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LessPass is a little different, since it generates your passwords using a hash of the website name, your username and a single main-passphrase that you reuse. It omits the need for you to ever need to store or sync your passwords. They have apps for all the common platforms and a CLI, but you can also self-host it.

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10 Dec 15

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05 Jun 24

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  • Guillaume Vincent (09 Nov 23)

    Use httpd:2.4-bullseye instead of httpd:2.4 httpd:2.4 use debian 12 and broke webserver on ubuntu 18

  • Peter Dave Hello (18 Sept 23)

    Update node.js to v14 in lesspass-site Dockerfile The node version on CI for it in .github/workflows/containers-test.yml is v14, and it looks like it works well with node.js v14 This also syncs the nodejs version as the lesspass-website package is also using node.js v14

  • Peter Dave Hello (18 Sept 23)

    Update GitHub Actions env, replace EOL-ed Ubuntu 18.04 w/ Ubuntu 22.04 Reference: - https://github.blog/changelog/2022-08-09-github-actions-the-ubuntu-18-04-actions-runner-image-is-being-deprecated-and-will-be-removed-by-12-1-22/

  • Guillaume Vincent (10 Oct 23)

    Remove SECRET_KEY from env file Fixes #785

  • Édouard Lopez (16 Jun 23)

    Update package.json

  • Guillaume Vincent (07 Mar 23)

    Add lesspass-website

  • Guillaume Vincent (07 Mar 23)

    Update deployment target

  • Guillaume Vincent (27 Feb 23)

    Add LessPass Database Url text field on the login screen

  • Guillaume Vincent (24 Feb 23)

    Make clients compatible with the old API old servers uses numbers instead of digits in the API. This patch intercept API requests to make it compatible with new and old servers.

  • Guillaume Vincent (23 Feb 23)

    Remove number in mobile application

  • Guillaume Vincent (23 Feb 23)

    Migrate numbers to digits everywhere

  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)


  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)

    Create web extension legacy to publish manifest v2 web extension Firefox doesn't support manisfest v3 until version 109

  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)


  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)


  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)


  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)

    Use csv stringify instead of to handle special char in passwords

  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)

    Use csv writer to export password in CLI fixes https://github.com/lesspass/lesspass/issues/748

  • Guillaume Vincent (02 Jan 23)

    Display LessPass Server shutdown for user already connected on mobile app

  • Guillaume Vincent (31 Dec 22)

    Add decommissioning lesspass database blog post in mobile app

  • Guillaume Vincent (30 Dec 22)


  • Guillaume Vincent (30 Dec 22)


  • Guillaume Vincent (30 Dec 22)

    Update lesspass-site

  • Guillaume Vincent (30 Dec 22)

    Add export page in web component

  • Guillaume Vincent (30 Dec 22)

    Add decommissioning lesspass database blog post in readme

  • Guillaume Vincent (29 Dec 22)

    Add --export and --logout function to LessPass cli --export generates all passwords with password profilessaved in LessPass database. --logout remove the config.json file saved when a user login LessPass database.

  • Guillaume Vincent (24 Dec 22)

    Minor changes on mobile version

  • Guillaume Vincent (22 Dec 22)

    Migrate react native paper to version 5 Fixes: https://github.com/lesspass/lesspass/issues/677

  • Guillaume Vincent (18 Dec 22)

    Create privacy-policy.md

  • Guillaume Vincent (16 Dec 22)

    Update to react native 0.70.6

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  • Hostname lesspass.com
  • Location Aubervilliers, Ile-de-France, France, EU
  • ISP Vultr Holdings LLC
  • ASN AS20473

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