile devices to better handle memory — We now limit canvas size in photos to make sure large uploads still have thumbnails and don't crash in ios. Looking at you apple. jeez. — A bit better error handling. We think. — Better Photo orientation detection / fixes a bunch of raw orientation bugs — Updated upchunk to v3.2.0 — Better offline / online detection — Favorites now sort by date by default — Look ma we shrunk the pdf menubar # FIXES — Fixes #194 — Fixes photos timeline scroller for letters — Fixes some modal bugs for ios And moreeee! But who has time to write about all the thousands of tiny one-liner bug fixes

  • John Ozbay (27 Mar 23)

    hotfix for webapp images

  • John Ozbay (27 Mar 23)

    small changes & updates to help page — mini landing page updates — updated manifest — added lockdown mode step to install instructions — updates to help about lockdown mode

  • John Ozbay (06 Mar 23)

    A Quick Hotfix for Signups

  • John Ozbay (01 Feb 23)

    Major Perf Boost, Bugfixes and some changes! ======== FIXES ======== + We now auto-detect system dark/light mode preferences. thanks henry! + fixes #176 for docs & photos! thanks @pabloscloud + Newscard shadow issue + Better login messaging / errors + Fixes an uploader image decoding bug causing uploads to get stuck at 97% etc + fixes sliding entry problem since we boot so fast now hahahah + Fixed / Changed WakeLock Video name to Cryptee + Fixes a bug where window/tab title won’t update on renames + fixes modal scroll shadows by changing modal background colors + fixes dropdown and panel HRs + fixes android keyboard / toolbar / typing experience ======== CHANGES ======== + Makes id tokens persist in session storage to start up apps faster without waiting for auth. If the token is old, we automatically get a new one, if it’s not old, we continue to use it (while we get a new one) + Moved around the install app and upgrade buttons + dompurify updated to 3.0.1 + allow pasting to new doc input, copy doc input new folder input, rename input and search input + made debugging ids monospace + made offline autosave timer 1s + there’s now a clear search button and search doesn’t clear automatically once you open a file — thanks steffen!

  • John Ozbay (07 Oct 22)

    A new home screen, focus mode, massive performance improvements, faster uploads, new customization options and more! CHANGES — some photos / videos labeling and changes — removed attention grabber from docs page setup button — home, photos & docs load time optimizations — new filesize indicator for docs dropdowns — mini service worker update — changed how install / updates work — news card now uses excerpt FIXES — fixes a bunch of fatal bugs — lots and lots of typos — fixes an unnecessary error handler for docs — kill animations in panels and modals if they’re not visible — small fixes to media section — made it a lil bit more clear that selected videos won’t play — clarification about filenames etc being encrypted on security page FEATURES — adds video play icon to videos in photos — new home screen — new landing page — new checkout page — new updater / installer — updated press kit with new images DEPENDENCIES — updated dompurify to v 2.4.3 — sentry update to v7.28.1 — updated firebase to 9.15.0 using rollup (and deleted oldest version) we’ll need to delete one more old version in a few months once users are up to date. Codekit does most of the magic

  • John Ozbay (24 Aug 22)

    LM Detection POC + Lockdown Mode Detection POC + A few Lockdown Mode news articles + Tiny landing page css update

  • John Ozbay (16 Aug 22)

    Bugfixes, MOV Support & Focus Mode + Better upload error / abort handling + mov/mp4 video support + Focus Mode + makes lightbox progress a bit brighter + app preferences + added preference for still video thumbnails + added preference for high-res video thumbnails + added a global app preferences mechanism + some typo fixes in account settings + mini class additions + fixes uploader not hiding bug + better idb tests for simul sessions / multi-tabs + Should fix #170 + dompurify update to 2.3.11

  • John Ozbay (04 Aug 22)

    a video playback fix for iOS

  • John Ozbay (04 Aug 22)

    press kit mini updates

  • John Ozbay (03 Aug 22)

    press kit update

  • John Ozbay (03 Aug 22)

    press kit update

  • John Ozbay (03 Aug 22)

    a good typo catch in faq. thanks @davegson

  • John Ozbay (30 Jul 22)

    small fixes for landing page & hotfixes for lightbox video bugs Should fix #155

  • John Ozbay (02 May 22)

    Streams, Large Files, Videos & More! —— FEATURES —— + Streaming Downloads, Decryption & Adapters + Streaming Uploads, Encryption & Adapters + Large Files (Thanks to streaming magic) + VIDEOS (Thanks to streaming magic) + Added better handling for errored / skipped uploads + fileKeys + Introducing v4 file formats + We now display sync and save file sizes in Docs! (to make cleaning and management easier now that larger files a thing) + Brand new news card & upload completed callback to go with it. + Added promo callouts —— CHANGES —— + Some new helper functions in global + Cleaned up a few unused global functions + We now use blobs for docs embed image preprocessing (much much much faster – should fix many reported issues) + All imports and adapters now use blobs or encoders/decoders + We now grab download tokens from server faster + PDF change saving & better v4 file format compatibility + Bunch of Photos functions renamed to accommodate videos better. There's still a lot of work to do, but it's a WIP. + Some Photos/Videos specific refactoring + We now save and sync file sizes in Docs! + Catalog sync checks for size as well now + cmd + . toggles menu (instead of just showing) + Better native shares + We can now request mimetypes for file extensions from server when needed instead of trying to guess them with pre-baked lookup dictionaries + Encrypt / Decrypt streams are now polyfilled. fck firefox...!... + Some failsafes and better fallbacks for photos uploader + Lots of copywriting changes + Added media session API to photos to make it work even better with videos + Improved canvas blocker + Read news now sync (to go with the new read news card), + New update completed callback + Completed updates now load from home to be safe. + Moved docs settings around into app preferences + Subtle mp4 hints in tips + Added the word "video" to privacy policy to show that videos are also encrypted, but no changes to policy otherwise + Updated readme email + Dropzone improvements for docs & photos + Added fallback for blob.text just in case if some people still use iOS 13 .... —— LANDING PAGE —— + NEW DESIGN + New faq page + New about page with the whole team + All pages now talk about videos + Added content creators use case page + Updated EU logo SVG with a better one + New images for students & entrepreneurs use case pages + Landing hero now uses multiple img sources for faster loading —— DEPENDENCIES —— + Axios updated to v0.27.2 + added upchunk v2.3.1 + OpenPGPjs 5.2.1 + ExifReader 4.5.0 + Web-Streams-Polyfill + GIFjs + Updated dompurify —— FIXES —— + Fixes Copy / Original Naming Bugs + Uploader bugfixes + Fixes a bunch of safari specific animation bugs + Fixes animation bugs with other browsers + Lots of photos bugfixes + Should fix a bug where large pastes to Docs shifts editor left. + A TOC typo fix + Fixes a typo in imprint + Fixes links without http ever being added to editor + Should fix home pwa install tip + Blog theme fixes + Fixes some landing page css + fixes some bugs related to unsupported formatted uploads + should fix some other uploader edge case bugs

  • John Ozbay (02 May 22)

    Some important bugfixes Fixes #150, as well as a bunch of other previously undiscovered bugs. Bugs which thanks to #150 we actually now know exists and some of them will be fixed with this. + A mini bugfix related to Taiwan.

  • John Ozbay (02 Apr 22)

    Fonts, PWA additions, Performance boost & more! # BUGFIXES + Better safari CSS reset + Cleaned erroring js map files + Fixes photos favorites lightbox bugs + Fixes photos search bug for legacy v2 photos w/o albums + Updated nosleep to v0.12.1, fixes issues with ios 15 + Fixed pricing padding on use-case pages + Fixed an edge case bug with google auth for iOS PWA logins + Fixed an edge case buth with google auth for PWA account deletions, and we now show warnings where necessary. # CHANGES + Added Embed information for videos etc to Docs + Refactored encrypt/decrypt to async/await + We now have attributes for some features in html/css like “pwa” or “navshare” + We now hide download and show native share popup for photos in lightbox where available + Made tips css drawing a bit more efficient, saved event propagation time in Docs + Shaved ~100ms from Docs & Photos Startup time by deferring exif orientation detection + Shaved ~300ms from Docs & Photos Startup time by loading road images via proxy & sending author data as headers + Shaved ~150ms from Docs & Photos Startup time by downloading road images only if key modal is shown + Shaved ~100ms from Docs Startup time by re-ordering and lazy loading assets with perf in mind. + Shaved ~100ms from Docs Startup time by async loading editor fonts + Shaved ~1000ms from Photos Startup time by consolidating all prestartup calls into one. ( by firing getAlbums + getAlbum calls simultaneously. doesn't seem to be a downside ATM, but we'll keep an eye out ) + Shaved ~300ms from Photos albums loading time by getting both photos and titles of album on server side in parallel, instead of in blocking order. ( there doesn't seem to be a downside ATM, but we'll keep an eye out. ) + Made folder headers less bold. It was bothering John. + Made font panel drop instead of slide. It was bothering John. + Changed/Updated/Added email addresses, + Updated acknowledgements page with more thanks # NEW FEATURES + Shiny New PWA Shortcuts. You can now launch Docs & Photos quickly / separately from your home screen on Android, Macs, Windows, Linux, the whole kingdom. + New Native Share Popups for Docs downloads, exports and pdf previewer! + New Native Share Popup for Photos downloads, lightbox actions + New fonts panel + New fonts alphabet hints + New H1,H2,H3,P picker + New font size picker + Introducing default fonts + Two new functions : loadDocMetaFromDelta, addDocMetaToDelta, where we store some extra encrypted meta with documents. (i.e. default fonts) + New mobile fonts, headings and font-size picker + Added a quick exit button to a page which needed it. Those who need it will know.

  • John Ozbay (20 Mar 22)

    March 2022 Updates, Bugfixes & Lib Version Bumps! # NEW FEATURES + extended search for docs, + extended search tips for docs + added interactive popups + moved all album context menu items to album info popup + you can now delete and ghost albums while inside the albums, + both the album and photos info popups are now interactive. Kiitos Eetu! # LIBRARY UPDATES + updated to firebase v8.10.1 (preliminary, before we jump to v9) + updated to swiper v8.0.6 + updated dompurify to v2.3.6 # FIXES + landing page / www css fixes + fixes for ios 15.4, Cryptee Docs left sidebar alignment issues etc. + fix for accented characters in photo tags + fixes markdown parsing issues for links and images with underscores etc in URLs / names etc + fixes photos bug where deleted photos left blank spots in lightbox. Kiitos Eetu! + fixes edit photo button in lightbox not working after a photo deletion in lightbox. refactored activePhotoID variable as a function. Kiitos Eetu! + fixes photos upload button animation in ios 15, as it has an ios bug + fixes input type date alignment on ios safari + some tables bugfixes

  • John Ozbay (05 Feb 22)

    Bugfixes, UI/UX Updates & Landing Page Updates # UI / UX Changes & Improvements + We now sort offline docs on the top in recents + Better attach link descriptions + Animate upload button in empty albums & gallery to draw attention # Bugfixes + fixes quick recents right click dropdown positioning issues + fixes photos scrollbar issues on windows + fixes photos make cover button word spacing + Makes help / bug reporting on small screens better + Fixes attachment info & bankcard info popup infinite recreation bugs + Clicking outside of sorter closes photo sorter # Landing Page Updates + Landing page copy update

  • John Ozbay (21 Jan 22)

    Bugfixes + Adds debugging ID numbers on docs & photos for non live environments to make debugging a bit easier + A Bugfix for photo lightbox + We no longer preload italic font for www pages + Moved webapp-head.kit down inside <head> for code-cleanliness and some sweet marie kondo-level organization.

  • John Ozbay (18 Jan 22)

    Bugfixes + some account.css typographic updates + fixes download strip on new pages + fixes use case page meta descriptions

  • John Ozbay (07 Dec 21)

    2022 Update! # Additions + Added a contextual / dropdown menu to file-viewer + Added copy to clipboard to URL box + Added text alignment to mobile toolbar + Added a nice load photos zoomin/out animation + Added better photos loading animations, and changed some parameters to make them smoother + Added Photo Descriptions + Added Photo Infobox + Added Photo Descriptions Editing + Added Photo Time/Date Editing + Added a dark maskable logo, because why not # Changes + Changed zepto touch to swiped-events for compat + Further clarified a few things in the privacy policy and toc related to payments + Added a human readable clarification paragraph to payment terms, nothing changed + Clicking on the left list wrapper now closes panels + Updating input fields to combat / fix autofill issues + Removed winter campaign # Landing Page Refresh + Landing Page 2022 Refresh + Added use-case specific pages + Added use-case specific imagery + Added variables for sharing titles and descriptions between pages + Updated landing page head.kit and split description to each individual page for further customizability + Some CSS fixes on almost all pages # Known Bugfixes + Fixes #131 – embedded PDF viewer iframe width & height fix and sets viewer file extension on refresh dom # Other Bugfixes + Fixes for a few small things in the file-viewer + Fixes RTL block-quote in the editor + Fixes Drag & Drop upload location + Some photos loading animation fixes + Photos lightbox "esc" scroll bug fix + Disabled lightbox info button in favorites + Fixes a paper mode long list page-splitting bug. + Fixes coloring in terms to make it easier to read + Tiny fixes to landing page typography + Ebook title and image rendering fixes + Fixes minimized file viewer ctx button + Fixes copy doc spinner. My OCD was having a field day. This had to be done. + Fixes sidebar popups for mobile + Search fixes and improvements + Updating input fields to combat / fix autofill issues + Fixed url copy icon color # Dependency Updates + DOMPurify updated to 2.3.4 + PDFJS updated to 2.12.313

Cryptee Website


Cryptee | Encrypted Secure Photo Storage & Encrypted Documents Editor

Cryptee is an encrypted secure photo storage service, and an encrypted documents editor to write personal docs, notes, journals, store files and more.


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