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12 May 11

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07 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • Reid Linnemann (06 Jun 24)

    Correct config_get_path -> config_set_path in

  • Reid Linnemann (24 May 24)

    Add defaults to config_get_path where needed in select files Some calls to config_get_path may introduce errors if the key does not exist and the default of null is returned. This commit changes some defaults in these files: src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/ipsec.auth-user.php src/etc/inc/ src/etc/inc/

  • Marcos Mendoza (06 Jun 24)

    Fix RRD script syntax regression

  • Marcos Mendoza (03 Jun 24)

    Handle failures to create an interface. Fix #14708 The function pfSense_interface_create2() may fail to create the requested interface, in which case it returns the array: ['error'=>'Could not create interface']

  • Marcos Mendoza (03 Jun 24)

    Handle certificates with multiple CNs. Fix #15133 Multiple CNs are not supported. For compatibility, default to using the first CN in the certificate instead of returning an error.

  • Marcos Mendoza (31 May 24)

    Add a helper function for unserialize(). Fix #15423 For calls to unserialize() which do not check for errors, use the helper function instead.

  • Marcos Mendoza (04 Jun 24)

    Only apply state tracking to pass rules State tracking only applies to pass rules. This was broken with the refactor of 3e28d716.

  • Marcos Mendoza (31 May 24)

    Handle empty values during config upgrade. Fix #15362 The config may have an empty string - use 'empty()' instead of 'isset()' since '0' is not valid in this case.

  • Marcos Mendoza (31 May 24)

    Update the interface cache when configuring IPsec. Fix #15449

  • Marcos Mendoza (30 May 24)

    Introduce a default return value to the rest of the config functions The current return values remain the same. The added safety checks ensures the correct type when calling array_* functions, and allows for more flexible error handling.

  • Brad Davis (30 May 24)

    Remove ripgrep since we are not using it

  • Marcos Mendoza (29 May 24)

    Clean up rule generation code for state-tracking options Improve readability and make it easier to adjust for future changes.

  • Marcos Mendoza (29 May 24)

    Fix checkbox always being unchecked on page load For the GUI option introduced in #15430

  • jim-p (29 May 24)

    Encode dir names in browser.php. Fixes #15525

  • Marcos Mendoza (24 May 24)

    Automatically use floating states for IPsec rules. Fix #15430

  • Marcos Mendoza (13 May 24)

    Avoid configuration loop with LAGG interfaces. Fix #14083 The fix to #9453 introduced a loop when configuring LAGG interfaces. This happens when interface_lagg_configure() ultimately calls set_interface_mtu() which also calls interface_lagg_configure(). Since setting the MTU is already handled by that point, skip setting the MTU again. Do this by making interface_configure() aware of calls from parent functions. While here, also ignore setting MTU settings from disabled LAGG interfaces.

  • Marcos Mendoza (24 May 24)

    Default to an empty array for functions expecting a countable value Do this for foreach() and count().

  • Reid Linnemann (24 May 24)

    Correct default for 'system/acb' in write_config() to empty array instead of null

  • Marcos Mendoza (17 Apr 24)

    Update all direct config access with accessor functions

  • Marcos Mendoza (14 Mar 24)

    Refactor config upgrade to use config accessors

  • Marcos Mendoza (01 Apr 24)

    Use config accessors in traffic shaper functions

  • Marcos Mendoza (29 Mar 24)

    Use config accessors in certificate functions

  • Marcos Mendoza (07 Mar 24)

    Use config accessors in users and groups functions

  • Marcos Mendoza (16 May 24)

    Remove potential direct config references when displaying form rows The first eval() change removes the reference and has no functional effect given that $pkg_source_txt is not modified. While here, catch any exceptions as well; before PHP 7, eval() would return false on parse errors and execution continued normally. Regarding the second eval() change: The inclusion of the reference results in $config containing the default values as determined by 'show_disable_value'. The default values are displayed as an item for selection on the form list. Since no configuration write is performed until the form is submitted, the inclusion of default values in $config is discarded (by omission) unless included in POST. Hence the reference may aslo be removed.

  • Marcos Mendoza (03 Apr 24)

    Move to is_platform_booting() The function platform_booting() is deprecated.

  • Marcos Mendoza (03 Apr 24)

    Move from ${var} to {$var} The use of ${var} has been deprecated since PHP 8.2

  • Marcos Mendoza (03 Apr 24)

    Move to date() The function strftime() is deprecated since PHP 8.2

  • Marcos Mendoza (03 Apr 24)

    Move to mb_convert_encoding() The functions utf8_encode()/utf8_decode() are deprecated since PHP 8.2

  • Marcos Mendoza (14 May 24)

    Move to str_replace() The function ereg_replace() is deprecated since PHP 5.3.

  • Marcos Mendoza (14 May 24)

    Move to preg_match() The function ereg() is deprecated since PHP 5.3.

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pfSense is a free and open source firewall and router that also features unified threat management, load balancing, multi WAN, and more


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