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A modern, open source password manager for individuals and teams. Beautiful, intuitive and dead simple to use. Apps available for all platforms and you can self-host it as well.

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A modern, open source password manager for individuals and teams.






10 Nov 13

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06 Jun 24

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Recent Commits

  • Ari Gibson (10 Dec 23)

    Alter LastPass Parsing for New and Legacy Formats (#735) * alter lastpass parsing for new and legacy formats - add new boolean parameter `legacyFormat` to `lpParseRow` function - alter `asLastPass` function to detect modern vs legacy format - alter `asLastPass` function to provide `lpParseRow` with new `legacyFormat` parameter * add additional potential lastpass export format

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (27 Oct 23)

    We don't care about capitalization when comparing emails

  • RoyalCrafter (27 Oct 23)

    Updated german translation (#728)

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (28 Sept 23)

    Merge pull request #724 from celevra/patch-1 Update package-lock.json

  • celevra (16 Sept 23)

    Update package-lock.json had to change from ssh to https to successfully build the electron package had this error: ``` npm WARN prepare removing existing node_modules/ before installation npm ERR! Error while executing: npm ERR! /usr/bin/git ls-remote -h -t ssh://[email protected]/padloc/maildev.git npm ERR! npm ERR! [email protected]: Permission denied (publickey). npm ERR! fatal: Could not read from remote repository. npm ERR! npm ERR! Please make sure you have the correct access rights npm ERR! and the repository exists. npm ERR! npm ERR! exited with error code: 128 ```

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (06 Mar 23)

    Remove signing of firefox web extension and building/signing/uploading the ipa from publish-release action until we figure out how to make them work again

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (06 Mar 23)

    Remove signing extension for Firefox since it keeps timing out

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Bump tauri version

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Bump version in root package.json as well

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Merge pull request #694 from padloc/v4.3.0 V4.3.0

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)


  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Bump version

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Update ignore files

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Merge pull request #693 from padloc/feature/tag-management Feature/tag management

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Update change log

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Change default PBKDF2 iterations to 1 million

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Fix problem with re-registering devices for biometric unlock

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (05 Mar 23)

    Add placeholder in case there aren't any tags yet; update translations

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (23 Feb 23)

    Fix typo in deleteTag method

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (23 Feb 23)

    Make sure editing/deleting tags is only attempted for editable vaults

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (23 Feb 23)

    Add ability to create tags without adding them to an item first

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (22 Feb 23)

    First pass at tag management feature

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (19 Feb 23)

    Merge pull request #686 from padloc/feature/change-email Allow changing email address

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (19 Feb 23)

    Submit email or name change using enter

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (18 Feb 23)

    Remove log statement

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (18 Feb 23)

    Update translations

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (18 Feb 23)

    Add provisioning hook for when an accounts email changes; allow disabling change of email via provisioning

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (18 Feb 23)

    Require master password to change email address

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (18 Feb 23)

    First pass at implementing email change

  • Martin Kleinschrodt (13 Feb 23)

    Fix flakyness when using CTRL+F (#683)

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Padloc - Open Source, End-to-end Encrypted Password Manager

Open Source, End-to-end Encrypted Password Manager.


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Padloc Android App

Update Info

  • App Padloc
  • Creation Date 31 Mar 20
  • Last Updated 09 Dec 23
  • Current Version 3.0.14


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  • Internet
  • Use Fingerprint
  • Write External Storage

Padloc iOS App

App Info


Lock away all your passwords, documents and other important information with this refreshingly simple password manager! ◆ DELIGHTFULLY SIMPLE ◆ As important as it is, we know that worrying about data security and password hygiene is about as much fun as doing your taxes. That's why we made Padloc as beautiful, intuitive and dead simple to use as possible. No clutter, no distractions! ◆ EFFORTLESSLY PORTABLE ◆ Padloc is available on all major platforms and synchronizing your devices is fast and easy. We securely store your data in the cloud so you have access to it from anywhere, any time! ◆ TRANSPARENTLY SECURE ◆ We believe that transparency and openness are the best foundation for trust so we are building Padloc completely out in the open. Our source code is developed under an open source licence so anyone can review it, provide feedback and even offer contributions at any time! ◆ BETTER TOGETHER ◆ Want to share your passwords and documents with your family or team members? No problem! Padloc makes it easy to share and manage your sensitive data within your family, business or any other kind of organization.


Rated 3.89 out of 5 stars by 9 users

Version Info

  • Current Version 4.1.0
  • Last Updated 09 Sept 22
  • First Released 28 Dec 19
  • Minimum iOS Version 11.0
  • Device Models Supported 93

App Details

  • IPA Size 22.46 Mb
  • Price Free (USD)
  • Age Advisory 4+
  • Supported Languages 1
  • Developer MaKleSoft UG
  • Bundle ID app.padloc


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Beyond the user-submitted YAML you see above, we also augment each listing with additional data dynamically fetched from several sources. To learn more about where the rest of data included in this page comes from, and how it is computed, see the About the Data section of our About page.

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