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A simple way to set up a home VPN on any Debian server. Supports OpenVPN and WireGuard with elliptic curve encryption keys up to 512 bit. Supports multiple DNS providers and custom DNS providers - works nicely along-side PiHole.

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The Simplest VPN installer, designed for Raspberry Pi







17 Apr 16

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08 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • Xavier L (04 Jun 24)

    feat(install): add support for wireguard in containers Adds support for detecting when a host kernel loaded wireguard. The kernel module appears loaded but the information about it may not be available.

  • 4s3ti (13 Apr 24)

    build: Add automated release actions

  • Orazio (13 Apr 24)

    fix(scripts): prevent adding wireguard 'usernames' longer than 15 characters, fixes issue #1816

  • Orazio (13 Apr 24)

    Update maintenance notice

  • Orazio (13 Apr 24)

    feat(install): Mark upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 as explicity supported, drop EOL Debian version

  • Orazio (13 Apr 24)

    Re-enable issues and pull requests

  • 4s3ti (06 Apr 24)

    docs: Add lockdown workflow Add workflow to automatically close any issue or pull request

  • 4s3ti (06 Apr 24)

    chore: Disable bug reports

  • 4s3ti (06 Apr 24)

    docs: Add unmaintained warning

  • Jonathan (05 Apr 24)

    feat(install): Add possibility to use Pi-hole in unattended install (#1825) In unattended install, there is no possibility to specify if user wants to use Pi-hole DNS as DNS. Introducing a --use-pihole argument, user can decide if PiVPN configuration should be aligned to the Pi-hole installation.

  • Orazio (23 Nov 23)

    Updates to subnet generation and client creation (#1782) * refactor(core): allow any subnet and netmask * fix(scripts): prevent adding more clients than the subnet allows * fix(scripts): correctly remove leading zeros from ipv6 quartets * refactor(core): new probabilistic subnet generation with fallback to other RFC1918 subnets

  • Orazio (29 Jan 24)

    fix(install): don't treat http errors as unavailable ipv6

  • 4s3ti (28 Jan 24)

    build: publish-install.yml Publish install script to github pages

  • Orazio (13 Dec 23)

    fix(scripts): disallow using server's name as client name (#1791)

  • kokomo123 (07 Nov 23)

    refactor(core): Change wording on the window (#1779) * Change wording on the user selection window

  • Orazio (07 Nov 23)

    fix(scripts): correct link to backup doc

  • 4s3ti (04 Nov 23)

    feat(Network): Add support for network manager fix #1774: Add support for network manager running on Raspberrypi OS bookworm

  • camdenAR (19 Oct 23)

    fix(scripts): Match full client name when disabling This fix prevents "pivpn -off" from failing to disable a client when another client is already disabled and the disabled client name starts with the client name you're trying to disable. e.g. "user-1" wasn't able to be disabled if "user" was already disabled.

  • 4s3ti (03 Aug 23)

    fix(core): typo on distroCheck

  • Dennis Roth (18 Jul 23)

    add alpine container support

  • 4s3ti (02 Jul 23)

    feat: Support debian 12(Bookworm)

  • Najm Ajmal (02 Jul 23)

    Docs: Update README.md (#1744)

  • Najm Ajmal (02 Jul 23)

    Docs(README): Updated README.md (#1743) * Swapped Buildstatus into order of importance Moved test branch to be under the main branch * Made OpenVPN bold * Made Wireguard bold

  • sulaymaanajmal (27 Jun 23)

    docs: Update README.md (#1741) Line 23 That being said rid of elipses

  • Najm Ajmal (25 Jun 23)

    Docs: Made the "c" capital in Contributions, in README.md (#1740)

  • Dolorosus (09 Jun 23)

    fix(scripts): #issue-1747767321 ensure only "user" is disabled * fix common https://github.com/pivpn/pivpn/issues/1733#issue-1747767321 pivpn -off/-on user (en-/dis-)ables also user-1, user-2...user-n this fix prevents from (en-/dis-)ableing user-1 ...user-n

  • Thad Guidry (13 May 23)

    feat(core): OS Support Add Ubuntu lunar support

  • Sriram Keerthi Madhava Kunjathur (07 Apr 23)

    fix(core): Use absolute path for git On installations such as OctoPi, git is shadowed by /root/bin/git. This change forces the script to use /usr/bin/git which isn't affected by other executables with the name 'git' in the path.

  • 4s3ti (29 Mar 23)

    docs(issues): Remove old markdown template

  • 4s3ti (29 Mar 23)

    docs(issues): Add new issue form templates

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