Password Managers


Bitwarden Icon

Fully-featured, open source password manager with cloud-sync. Bitwarden is easy-to-use with a clean UI and client apps for desktop, web and mobile. See also [Vaultwarden](, a self-hosted, Rust implementation of the Bitwarden server and compatible with [upstream Bitwarden clients](

KeePass Icon

Hardened, secure and offline password manager. Does not have cloud-sync baked in, deemed to be [gold standard]( for secure password managers. KeePass clients: [Strongbox]( *(Mac & iOS)*, [KeePassDX]( *(Android)*, [KeeWeb]( *(Web-based/ self-hosted)*, [KeePassXC]( *(Windows, Mac & Linux)*, see more KeePass clients and extensions at [awesome-keepass]( by @lgg.


LessPass Icon

LessPass is a little different, since it generates your passwords using a hash of the website name, your username and a single main-passphrase that you reuse. It omits the need for you to ever need to store or sync your passwords. They have apps for all the common platforms and a CLI, but you can also self-host it.

Padloc Icon

A modern, open source password manager for individuals and teams. Beautiful, intuitive and dead simple to use. Apps available for all platforms and you can self-host it as well.

ProtonPass Icon

From the creators of ProtonMail, ProtonPass is a new addition to their suite of services. They have a full collection of user-friendly native mobile and desktop apps. ProtonPass is one of the few "trustworthy" providers that also offers a free plan.

Pass Icon

The Standard Unix Password Manager

2-Factor Authentication


2FAS Icon

Free, secure and open source authenticator app for both iOS and Android. Supports creating encrypted backups and syncing between devices without the need for an account.


Aegis Icon

Free, secure and open source authenticator app for Android. Has a backup/ restore feature and a customisable UI with dark mode

Authenticator Pro Icon

Free and open-source two factor authentication app for Android. It features encrypted backups, icons, categories and a high level of customisation. It also has a Wear OS companion app


Tofu Icon

An easy-to-use, open-source two-factor authentication app designed specifically for iOS

Authenticator Icon

Simple, native, open source 2-FA Client for iOS, which never connects to the internet - built by


WinAuth Icon

Portable, encrypted desktop authenticator app for Microsoft Windows. With useful features, like hotkeys and some additional security tools, WinAuth is a great companion authenticator for desktop power-users. It's open source and well-established (since mid-2010)

Authenticator GNOME Icon

Rust-based OTP authenticator. Has native With GNOME Shell integration. Also available through [flathub](

Authenticator CC

Authenticator CC Icon

Authenticator Extension is an in-browser One-Time Password (OTP) client, supports both Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP, specified in [RFC 6238]( and HMAC-Based One-Time Password (HOTP, specified in [RFC 4226](

File Encryption

VeraCrypt Icon

VeraCrypt is open source cross-platform disk encryption software. You can use it to either encrypt a specific file or directory, or an entire disk or partition. VeraCrypt is incredibly feature-rich, with comprehensive encryption options, yet the GUI makes it easy to use. It has a CLI version, and a portable edition. VeraCrypt is the successor of (the now deprecated) TrueCrypt.

Cryptomator Icon

Open source client-side encryption for cloud files - Cryptomator is geared towards using alongside cloud-backup solutions, and hence preserves individual file structure, so that they can be uploaded. It too is easy to use, but has fewer technical customizations for how the data is encrypted, compared with VeraCrypt. Cryptomator works on Windows, Linux and Mac - but also has excellent mobile apps.

age Icon

`age` is a simple, modern and secure CLI file encryption tool and Go library. It features small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability


LibreWolf Icon

LibreWolf is an independent fork of Firefox that aims to provide better default settings to improve on privacy, security and user freedom. Mozilla telemetry is disabled, ties with Google (Safe Browsing) are severed, the content blocker [uBlock Origin]( is included and privacy defaults are guided by research like the [Arkenfox project](

Brave Browser Icon

Brave Browser, currently one of the most popular private browsers - it provides speed, security, and privacy by blocking trackers with a clean, yet fully-featured UI. It also pays you in [BAT tokens]( for using it. Brave also has Tor built-in, when you open up a private tab/ window.

Firefox Icon

Significantly more private, and offers some nifty privacy features than Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. After installing, there are a couple of small tweaks you will need to make, in order to secure Firefox. For a though config, see [@arkenfox's user.js]( You can also follow one of these guides by: [Restore Privacy]( or [12Bytes](

Tor Browser Icon

Tor provides an extra layer of anonymity, by encrypting each of your requests, then routing it through several nodes, making it near-impossible for you to be tracked by your ISP/ provider. It does make every-day browsing a little slower, and some sites may not work correctly. As with everything there are [trade-offs](

Bromite Icon

Hardened and privacy-respecting fork of Chromium for Android. Comes with built-in adblock and additional settings for hardening.

Cromite Icon

Cromite is a Chromium fork based on Bromite with built-in support for ad blocking and an eye for privacy.

Search Engines

DuckDuckGo Icon

DuckDuckGo is a very user-friendly, fast and secure search engine. It's totally private, with no trackers, cookies or ads. It's also highly customisable, with dark-mode, many languages and features. They even have a [.onion](https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion) URL, for use with Tor and a [no Javascript version](

Qwant Icon

French service that aggregates Bings results, with its own results. Qwant doesn't plant any cookies, nor have any trackers or third-party advertising. It returns non-biased search results, with no promotions. Qwant has a unique, but nice UI.

Startpage Icon

Dutch search engine that searches on Google and shows the results (slightly rearranged). It has several configurations that improve privacy during use (it is not open source)

Mojeek Icon

British search engine providing independent and unbiased search results using its own crawler. Has a zero tracking policy (it is not open source)


Encrypted Messaging

Signal Icon

Probably one of the most popular, secure private messaging apps that combines strong encryption (see [Signal Protocol]( with a simple UI and plenty of features. It's widely used across the world, and easy-to-use, functioning similar to WhatsApp - with instant messaging, read-receipts, support for media attachments and allows for high-quality voice and video calls. It's cross-platform, open-source and totally free. Signal is [recommended]( by Edward Snowden, and is a perfect solution for most users.

Session Icon

Session is a fork of Signal, however unlike Signal it does not require a mobile number (or any other personal data) to register, instead each user is identified by a public key. It is also decentralized, with servers being run by the community though [Loki Net](, messages are encrypted and routed through several of these nodes. All communications are E2E encrypted, and there is no meta data.


XMPP, also known as Jabber, is an open standard for decentralized messaging that has been widely used for decades. It has actually been the basis upon which WhatsApp, Facebook's Chat and Google's Talk were built, but these companies (eventually) chose to remove the interoperability with other servers. Prominent XMPP clients support [OMEMO end-to-end encryption](, which is based on the [Double Ratchet Algorithm]( that is used in Signal. For more hands-on information and to register an account you can visit [JoinJabber](

Matrix Icon

Matrix is a decentralized open network for secure communications, with E2E encryption with Olm and Megolm. Along with the [Element]( client, it supports VOIP + video calling and IM + group chats. Since Matrix has an open specification and Simple pragmatic RESTful HTTP/JSON API it makes it easy to integrates with existing 3rd party IDs to authenticate and discover users, as well as to build apps on top of it.

P2P Messaging

Oxen Icon

Oxen (previously Loki) is an open source set of tools that allow users to transact and communicate anonymously and privately, through a decentralised, encrypted, onion-based network. Session is a desktop and mobile app that uses these private routing protocols to secure messages, media and metadata.

Briar Icon

Tor-based Android app for P2P encrypted messaging and forums. Where content is stored securely on your device (not in the cloud). It also allows you to connect directly with nearby contacts, without internet access (using Bluetooth or WiFi).

Ricochet Refresh Icon

Desktop instant messenger, that uses the Tor network to rendezvous with your contacts without revealing your identity, location/ IP or meta data. There are no servers to monitor, censor, or hack so Ricochet is secure, automatic and easy to use.

Jami Icon

P2P encrypted chat network with cross-platform GNU client apps. Jami supports audio and video calls, screen sharing, conference hosting and instant messaging.

Tox & qTox client Icon

Open source, encrypted, distributed chat network, with clients for desktop and mobile - see [supported clients]( Clearly documented code and multiple language bindings make it easy for developers to integrate with Tox.

Encrypted Email

ProtonMail Icon

An open-source, end-to-end encrypted anonymous email service. ProtonMail has a modern easy-to-use and customizable UI, as well as fast, secure native mobile apps. ProtonMail has all the features that you'd expect from a modern email service and is based on simplicity without sacrificing security. It has a free plan or a premium option for using custom domains (starting at $5/month). ProtonMail requires no personally identifiable information for signup, they have a [.onion](https://protonirockerxow.onion) server, for access via Tor, and they accept anonymous payment: BTC and cash (as well as the normal credit card and PayPal).

Tuta Icon

Free and open source email service based in Germany. It has a basic intuitive UI, secure native mobile apps, anonymous signup, and a .onion site. Tuta has a full-featured free plan or a premium subscription for businesses allowing for custom domains ($12/ month). Tuta [does not use OpenPGP]( like most encrypted mail providers, instead they use a standardized, hybrid method consisting of a symmetrical and an asymmetrical algorithm (with 128 bit AES, and 2048 bit RSA). This causes compatibility issues when communicating with contacts using PGP. But it does allow them to encrypt much more of the header data (body, attachments, subject lines, and sender names etc) which PGP mail providers cannot do.

Forward Email Icon

An open source, privacy-focused, encrypted email service supporting SMTP, IMAP, and API access

Mailfence Icon

Mailfence supports OpenPGP so that you can manually exchange encryption keys independently from the Mailfence servers, putting you in full control. Mailfence has a simple UI, similar to that of Outlook, and it comes with bundled with calendar, address book, and files. All mail settings are highly customizable, yet still clear and easy to use. Sign up is not anonymous, since your name, and prior email address is required. There is a fully-featured free plan, or you can pay for premium, and use a custom domain ($2.50/ month, or $7.50/ month for 5 domains), where Bitcoin, LiteCoin or credit card is accepted. Icon

A Berlin-based, eco-friendly secure mail provider. There is no free plan, the standard service costs โ‚ฌ12/year. You can use your own domain, with the option of a [catch-all alias]( They provide good account security and email encryption, with OpenPGP, as well as encrypted storage. There is no dedicated app, but it works well with any standard mail client with SSL. There's also currently no anonymous payment option.

Email Clients

Mozilla Thunderbird Icon

Free and open source email application developed and backed by Mozilla -it's secure, private easy and customizable. As of V 78.2.1 encryption is built in, and the [TorBirdy]( extension routes all traffic through the Tor network. Forks, such as [Betterbird]( may add additional features.

eM Client Icon

Productivity-based email client, for Windows and MacOS. eM Client has a clean user interface, snappy performance and good compatibility. There is a paid version, with some handy features, including snoozing incoming emails, watching for replies for a specific thread, message translation, send later, and built-in Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes. Note, eM Client is proprietary, and not open source.

SnappyMail Icon

Simple, modern, fast web-based mail client. This is an IMAP-only fork of [RainLoop]( that mitigates a severe [RainLoop vulnerability]( and adds several new [features](

RoundCube Icon

Browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you expect from an email client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.

FairEmail Icon

Open source, fully-featured and easy mail client for Android. Supports unlimited accounts and email addresses with the option for a unified inbox. Clean user interface, with a dark mode option, it is also very lightweight and consumes minimal data usage.

K-9 Mail Icon

K-9 (or Thunderbird for Android) is open source, very well supported and trusted - k9 has been around for nearly as long as Android itself! It supports multiple accounts, search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync, flagging, filing, signatures, BCC-self, PGP/MIME & more. Install OpenKeychain along side it, in order to encrypt/ decrypt emails using OpenPGP.

Mail Forwarding

Addy Icon

An open source anonymous email forwarding service, allowing you to create unlimited email aliases. Has a free plan.

33Mail Icon

A long-standing aliasing service. As well as receiving, 33Mail also lets you reply to forwarded addresses anonymously. Free plan, as well as Premium plan ($1/ month) if you'd like to use a custom domain. Note that 33Mail usese Google Analytics.

SimpleLogin Icon

Fully open source (view on [GitHub]( alias service with many additional features. Can be self-hosted, or the managed version has a free plan, as well as hosted premium option ($2.99/ month) for using custom domains.

Firefox Private Relay Icon

Developed and managed by Mozilla, Relay is a Firefox addon, that lets you make an email alias with 1 click, and have all messages forwarded onto your personal email. Relay is totally free to use, and very accessible to less experienced users, but also [open source](, and able to me self-hosted for advanced usage.

ForwardEmail Icon

Simple open source catch-all email forwarding service. Easy to self-host (see on [GitHub](, or the hosted version has a free plan as well as a ($3/month) premium plan.


ProtonMail Icon

If you already have ProtonMail's Professional (โ‚ฌ8/month) or Visionary (โ‚ฌ30/month) package, then an implementation of this feature is available via the Catch-All Email feature.

Email Security Tools

Enigmail Icon

Mail client add-on, enabling the use of OpenPGP to easily encrypt, decrypt, verify and sign emails. Free and open source, Enigmail is compatible with Interlink Mail & News and Postbox. Their website contains thorough documentation and quick-start guides, once set up it is extremely convenient to use.

Email Privacy Tester Icon

Quick tool, that enables you to test whether your mail client "reads" your emails before you've opened them, and also checks what analytics, read-receipts or other tracking data your mail client allows to be sent back to the sender. The system is open source ([on GitLab](, developed by [Mike Cardwell]( and trusted, but if you do not want to use your real email, creating a second account with the same provider, should yield identical results.

DKIM Verifier Icon

Verifies DKIM signatures and shows the result in the e-mail header, in order to help spot spoofed emails (which do not come from the domain that they claim to).

VOIP Clients

Mumble Icon

Open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software. You can host your own server, or use a hosted instance, there are client applications for Windows, MacOS and Linux as well as third-party apps for Android and iOS.

Linphone Icon

Open source audio, video and IM groups with E2E encryption and built-in media server. [SIP]( evolving to [RCS]( Native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS.

Virtual Phone Numbers

SMSPool Icon

Don't feel comfortable giving out your phone number? Protect your online identity by using our one-time-use non-VoIP phone numbers. We support over 50+ countries and support over 300+ services. Icon

Physical SIM card in the cloud, for sending + receiving SMS messages. Messages are encrypted using your chosen private key. Includes a web interface, as well as an API for interacting with it from any device. Pricing is around โ‚ฌ7.00/month, and payment is accepted in BTC, XMR or credit card. Icon

Phone number for incoming + outgoing calls and messages, provided by Soprani. Works with Jabber, Matrix, Snikket, XMPP or any SIP client. Pricing starts at $2.99 / month. Only available in the US and Canada, as (as of 2022) the service is still in Beta. See alternate instances at [](

MoneroSMS Icon

Anonymous SMS service able to activate accounts. Accessible over web, CLI, or email. Pricing starts at $3.60 / month. The service is in beta as of 2022.

Team Collaboration

Rocket.Chat Icon

Easy-to-deploy, self-hosted team collaboration platform with stable, feature-rich cross-platform client apps. The UI is fast, good looking and intuitive, so very little technical experience is needed for users of the platform. Rocket.Chat's feature set is similar to Slack's, making it a good replacement for any team looking to have greater control over their data.

RetroShare Icon

Secure group communications, with the option to be used over Tor or I2P. Fast intuitive group and 1-to-1 chats with text and rich media using decentralized chat rooms, with a mail feature for delivering messages to offline contacts. A channels feature makes it possible for members of different teams to stay up-to-date with each other, and to share files. Also includes built-in forums, link aggregations, file sharing and voice and video calling. RetroShare is a bit more complex to use than some alternatives, and the UI is quite *retro*, so may not be appropriate for a non-technical team.

Element Icon

Privacy-focused messenger using the Matrix protocol. The Element client allows for group chat rooms, media sharing voice and video group calls.

Internet Relay Chat Icon

An IRC-based solution is another option, being decentralized there is no point of failure, and it's easy to self-host. However it's important to keep security in mind while configuring your IRC instance and ensure that channels are properly encrypted - IRC tends to be better for open communications. There's a variety of clients to choose from - popular options include: The Longe (Web-based), HexChat (Linux), Pidgin (Linux), WeeChat (Linux, terminal-based), IceChat (Windows), XChat Aqua (MacOS), Palaver (iOS) and Revolution (Android).

Mattermost Icon

Mattermost has an open source edition, which can be self-hosted. It makes a good Slack alternative, with native desktop, mobile and web apps and a wide variety of integrations.

Security Tools

Browser Extensions

Privacy Badger Icon

Blocks invisible trackers, in order to stop advertisers and other third-parties from secretly tracking where you go and what pages you look at. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox](

uBlock Origin Icon

Block ads, trackers and malware sites. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox](

ScriptSafe Icon

Allows you to block the execution of certain scripts. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Ppera](

Firefox Multi-Account Containers Icon

Firefox Multi-Account Containers lets you keep parts of your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve your privacy. Cookies are separated by container, allowing you to use the web with multiple identities or accounts simultaneously. **Download**: [Firefox](

WebRTC-Leak-Prevent Icon

Provides user control over WebRTC privacy settings in Chromium, in order to prevent WebRTC leaks. **Download**: [Chrome]( For Firefox users, you can do this through [browser settings]( Test for WebRTC leaks, with [](

Canvas Fingerprint Blocker Icon

Block fingerprint without removing access to HTML5 Canvas element. Canvas fingerprinting is commonly used for tracking, this extension helps to mitigate this through disallowing the browser to generate a true unique key **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox]( - [Edge](

ClearURLs Icon

This extension will automatically remove tracking elements from the GET parameters of URLs to help protect some privacy **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox]( / [Source](

CSS Exfil Protection Icon

Sanitizes and blocks any CSS rules which may be designed to steal data, in order to guard against Exfil attacks **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox]( - [Source](

First Party Isolation Icon

Enables the First Party isolation preference (Clicking the Fishbowl icon temporarily disables it) **Download**: [Firefox](

Privacy-Oriented Origin Policy Icon

Prevent Firefox from sending Origin headers when they are least likely to be necessary, to protect your privacy **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Source](

LocalCDN Icon

Emulates remote frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular) and delivers them as local resource. Prevents unnecessary 3rd party requests to tracking CDNs **Download**: [Firefox](

Decentraleyes Icon

Similar to LocalCDN, Serves up local versions of common scripts instead of calling to 3rd-party CDN. Improves privacy and load times. Works out-of-the-box and plays nicely with regular content blockers. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox]( - [Opera]( - [Pale Moon]( - [Source](

Privacy Essentials Icon

Simple extension by DuckDuckGo, which grades the security of each site. **Download**: [Chrome]( \ [Firefox](

Self-Destructing Cookies Icon

Prevents websites from tracking you by storing unique cookies (note Fingerprinting is often also used for tracking). It removes all related cookies whenever you end a session. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox]( - [Opera]( - [Source](

Privacy Redirect Icon

A simple web extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Google Maps requests to privacy friendly alternatives **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Chrome](

Site Bleacher Icon

Remove automatically cookies, local storages, IndexedDBs and service workers **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Chrome]( - [Source](

User Agent Switcher Icon

Spoofs browser's User-Agent string, making it appear that you are on a different device, browser and version to what you are actually using. This alone does very little for privacy, but combined with other tools, can allow you to keep your fingerprint changing, and feed fake info to sites tracking you. Some websites show different content, depending on your user agent. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox]( - [Edge]( - [Opera]( - [Source](

PrivacySpy Icon

The companion extension for - an open project that rates, annotates, and archives privacy policies. The extension shows a score for the privacy policy of the current website. **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox](


Simplified HTTPS upgrades for Firefox (lightweight alternative to HTTPS-Everywhere) **Download**: [Firefox](

Skip Redirect Icon

Some web pages use intermediary pages before redirecting to a final page. This add-on tries to extract the final url from the intermediary url and goes there straight away if successful **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Source](

Web Archives Icon

View archived and cached versions of web pages on 10+ search engines, such as the Wayback Machine,, Google etc Useful for checking legitimacy of websites, and viewing change logs **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Chrome]( - [Edge]( - [Source](

Flagfox Icon

Displays a country flag depicting the location of the current website's server, which can be useful to know at a glance. Click icon for more tools such as site safety checks, whois, validation etc **Download**: [Firefox](

Lightbeam Icon

Visualize in detail the servers you are contacting when you are surfing on the Internet. Created by Gary Kovacs (former CEO of Mozilla), presented in his [TED Talk]( **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Source](

Track Me Not Icon

Helps protect web searchers from surveillance and data-profiling, through creating meaningless noise and obfuscation, outlined in their [whitepaper]( Controversial whether or not this is a good approach **Download**: [Firefox]( - [Source](

AmIUnique Timeline Icon

Enables you to better understand the evolution of browser fingerprints (which is what websites use to uniquely identify and track you). **Download**: [Chrome]( - [Firefox](

Netcraft Extension Icon

Notifies you when visiting a known or potential phishing site, and detects suspicious JavaScript (including skimmers and miners). Also provides a simple rating for a given site's legitimacy and security. Great for less technical users. Netcraft also has a handy online tool: [Site Report]( for checking what any given website is running. **Download**: [Chrome]( \ [Firefox]( \ [Opera]( \ [Edge](

HTTPS Everywhere Icon

**NOTE** On modern browsers, this is [no longer needed]( Forces sites to load in HTTPS, in order to encrypt your communications with websites, making your browsing more secure (Similar to [Smart HTTPS]( Note this functionality is now included by default in most modern browsers. **Download**: [Chrome]( \ [Firefox](

Mobile Apps

Orbot Icon

System-wide Tor proxy, which encrypts your connection through multiple nodes. You can also use it alongside Tor Browser to access .onion sites.

NetGuard Icon

A firewall app for Android, which does not require root. NetGuard provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet, where applications and addresses can individually be allowed or denied access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.

Island Icon

A sandbox environment, allowing you to clone selected apps and run them in an isolated box, preventing it from accessing your personal data, or device information.

Insular Icon

An actively-maintained fork of the Island project with additional enhancements

Exodus Icon

Shows which trackers, each of your installed apps is using, so that you can better understand how your data is being collected. Uses data from the Exodus database of scanned APKs.

Bouncer Icon

Gives you the ability to grant permissions temporarily, so that you could for example use the camera to take a profile picture, but when you close the given app, those permissions will be revoked.

XPrivacyLua Icon

Simple to use privacy manager for Android, that enables you to feed apps fake data when they request intimate permissions. Solves the problem caused by apps malfunctioning when you revoke permissions, and protects your real data by only sharing fake information. Enables you to hide call log, calendar, SMS messages, location, installed apps, photos, clipboard, network data plus more. And prevents access to camera, microphone, telemetry, GPS and other sensors.

SuperFreezZ Icon

Makes it possible to entirely freeze all background activities on a per-app basis. Intended purpose is to speed up your phone, and prolong battery life, but this app is also a great utility to stop certain apps from collecting data and tracking your actions while running in the background. See on [F-Droid](

Haven Icon

Allows you to protect yourself, your personal space and your possessions - without compromising on security. Leveraging device sensors to monitor nearby space, Haven was developed by The Guardian Project, in partnership with Edward Snowden.

Secure Task Icon

Triggers actions, when certain security conditions are met, such as multiple failed login attempts or monitor settings changed. It does require Tasker, and needs to be set up with ADB, device does not need to be rooted.

Cryptomator Icon

Encrypts files and folders client-side, before uploading them to cloud storage (such as Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox), meaning none of your personal documents leave your device in plain text. Icon

Lets you use CloudFlares fast and secure DNS, with DNS over HTTPS, and also has the option to enable CloudFlares WARP+ VPN.

Fing App Icon

A network scanner to help you monitor and secure your WiFi network. The app is totally free, but to use the advanced controls, you will need a Fing Box.

DPI Tunnel Icon

An application for Android that uses various techniques to bypass DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) systems, which are used to block some sites (not available on Play store).

Blokada Icon

This application blocks ads and trackers, doesn't require root and works for all the apps on your Android phone. Check out how it works here.

SnoopSnitch Icon

Collects and analyzes mobile radio data to make you aware of your mobile network security and to warn you about threats like fake base stations (IMSI catchers), user tracking and over-the-air updates. Get from [F-Droid](

TrackerControl Icon

Monitor and control hidden data collection in mobile apps about user behavior/ tracking. Get from [F-Droid](

Greentooth Icon

Auto-disable Bluetooth, then it is not being used. Saves battery, and prevent some security risks. Get from [F-Droid](

PrivateLock Icon

Auto lock your phone based on movement force/ acceleration. Get from [F-Droid]( See also [PluckLock](

CamWings Icon

Prevent background processes gaining unauthorized access to your devices camera. Better still, use a webcam sticker.

ScreenWings Icon

Prevent background processes taking unauthorized screenshots, which could expose sensitive data.

AFWall+ Icon

Android Firewall+ (AFWall+) is an advanced iptables editor (GUI) for rooted Android devices, which provides very fine-grained control over which Android apps are allowed to access the network. Get from [F-Droid](

Catch the Man-in-the-Middle Icon

Simple tool, that compares SHA-1 fingerprints of the the SSL certificates seen from your device, and the certificate seen from an external network. If they do not match, this may indicate a man-in-the-middle modifying requests.

RethinkDNS & Firewall Icon

An open-source ad-blocker and firewall app for Android 6+ (does not require root).

F-Droid Icon

F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS applications for Android. The client enables you to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

Online Tools

Have i been pwned Icon

Checks if your credentials (Email address or Password) have been compromised in a data breach. See also Firefox Monitor.

ฮตxodus Icon

Checks how many, and which trackers any Android app has. Useful to understand how data is being collected before you install a certain APK, it also shows which permissions the app asks for.

Am I Unique? Icon

Show how identifiable you are on the Internet by generating a fingerprint based on device information. This is how many websites track you (even without cookies enabled), so the aim is to not be unique.

Panopticlick Icon

Check if your browser safe against tracking. Analyzes how well your browser and add-ons protect you against online tracking techniques, and if your system is uniquely configuredโ€”and thus identifiable. Icon

Analyzes emails, checking the URLs and creating a SHA256 and MD5 hash of attachments, with a link to VirusTotal. To use the service, just forward a potentially malicious or suspicious email to [email protected], and an automated reply will include the results. They claim that all email data is purged after analysis, but it would be wise to not include any sensitive information, and to use a forwarding address.

Browser Leak Test Icon

Shows which of personal identity data is being leaked through your browser, so you can better protect yourself against fingerprinting.

IP Leak Test Icon

Shows your IP address, and other associated details (location, ISP, WebRTC check, DNS, and lots more).

EXIF Remove Icon

Displays, and removes Meta and EXIF data from an uploaded photo or document.

Redirect Detective Icon

Check where a suspicious URL redirects to (without having to click it). Lets you avoid being tracked by not being redirected via adware/tracking sites, or see if a shortened link actually resolves a legitimate site, or see if link is an affiliate ad. Icon

Checks if a given website is blocked by filters applied by your mobile and broadband Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Virus Total Icon

Analyses a potentially-suspicious web resources (by URL, IP, domain or file hash) to detect types of malware (*note: files are scanned publicly*).

Hardenize Icon

Scan websites and shows a security overview, relating to factors such as HTTPS, domain info, email data, www protocols and so on.

Is Legit? Icon

Checks if a website or business is a scam, before buying something from it.

Should I Remove It? Icon

Ever been uninstalling programs from your Windows PC and been unsure of what something is? Should I Remove It is a database of Windows software, detailing whether it is essential, harmless or dangerous.

10 Minute Mail Icon

Generates temporary disposable email address, to avoid giving your real details.

MXToolBox Mail Headers Icon

Tool for analyzing email headers, useful for checking the authenticity of messages, as well as knowing what info you are revealing in your outbound messages.

Am I FloCed? Icon

Google testing out a new tracking feature called Federated Learning of Cohorts (aka "FLoC"). It currently effects 0.5% of Chrome users, this tool developed by the EFF will detect if you are affected, and provide additional info on how to stay protected.

Site Report Icon

A tool from Netcraft, for analysing what any given website is running, where it's located and information about its host, registrar, IP and SSL certificates.


Virtual Private Networks

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Mullvad is one of the best for privacy, they have a totally anonymous sign up process, you don't need to provide any details at all, you can choose to pay anonymously too (with Monero, BTC or cash).

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Azire is a Swedish VPN provider, who owns their own hardware with physically removed storage and a no logging policy. Pricing starts at โ‚ฌ3.25/mo, with crypto (including XMR) supported. Note that they've not yet been audited, and client applications are not open source, for more info, see #140.


Independently Security Audited VPN with anonymous signup, no logs, no cloud or customer data stored, open-source apps and website. Strong ethics: no trackers, no false promises, no surveillance ads. Accepts various payment methods including cryptocurrencies.

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From the creators of ProtonMail, ProtonVPN has a solid reputation. They have a full suite of user-friendly native mobile and desktop apps. ProtonVPN is one of the few "trustworthy" providers that also offer a free plan.


A court-proven VPN service with support for Wireguard and OpenVPN support, and optional ad-blocking. Running on dedicated hardware, with no hard drives.

Self-Hosted Network Security

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Network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application which acts as a DNS sinkhole. Pi-Hole can significantly speed up your internet, remove ads and block malware. It comes with a nice web interface and a mobile app with monitoring features, it's open source, easy to install and very widely used.

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Another DNS server for blocking privacy-invasive content at its source. Technitium doesn't require much of a setup, and basically works straight out of the box, it supports a wide range of systems (and can even run as a portable app on Windows). It allows you to do some additional tasks, such as add local DNS addresses and zones with specific DNS records. Compared to Pi-Hole, Technitium is very lightweight, but lacks the deep insights that Pi-Hole provides, and has a significantly smaller community behind it.

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A hardened, versatile, state-of-the-art open source firewall based on Linux. Its ease of use, high performance and extensibility make it usable for everyone.

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A simple way to set up a home VPN on any Debian server. Supports OpenVPN and WireGuard with elliptic curve encryption keys up to 512 bit. Supports multiple DNS providers and custom DNS providers - works nicely along-side PiHole.

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Powerful open source web content filter.

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Widely used, open source firewall/router.

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Detect if you have a malware-infected computer on your network, and powerful network analysis framework and monitor.

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Open-source self-hosted VPN and firewall built on WireGuardยฎ.

Mix Networks

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Tor provides robust anonymity, allowing you to defend against surveillance, circumvent censorship and reduce tracking. It blocks trackers, resists fingerprinting and implements multi-layered encryption by default, meaning you can browse freely. Tor also allows access to OnionLand: hidden services.

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I2P offers great generic transports, it is well geared towards accessing hidden services, and has a couple of technical benefits over Tor: P2P friendly with unidirectional short-lived tunnels, it is packet-switched (instead of circuit-switched) with TCP and UDP, and continuously profiles peers, in order to select the best performing ones. I2P is less mature, but fully-distributed and self-organising, its smaller size means that it hasn't yet been blocked or DOSed much.

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Freenet is easy to setup, provides excellent friend To Friend Sharing vs I2P, and is great for publishing content anonymously. It's quite large in size, and very slow so not the best choice for casual browsing.


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Secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic. Open source, superfast, cross-platform and easy to deploy, see [GitHub repo](

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Non-caching web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for enhancing privacy, modifying web page data and HTTP headers, controlling access, and removing ads and other obnoxious Internet junk.

DNS Providers

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One of the most performant options, Cloudflare's DNS supports DoH and DoT, and has a Tor implementation, providing world-class protection. They have native cross-platform apps, for easy set-up.

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Open-source DNS provider, specialising in the blocking of ads, trackers and malicious domains. They have been independently audited and do not keep logs.

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An ad-blocking, privacy-protecting, censorship-bypassing DNS. Also comes with analytics, and the ability to shield kids from adult content.

DNS Clients

DNScrypt-proxy 2

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A flexible DNS proxy, with support for modern encrypted DNS protocols including DNSCrypt V2, DNS-over-HTTPS and Anonymized DNSCrypt. Also allows for advanced monitoring, filtering, caching and client IP protection through Tor, SOCKS proxies or Anonymized DNS relays.


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Validating, recursive, caching DNS resolve with support for DNS-over-TLS. Designed to be fast, lean, and secure Unbound incorporates modern features based on open standards. It's fully open source, and recently audited. (For an in-depth tutorial, see this article by DNSWatch.)


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Non-root, small-sized DNS changer utilizing DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS. (Note, since this uses Android's VPN API, it is not possible to run a VPN while using Nebulo.)

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Free and open source DNS changer with support for DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-Tor, and DNSCrypt v3 with Anonymized Relays. (Note, since this uses Android's VPN API, it is not possible to run a VPN while using RethinkDNS + Firewall.)

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Simple all that allows for the use for dnscrypt-proxy 2 on an iPhone.


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Acts as a local DNS Privacy stub resolver (using DNS-over-TLS). Stubby encrypts DNS queries sent from a client machine (desktop or laptop) to a DNS Privacy resolver increasing end user privacy. Stubby can be used in combination with Unbound - Unbound provides a local cache and Stubby manages the upstream TLS connections (since Unbound cannot yet re-use TCP/TLS connections), see example configuration.



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Provides simple and advanced ways to block access to the internet. Applications and addresses can individually be allowed or denied access to Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.

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Notifies you when an app is trying to access the Internet, so all you need to do is just Allow or Deny. Allows you to create filter rules based on IP address, host name or domain name, and you can allow or deny only specific connections of an app.


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Android Firewall+ (AFWall+) is an advanced iptables editor (GUI) for rooted Android devices, which provides very fine-grained control over which Android apps are allowed to access the network.

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An open-source ad-blocker and firewall app for Android 6+ (does not require root).

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Firewall app for iPhone, allowing you to block any connection to any domain.


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Tool to control Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), in order to configure detailed network activity on your PC. (Windows)


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Free, open source macOS firewall. It aims to block unknown outgoing connections, unless explicitly approved by the user.

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A very polished application firewall, allowing you to easily manage internet connections on a per-app basis. (Mac OS)


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Makes internet connections from all apps visible, allowing you to block or manage traffic on a per-app basis. GNU/Linux port of the Little Snitch application firewall.


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Open source GUI firewall for Linux, allowing you to block internet access for certain applications. Supports both simple and advanced mode, GUI and CLI options, very easy to use, lightweight/ low-overhead, under active maintenance and backed by a strong community.

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The ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall) is a GUI application and CLI, that allows you to configure a firewall using `iptables` much more easily.


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IPFire is a hardened, versatile, state-of-the-art Open Source firewall based on Linux. Easy to install on a raspberry Pi, since it is lightweight and heavily customizable.


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An open source firewall tool for Linux that builds upon the Netfilter system built into the Linux kernel, making it easier to manage more complex configuration schemes with iptables.


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Enterprise firewall and router for protecting networks, built on the FreeBSD system.

Ad Blockers


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Incredibly powerful, network-wide ad-blocker. Works out-of-the-box, light-weight with an intuitive web interface, but still allows for a lot of advanced configuration for power users. As well as blocking ads and trackers, Pi-Hole speeds up your network speeds quite significantly. The dashboard has detailed statistics, and makes it easy to pause/ resume Pi-Hole if needed.


Diversion Icon

A shell script application to manage ad-blocking, Dnsmasq logging, Entware and pixelserv-tls installations and more on supported routers running Asuswrt-Merlin firmware, including its forks.


DN66 Icon

DNS-based host and ad blocker for Android. Easy to configure, but the default config uses several widely-respected host files aimed at stopping ads, malware, and other weird stuff.


BlockParty Icon

Native Apple (Swift) apps, for system-wide ad-blocking. Can be customized with custom host lists, primarily aimed for just ad-blocking.


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A POSIX-compliant shell script, designed for Unix-like systems, that gets a list of domains that serve ads, tracking scripts and malware from multiple sources and creates a hosts file (alternative formats are also supported) that prevents your system from connecting to them. Aimed at improving security and privacy through blocking advert, tracking and malware associated domains.


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Open source mobile ad-blocker that acts like a firewall. Since it's device-wide, once connected all apps will have ads/ trackers blocked, and the blacklist can be edited. The app is free, but there is a premium option, which has a built-in VPN.

RethinkDNS & Firewall Icon

Free and open source ad-blocker and a firewall for Android 6+ (no root required).

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Python script that uses machine learning to block adverts in live audio streams, such as Radio, Podcasts, Audio Books, and music platforms such as Spotify. See live demo.

uBlock Origin

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Light-weight, fast browser extension for Firefox and Chromium (Chrome, Edge, Brave Opera etc), that blocks tracking, ads and known malware. uBlock is easy-to-use out-of-the-box, but also has a highly customisable advanced mode, with a point-and-click firewall which can be configured on a per-site basis.

Host Block Lists

SomeoneWhoCares/ Hosts Icon

An up-to-date host list, maintained by Dan Pollock - to make the internet not suck (as much).

Hosts by StevenBlack Icon

Open source, community-maintained consolidated and extending hosts files from several well-curated sources. You can optionally pick extensions to block p0rn, Social Media, gambling, fake news and other categories.

No Google Icon

Totally block all direct and indirect content from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft (or just some).

EasyList Icon

Comprehensive list of domains for blocking tracking, social scripts, bad cookies and annoying stuff.

iBlockList Icon

Variety of lists (free and paid-for) for blocking content based on certain topics, inducing: spam, abuse, political, illegal, hijacked, bad peers and more.

Energized Icon

A variety of well-maintained lists, available in all common formats, with millions of hosts included.

Router Firmware

OpenWRT Icon

Plenty of scope for customization and a ton of supported addons. Stateful firewall, NAT, and dynamically-configured port forwarding protocols (UPnP, NAT-PMP + upnpd, etc), Load balancing, IP tunneling, IPv4 & IPv6 support.


Easy and powerful user interface. Great access control, bandwidth monitoring and quality of service. IPTables is built-in for firewall, and there's great VPN support as well as additional plug-and-play and wake-on-lan features.

Network Analysis



Open Observatory of Network Interference - A free tool and global observation network, for detecting censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation on the internet. Developed by The Tor Project, and available for Android, iOS, and Linux.

Goodbye DPI

Goodbye DPI Icon

Passive Deep Packet Inspection blocker and Active DPI circumvention utility, for Windows.


DPITunnel Icon

An Android app to bypass deep packet inspection.

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You can quickly check if a given IP is using a proxy, this can also be done through the command line.

Intrusion Detection


Zeek Icon

Zeek (formally Bro) Passively monitors network traffic and looks for suspicious activity.



OSSEC is an Open Source host-based intrusion detection system, that performs log analysis, integrity checking, monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.


Kismet Icon

An 802.11 layer2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection system.


Snare Icon

SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment) is a series of log collection agents that facilitate centralized analysis of audit log data. Logs from the OS are collected and audited. Full remote access, through a web interface easy to use manually, or by an automated process.


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picosnitch helps protect your security and privacy by "snitching" on anything that connects to the internet, letting you know when, how much data was transferred, and to where. It uses BPF to monitor network traffic per application, and per parent to cover those that just call others. It also hashes every executable, and will complain if some mischievous program is giving it trouble.

Cloud Hosting

Njalla Icon

Njalla is a privacy and security-focused domain registrar and VPN hosting provider. They own and manage all their own servers, which are based in Sweden. They accept crypto, for anonymous payments, and allow you to sign up with OTR XMPP if you do not want to provide an email address. Both VPS and domain name pricing is reasonable, with packages starting at $15/ month.

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Offers enterprise-grade, high-speed offshore dedicated servers, they own their own data centres, have a solid privacy policy and accept anonymous payment.

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Servers Guru provides affordable and anonymous VPS and cloud servers with dedicated cpu resources. They accept crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum etc..) and don't require any personal informations. They resell from reputable providers.

Domain Registrars Icon

Privacy-aware domain service with anonymous sign-up and accepts cryptocurrency.

Orange Website Icon

Anonymous domain registration, with low online censorship since they are based outside the 14-eyes jurisdiction (in Iceland).

DNS Hosting


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Free DNS hosting provider designed with security in mind, and running on purely open source software. deSEC is backed and funded by SSE.

Mail Servers

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Easy-to-deploy fully-featured and pre-configured SMTP mail server. It includes everything from webmail, to spam filtering and backups.