Metadata Removal

Exif/ Metadata is "data about data", this additional information attached to files can lead us to share significantly more information than we intended to.

For example, if you upload an image of a sunset to the internet, but don't remove the metadata, it may reveal the location (GPS lat + long) of where it was taken, the device is was taken on, precise camera data, details about modifications and the picture source + author. Social networks that remove metadata from your photos, often collect and store it, for their own use. This could obviously pose a security risk, and that is why it is recommended to strip out this data from a file before sharing.

Objective of this page

Find the best free, open source, E2E encrypted and private alternative to now.

Compare ExifCleaner vs ExifTool vs ImageOptim vs

Discover the best Metadata Removal tools for Android, iPhone, Linux, PC and Chrome to download now. And choose secure, self-hosted, peer-to-peer and independant alternatives in 2024

Stop the invasion of privacy from big tech, improve data security stay safe.

Notable Mentions

It's possible (but slower) to do this without a third-party tool. For Windows, right click on a file, and go to: Properties --> Details --> Remove Properties --> Remove from this File --> Select All --> OK.

Alternatively, with ImageMagic installed, just run convert -strip path/to/image.png to remove all metadata.

If you have GIMP installed, then just go to File --> Export As --> Export --> Advanced Options --> Uncheck the "Save EXIF data" option.

Often you need to perform meta data removal programmatically, as part of a script or automation process.

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