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A sandbox environment, allowing you to clone selected apps and run them in an isolated box, preventing it from accessing your personal data, or device information.

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23 Apr 16

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22 Jun 24

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  • oasisfeng (02 Sept 21)

    Merge pull request #258 from mezysinc/master UPDATE: pt-br translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • mezysinc (19 Aug 21)

    ptbr translation

  • oasisfeng (02 May 21)

    Merge branch 'master' into dev

  • oasisfeng (10 Apr 21)

    ADD: Release version 5.3.

  • oasisfeng (10 Apr 21)

    UPDATE: Privacy-related disclosure is not shown as expected on Android R.

  • oasisfeng (10 Apr 21)

    UPDATE: Upgrade version of Android Gradle build plug-in and Kotlin.

  • oasisfeng (09 Apr 21)

    FIX: Minor crash.

  • oasisfeng (07 Apr 21)

    REMOVE: "Setup a separate Island" card in Discover tab. Creating Island manually in God mode is disallowed by Android 11+.

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    FIX: ShuttleProvider is not working on newest Android 11 revision, if target Island is not unlocked.

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    FIX: Refresh user state to reflect the changes to Island space, when main UI is started by manual provisioning.

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    UPDATE: Remove tab when selected, if that Island space is removed elsewhere (e.g. via ADB shell).

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    UPDATE: Minor tweaks.

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    FIX: The action tip "Freeze" should not be shown for frozen app.

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    UPDATE: Place app action "Freeze" before "Clone".

  • oasisfeng (06 Apr 21)

    FIX: Besides persistent service for shortcut synchronization, also update shortcuts upon device start-up and Island app update. Rename ShortcutsRepairer to ShortcutsUpdater as the former is most probably disabled in previous version of Island.

  • oasisfeng (02 Apr 21)

    FIX: The "Cross-profile apps" setting should not be shown for Mainland if not managed.

  • oasisfeng (02 Apr 21)

    FIX: Bring back launch shortcut prefix settings on Android 7, since Dynamic Shortcut Label is only supported on Android 8+.

  • oasisfeng (24 Mar 21)

    FIX: ShuttleResult.NOT_READY is incorrectly defined. For inline class, bundle == null cannot be differentiated from ShuttleResult == null.

  • oasisfeng (19 Mar 21)

    UPDATE: Update app label for app installation session when parsing is done, in case other party relies on that.

  • oasisfeng (17 Mar 21)

    UPDATE: No longer show App Ops Manager except on Android P & Q.

  • oasisfeng (17 Mar 21)

    FIX: Crash in crash reporting.

  • oasisfeng (17 Mar 21)

    UPDATE: Minor tweaks.

  • oasisfeng (17 Mar 21)

    ADD: New ContentProvider-based lambda shuttle implementation, to replace PendingIntentShuttle. This new implementation requires only one-time initialization, not every device boot-up. It is always synchronous, thus no more complex coroutines.

  • oasisfeng (16 Mar 21)

    UPDATE: Add a placeholder entry in app list UI for app being cloned. As App Installer is migrated to notification-based UI, we need a visual feedback for cloning procedure since it may take some time to finish.

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Island Android App

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  • App Island
  • Creation Date 25 Dec 23
  • Last Updated 25 Dec 23
  • Current Version 6.2.1


  • Google CrashLytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Firebase Analytics


  • Access Network State
  • Foreground Service
  • Get App Ops Stats
  • Interact Across Users
  • Internet
  • Package Usage Stats
  • Query All Packages
  • Receive Boot Completed
  • Request Delete Packages
  • System Alert Window
  • Use Biometric
  • Use Fingerprint
  • Wake Lock
  • Write Secure Settings
  • Install Shortcut
  • Uninstall Shortcut
  • Bind Get Install Referrer Service
  • Ad Id
  • Dynamic Receiver Not Exported Permission
  • Installer
  • Api V23

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