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Objective of this page

Find the best free, open source, E2E encrypted and private alternative to wordpress, medium, blogger, tumblr, wix, now.

Compare Write Freely vs Telegraph vs Mataroa vs Bear Blog vs Movim vs

Discover the best Blogging Platforms tools for Android, iPhone, Linux, PC and Chrome to download now. And choose secure, self-hosted, peer-to-peer and independant alternatives in 2024

Stop the invasion of privacy from big tech, improve data security stay safe.

Notable Mentions

If you use Standard Notes, then is a public blogging platform with strong privacy features. It lets you publish posts directly through the Standard Notes app or web interface.

Other minimalistic platforms include and

Want to write a simple text post and promote it yourself? Check out, and NotePin. For seriously anonymous platforms, aimed at activists, see noblogs and autistici. It is also possible to host a normal WordPress site, without it being linked to your real identity, although WP does not have the best reputation when it comes to privacy.

Of course you could also host your blog on your own server, using a standard open source blog platform, such as Ghost and configure it to disable all trackers, ads and analytics.

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