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GnuPG for Windows. NOTE: Maintainers are not tracking this mirror. Do not make pull requests here, nor comment any commits, submit them usual way to bug tracker ( or to the mailing list (





07 Sept 15

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31 May 24

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Recent Commits

  • Werner Koch (21 May 24)

    build: Improve option handling of * packages/ Rework option parsing -- This also adds a new option to ignore errors from msgcat. Allow the option --auto only after the args was somewhat counter-intuitive.

  • Werner Koch (21 May 24)

    Update gpgme to a 1.24.0-beta566

  • Werner Koch (21 May 24)

    Remove not anymore required patches. * patches-appimage/kleopatra/0001-Make-KCMUtils-optional.patch: Remove. * patches-appimage/kleopatra/kleo-gpg4win-ja.patch: Remove. * patches-appimage/libkleo/libkleo-gpg4win-ja.patch: Remove. * patches/kleopatra/ 0001-Do-not-use-NTFS-permissions-check-to-check-if-output.patch: Remove. * patches/kleopatra/0001-Make-KCMUtils-optional.patch: Remove. * patches/kleopatra/kleo-gpg4win-ja.patch: Remove. * patches/libkleo/libkleo-gpg4win-ja.patch: Remove. * (EXTRA_DIST): Remove them.

  • Werner Koch (13 May 24)

    build-aux: Fix recently introduced syntax error in a script. -- Fixes-commit: 86071c599fa38dc5e2dc76e652cddf758548dd42

  • Werner Koch (13 May 24)

    packages: Use 24.05 branch of kleopatra --

  • Werner Koch (25 Apr 24)

    Deprecate --

  • Werner Koch (24 Apr 24)

    Fix recent "none" feature. * build-aux/ Fix syntax error. -- Reported-by: vitusb GnuPG-bug-id: 7100

  • Werner Koch (16 Apr 24)

    Include into the tarball. -- This is required so that we can build from a released tarballs.

  • Werner Koch (16 Apr 24)

    Allow to disable signing with

  • Werner Koch (16 Apr 24)

    Post release updates --

  • Werner Koch (16 Apr 24)

    Release 3.2.2

  • Werner Koch (16 Apr 24)

    Update Kleopatra and Libkleo

  • Werner Koch (16 Apr 24)

    Update GnuPG for v3 to 2.2.43

  • Werner Koch (09 Apr 24)

    Update kleo again We should build the kleo tarball on the build box.

  • Werner Koch (09 Apr 24)

    Update kleopatra, libkleo, and gnupg 2.2 to a new snapshot

  • Andre Heinecke (08 Apr 24)

    Update Kleo with fixed po file --

  • Andre Heinecke (08 Apr 24)

    Fix msgcat call for custom l10n * packages/ Use use first to avoid double translations that confuse it.

  • Werner Koch (25 Mar 24)

    Avoid multiple calls to the Authenticode signing function. * build-aux/ Add option --stamp. * src/ (stamp-additional-signedfiles): Use it. * src/ (signed_installers): Ditto. -- GnuPG-bug-id: 7047

  • Werner Koch (25 Mar 24)

    Update to a GnuPG 2.2 snaphots and a recent Kleo from 23.10

  • Werner Koch (20 Mar 24)

    Use a separate script to authenticode sign files. * build-aux/ New. * src/ (stamp-additional-signedfiles): Call this tool. * src/ Remove most of calls of READ_AUTOGEN_template. (AUTHENTICODE_sign): Remove this macro. (signed_installers): Call the new tool -- The problem with the old use was that it was used in one place in an eval and at another place directly. Thus the quoting required to be different. A separate tools sounds better and can be extended for other purposes. Note the tool's option --template. Only the card based operation has been tested; the old signing on a Windows host might be broken.

  • Werner Koch (15 Mar 24)

    Fix quoting of the AUTHENTICODE_sign macro -- This macro is not passed to eval and thus there is one level of quoting too many. Fixes-commit: a7e52329f0e51aaf0cb19ab335a70dd825eb1fa3

  • Andre Heinecke (15 Mar 24)

    Update Kleopatra with change * packages/packages.common (kleopatra) update. -- This fixes at least two untranslated strings by combining our branches translation with master using msgcat. Only implenmented for de.

  • Andre Heinecke (15 Mar 24)

    Update gen-tarball to use msgcat for de l10n * packages/ Update custom l10n path to use msgcat. -- While this increases the sie of the po file a bit it is more robust with string changes in master / kf5 or our branches.

  • Werner Koch (11 Mar 24)

    Post release updates --

  • Werner Koch (11 Mar 24)

    Release 4.3.1

  • Werner Koch (11 Mar 24)

    Update Kleopatra

  • Werner Koch (08 Mar 24)

    build: Avoid problems with automake and the AUTHENTICODE_FILES. * src/ (AUTHENTICODE_FILES) (READ_AUTOGEN_template): Move to ... * src/ here. Also move the invocations to here. (AUTHENTICODE_sign): Properly quote for AUTHENTICODE_TOOL. -- Fixes-commit: 05ddc4949742405413f97257e72c74c872de59af

  • Werner Koch (07 Mar 24)

    Update to GnuPG 2.4.5

  • Werner Koch (06 Mar 24)

    Update to libassuan 2.5.7 and 64bit DLL names

  • Werner Koch (06 Mar 24)

    Fix filename for shield.ico. -- GnuPG-bug-id: 7026

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